Invocation- The Goddess Ring of Light for Ascension

Invocation from Cosmic Goddess Beings

Channelled Through Natalie Glasson
Cosmic Goddess Beings
The Cosmic Goddess Beings are a source of light existing at a Cosmic level of the Creator’s universe. The
Cosmic level is the nearest vibrational energy to the Creator’s mighty soul and source of light. The Cosmic
level is overseen by Mahatma, the Avatar of Syntheses and represented by a pearlescent colour of light.
The Goddess beings of the Cosmic level are the purest vibration of Goddess light before it becomes
merged with the Masculine and Feminine oneness of the Creator. The Goddess beings hold all the
positive and loving vibrations and qualities of the feminine aspect of the Creator, they hold the energy of
creativity, creation, intuition, abundance, compassion, tenderness, bliss and unconditional love.
There are twelve Cosmic Goddess beings who act as the Goddess council at a Cosmic level, they are
profound healers and can awaken the Goddess energy within your being to empower your Goddess self.
The Goddess Ring of Light for Ascension is energy which you may call upon from the 12 Cosmic
Goddess Beings; they will create a Ring of Light around you which is powerfully healing, rejuvenating and
empowering, also acting as a seal of protection. The Ring of Light will hold the energies, the keys, wisdom
and vibrational patterns that the Goddess beings believe you need in order to aid your ascension. With the
Ring of Light from the Goddess beings surrounding your being you can inhale their energy during
meditation to allow necessary activations to occur within your being. This process can also act as an
empowerment of your feminine qualities whether you are male or female.
Say slowly with intention
Beloved Goddess Beings and the Cosmic Goddess Twelve, I call upon your energy, love and Cosmic
vibration to surround me, to support me and nurture my being.
I call upon my guides and angels to assist me as I gain a deeply peaceful state of mind, being and
emotions, support me in opening my energies to receive and absorb the positive loving vibrations of the
Goddess light.
(Allow yourself to breathe deeply for a few moments to experience greater peace)
I call upon the Goddess light and the Cosmic Goddess Twelve to create a Ring of Goddess Light to
encircle my entire body and auric field. I allow myself to acknowledge the pearlescent Goddess light as it
creates an ever evolving and expanding circle around my entire being.
I ask that the Ring of Goddess Light creates a seal of protection and protective energies around me, only
allowing love of the highest and most loving vibration to anchor into my being, aura and reality. This seal of
protection shields my energies from negativity and allows me to exist in the blissfully loving energies of
my being and the Goddess light.
I am constantly protected by the love of the Goddess and the Cosmic Goddess Twelve.
(Allow yourself to breathe deeply for a few moments acknowledging the protective ring of light around you)
I now breathe the Goddess Ring of Light into my entire being, cells, auric field and chakras, nurturing and
nourishing my entire being with the abundantly loving Goddess light and the pure vibrations of the Cosmic
level. As the Goddess light flows into my being I ask the Goddess beings to anchor and activate many
Goddess qualities within my being. Please share with me the energies and wisdom that will aid my
(Allow yourself to breathe deeply for a few moments acknowledging the energy, qualities and wisdom
flowing from the Ring of Light into your being, be open to any insights, colours or enlightenment.)
Beloved Goddess Beings I ask that the ring of Light is connected to my heart chakra so that it is always
with me as a form of protection, a source of wisdom and inspiration anchoring into my being. As the
Goddess light from the Ring of Light flows into my heart let my heart fill with Goddess love. I wish for the
Goddess love, which I receive, to fill my heart and embrace my Goddess self; the qualities and aspect of
the Goddess within my being and soul. I express my own deep love and affection for my Goddess self and
ask my Goddess self to anchor with greater strength and presence into my being, spiritual awareness and
I now ask that my Goddess self feels the support of the Goddess Ring of Light and steps forward to
embody my being, sharing beautiful Goddess skills, abilities, wisdom and unconditional love.
(Allow yourself to breathe deeply for a few moments with a focus on your heart chakra as you allow your
Goddess Self (the energy of Goddess within you) to unfold into your heart and entire being)
I am extremely grateful for the presence and love of my Goddess self and the support of the Goddess Ring
of Light which allows me to discover and experience my own Goddess energies more fully.
(Allow yourself time to meditate in the energies to aid and further your ascension)

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