Master Jesus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson - Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I step forward to you now with tremendous love; I am Master Jesus. It is always an honour to share wisdom and to communicate directly with your soul. I send shimmering golden Christ Consciousness to surround you and to magnify your energies. On this day there is a greater magnification of the energy of the Creator within you, it is a most sacred day that is a part of your spiritual evolution.

At this time, there is a need to focus constantly upon magnifying your energies as well as knowing every aspect of your being, thoroughly. Are you aware of all the energies that you create and that vibrate as your being? In truth when upon the Earth it is more difficult to be so fully aware but I wish to point out to you, there is a need to be more aware and consciousness of the energy that composes your entire being as you sit in this current moment. If you are aware of your energy and vibrations you are aware of your energetic strengths as well as your energetic repetitive habits. You are now transforming with every single day, so it is essential to remain focused and aware of your energies, this way you are aware of the energies you wish the Creator to magnify.

I aspire to make you aware of a tool that exists in the World Teacher Ashram upon the inner planes; it is a tool composed of Christ Consciousness light and appears as a Mirror. You have the ability to ask for the Christ Consciousness Mirror to descend into your reality and to rest before you while you meditate or sit peacefully. Then there is a need for you to build the energy of love from within your body and from your body, emanating it directly into the Mirror.

You may wish to know how to build the energy of love within your being, it is my belief that the purest form of love comes from the emotion and mindset of gratitude. If you are grateful for all that you are, all that you have and the presence of your guides and the Creator within your being, you may find that the vibration of love simply evolves from your being. If you can practice creating the presence and mindset of gratitude, you will find that love is very easy to access within your being and that you have plenty of love to share with others without reason. This would also mean that you can exist in a state of loving expression whenever you wish, whatever is occurring around or within you.

To practice accessing and expressing love, imagining your love flowing into the Christ Consciousness Mirror is extremely powerful. The Christ Consciousness Mirror will magnify and amplify the love that you express sending the energy you have created and willingly expressed back into your being. This can be an intense practice of loving yourself unconditionally. The more that you focus upon loving yourself unconditionally, the more you will discover that your simple love for yourself heals and rejuvenates you on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level. Even your reality and experiences can be transformed with your simple love for yourself. Many people are aware of this but still do not allow themselves to practice the process of unconditional love for self, due to fears or the minds perspective.

The Christ Consciousness Mirror will allow for energies to flow back into your being, dissolving negative habits or reoccurring patterns, assisting you in mastering the process of accepting love as well as sharing the love.
Often when you focus upon loving yourself, unconditionally you neglect to realise that sometimes because in this lifetime you are not used to the love of the Creator flowing into your being that you unconsciously block the energy of love even if it is your expression of love. For humans, love is often misinterpreted as an attachment or as a process that creates pain; this is because love is associated with relationships and romantic love. The love of the Creator isn't a bond of attachment and will never cause you pain, it is simply an energy vibration or a consciousness that is always purely loving. There is a need for humanity to realise that they are worthy of the purely loving energy of the Creator; it is their divine right to accept this energy especially when it flows from the purely loving Creator aspect within themselves. When sending your loving energy into the Christ Consciousness Mirror, you will begin to heal and restore your energies on many levels of your being, most importantly dissolving that aspect of you that doesn't want to accept the unconditional love of the Creator.It is essential to realise that the love you send into the Mirror doesn't need a purpose; it is more influential if your focus is simply the creation of the energy of love.

While the Christ Consciousness Mirror assists you in expressing and receiving love, it will also magnify the love that you create, bringing to your attention new understandings about yourself and your energy. The Mirror holds the Christ Consciousness vibration, therefore, will only bring your attention to loving parts of your being or to areas where greater love needs to be anchored. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about yourself and your energy, realising the wonderful vibrations within you which you can magnify to hold a greater presence within your being. Maybe you will become aware of the beauty of your soul, be reminded of kind deeds, or see yourself as your truth. The more you begin to explore your vibration of love, the more you are exploring the Creator's vibration of love, becoming one with the Creator once more. With the vibration of love, so many wonderful qualities emerge and you will perceive as you approach 12-12-12 and 21-12-12 that you have abundant energy, with so many divine and sacred qualities, vibrations and abilities that will all be magnified by the light and loving soul of the Creator.
I encouraged you to call upon the Christ Consciousness Mirror from the World Teacher Ashram on the inner planes.

Simply say,
Guided by the assistance of Master Jesus, I wish to experience and work with the Christ Consciousness Mirror to develop the presence of Creator love within me, so that I may express and receive the love of the Creator, healing my being on all levels. Let the Christ Consciousness Mirror magnify the loving qualities, vibrations and skills of my being, allowing me to gain appropriate enlightenment in the most appropriate form from the Christ Consciousness Mirror. Thank you.

Breathe the light of Master Jesus into your being, as you allow the Christ Consciousness Mirror to form before you.
Develop the vibration of love from within your being, sending it into the Christ Consciousness Mirror.
(If you have difficulty imagining the Mirror, you can practice in front of a real Mirror asking the Christ Consciousness Mirror to merge with the real Mirror.)
As the energy builds be conscious of receiving the energy of love as you inhale, expressing the energy of love as you exhale.
Once you can truly experience the presence of the Creator's loving energy within you, simply ask for an appropriate enlightenment or insight to be shared, an energy that needs to be magnified or an area of your being and reality that needs greater love. Allow time to explore and understand your loving energy.

I hope you will find this tool extremely helpful in your quest for dissolving the love of the Creator within you; it is through the quest of discovering the love of the Creator within you that you can manifest it within your reality and upon the Earth to create the Era of Love.
With Love,

Master Jesus

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