New Christ Consciousness Imprints for the Earth and HumanityNew Christ Consciousness Imprints for the Earth and Humanity With Master Jesus

Completing a Cycle of Master Jesus’ Purpose on the Earth and the Inner Planes of Imprinting Christ Light Codes

With Master Jesus, Supported by the Celestial White Beings

Online Webinar Course

An Intensive 1 h 30 mins of Christ Consciousness Light

Channelled through Natalie Glasson
Recorded Live Online on the 11th August 2016, Running Time: 1 hour 57mins
Unique Price for this 1 h 30 mins Webinar = £12.00
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Master Jesus manifested upon the Earth supported by many souls to imprint the Christ Consciousness codes of light from the Creator. Through his crucifixion, ascension and resurrection he awoke the Christ Consciousness within many souls and downloaded powerful love frequencies into the core and energetic networks of the Earth. This created numerous shifts upon the Earth which continue to impact our present day and current ascension process.

Supported by the Celestial White Beings, Master Jesus wishes to come forth to deliver new Christ Consciousness imprints, frequencies and light codes which will be an extension of those previously anchored into the Earth and humanity. His deliverance of the Christ Consciousness accompanied by his guidance and sacred wisdom will allow humanity and the Earth to embody the next stage of Christ Consciousness Light. This will act as a completion of a cycle of Christ Consciousness embodiment within all magnifying the love of each being and enthusing this into their realties. Master Jesus’ download is aligned with our current stage of ascension and will support us all in moving to new vibrations of love and mastery within our personal ascension.

Allow yourself to be present with Master Jesus, recognising the Christ Consciousness within your being and downloading the magnificent Christ Consciousness download he is waiting to share with you and the Earth. The Christ Consciousness is the vibration of love in action from the core of the Creator.

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