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Journey 2 Illuminating Your Channeling Abilities

Journey 2 Illuminating Your Channel

With Master Kuthumi

Clarify and Expand Your Channel to Further Create Your Channeling Abilities

Continuing from the popular first webinar series and course, Preparations of Channeling, guided by Master Kuthumi, we resume our journey and exploration of channelling with this second instalment entitled Illuminating Your Channel. Master Kuthumi brings further illumination to your channeling ability.
Master Kuthumi wishes to guide you personally in a three stage process of preparing, illuminating and more fully awakening your natural channeling abilities. Every person on the Earth has the ability to channel and naturally channels with every moment of their day. Channelling isn’t a gift, like all abilities some people are more able than others and yet we all have the ability to channel as channelling is a tool and form of expression.
Master Kuthumi wishes to continue his journey with you sharing basic meditations and practices to enhance the light and love flow within your being, encourage you to experience and focus the expression of the Creator through your being in order to awaken your senses, intuition, energetic systems and connection with the Creator as well as assisting your deeper resonance with aspects of the Creator. Master Kuthumi wishes to support the further opening of your channel while encouraging the greater creative expression of your truth in your everyday life. Master Kuthumi wishes to develop and make you aware of how you channel and how you can enhance your channeling abilities. There are numerous forms of channelling and expressions of your truth which enhance and develop your creative flow and energies.
Whether you wish to continue your channelling journey, simply wish to be more spiritually open and attuned or wish to enhance your personal or professional healing, Master Kuthumi will support you in awakening and illuminating your entire being  and yourself as a channel more fully through simple techniques and practices.
Master Kuthumi will also continue to encourage Natalie to share her own experiences of channeling and to assist through answering some of your questions concerning channelling to awakening a deeper understanding and dissolve illusions associated with channelling.

Recorded Audio Part 1 with Master Kuthumi – 1 hour 32mins

Recorded Audio Part 2 with Master Kuthumi – 1 hour 39mins

Recorded Audio Part 3 with Master Kuthumi – 1 hour 33mins

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Master Kuthumi is a much loved Ascended Master by many because of his gentle, warm, loving, supportive and joyful vibration as well as his wisdom and powerful ability to guide and to aid channelling abilities. He has existed on the Earth in many lifetimes such as Pythagoras, a wise man at the birth of Jesus, a disciple of Jesus and Saint Francis of Assisi.

He previously worked as the Chohan and overseer of the second ray of light ashram, he now works as the World Teacher alongside Master Jesus. Existing upon Sirius within the Great White Ascended Master Brother and Sisterhood Lodge, he continues to share his wisdom overseeing the spiritual education of all being.

Kuthumi supports your soul in discovering and creating your journey of spiritual awakening, education, activation, illumination and enlightenment. He is a wonderful guide to call upon if wishing to advance your spiritual education, develop your channelling ability and to simply aid in any area of your spiritual reality. He teaches that through love wisdom is born.

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