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All workshops are channeled through Natalie Glasson, they include spiritual loving channeled messages, wisdom, explanations, guided meditations and exploration practices as individuals, in pairs or groups. All Workshops promote an exploration of ascension, meditation, healing, spirituality, inner growth and self-awakening using our

support network of energies such as the Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Christ Consciousness, Twelve Rays of Light and the Violet Flame of Light.  Natalie regularly conducts workshops in London, Glastonbury (the Earth Heart Chakra), Ireland and Lithuania.


Natalie conducts her workshops in a relaxed friendly environment and allows participants to achieve only what they feel is appropriate. Natalie is always on hand to assist, guide or answers any questions.


Once you have boChanneled Workshops by Natalie Glasson from Sacred School of Om Naoked your Workshop you will receive a confirmation email from Natalie.

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During many of Natalie’s Workshops, you will be able to experience her Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

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