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From Natalie Glasson of the Sacred School of Om Na

I became aware of my ability to channel in 2002 at the age of 18 years old.  At that time, I was training  as a professional ballet dancer but it was  in 2007 that I felt a strong pull to developed and share my channelling ability. Even from the moment I began channelling I was able to connect with and bring through numerous beings of light such as AngelsArchangels,  Ascended Masters, Celestial Beings,  Earth Elements,Goddesses,  Star Beings  and Fairies.  My soul group known as the Celestial White Beings also made themselves known to me very quickly. I very much enjoyed connecting with the Celestial  White Beings but found their energies extremely powerful and intense at first. When connecting with them I could feel their energies descending 

into the room but they were unable to stay for long periods of time as they had to become accustomed once more to the energies of the Earth. I have since developed my connection with my soul group becoming accustomed to their energy and vibration.I began my channeling journey by discovering much about my past life in Atlantis, realising that I made many contracts in Atlantis of teaching and guiding spiritual development which are being accomplished in this lifetime. I have been named as an Ancient Teacher because I was able to teach and guide many in Atlantis and continue to do so with many of the same students in this lifetime. It has been extremely interesting to see the parallels between my Atlantean lifetime and my current embodiment.

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Angelic Realms

Discover channeled messages from the Angelic Kingdom, the Archangels and the Angels to deepen your connection with these sacred beings, receive their healing, download their consciousness and embrace their guidance concerning our current ascension process.

Explore the Angelic Realm Channeled Messages Now

Ascended Masters

Discover channeled messages from Ascended Master  who are powerfully guiding the ascension of the Earth and humanity. The Ascended Masters are souls who have existed on the Earth realising the truth of the Creator to achieve enlightenment, they now exist on the inner planes.

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Celestial Beings

Discover channeled messages from Celestial Beings who are high vibrational light souls and sources existing at the celestial and cosmic level of the Creator’s universe. Find messages from the Celestial White Beings who are Natalie’s soul group as well as channelings from Celestial Unicorns, Dolphins, Lions and Beings.

 Explore the Celestial Beings Channeled Message Now

Earth Elements

Discover channeled message from the Earth Elements as they connect and share their consciousness with us. Explore messages from Mother Earth, Tree Spirits, Flower Spirits, Animal Kingdom and the Bee Consciousness.

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Discover channeled messages from the Elementals, enhance your connection and understanding of such beings as the Fairies, the Fairy Kingdom, Unicorns, Elves,  Water Spirits, Mere People and Spirits of the Nature Kingdom. Elementals are souls of light who nurture and care for Mother Earth.

Explore the Elemental Channeled Message Now


Discover channeled messages from the Goddess Beings as a collective and individual voices of the Goddess community who exist at a cosmic level within the Creator’s universe. The Goddess Beings express the feminine, nurturing and creative qualities of the Creator.

Explore the Goddess Channeled Message Now

Star Beings

Discover channeled messages from the Star Beings who exist upon Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda and Venus who wish to share their guidance, love and support with us.

Explore the Star Beings Channeled Message Now

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