Chakras Explained

Chakras are energy sources or vortices which draw in and express energy from the universe of the Creator and your soul to nurture and nourish the physical body and auric field with light. Your energy centres are aligned with your spinal column and associated with an endocrine gland.

There are eleven main Chakras and numerous smaller centres in existence within your body and aura, each are associated with a specific area of the body, often the organs in the surrounding area where the Chakra is located. When these energy vortices are clear the health of the connected organs exist at their optimum state.

Focusing upon opening, activating and awakening your energy centres will increase the health and vitality of your body as well as your spiritual awareness and senses. If the flow of these energy vortices are blocked, which can occur when outside negative or stagnate energy is absorbed or emotional trauma is experienced, this can impact the wellbeing of the physical body even causing illness and disease. It is important for your entire Chakra column to be open, clear and cleansed in order to maintain your health and happiness at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Although colours, muscial notes, crystals and symbols have been associated for each energy centre, every person is a unique expression of the Creator. We are all now moving through our ascension at an accelerated rate and so our energy centres are constantly transforming and altering to suit our needs and the embodiment of greater aspects of the Creator within our beings. This means that your Root Chakra may not be a red colour , it may actually be pink, blue or white. When connecting with your energy centres allow yourself to feel, sense and acknowledge each Chakra and allow yourself to gain an understanding of each from your own experience rather than the guidance of others. Your ascension process is unique and each person on the Earth is at a diverse and different stage, therefore, it is important to become familiar with the energy centres within you understanding when your energy centres are blocked, expansive or transforming.


Activating Your Chakras

Activating any Chakra can be achieved with a simple practice:

1. Focus on the location of the energy centre,

2. Call upon your Angels and Guide to transmit healing energy to surround you completely,

3. Imagine with each breath you inhale you are drawing the healing energy into the chakra, with each breath you exhale you are expanding the light within the chakra therefore encouraging the energy centre to open.

4. Notice or observe any shifts, emotions or thoughts arising as well as expansion created. If emotions and thoughts do arise simply let them go as you exhale.


Your Chakras

Below is a gentle explanation to guide your own exploration of your energy centres which are direct pathways and rivers of light to and from the Creator and all that is the Creator.


Earth Star Chakra

Located beneath your feet and connected to your Soul Star Chakra, its purpose is to ground the energy of your soul into physical embodiment and experience upon the Earth. When either the Soul Star or Earth Star are activated the other is activated automatically, therefore when focused upon the Soul Star it is important to give intention to activate your Earth Star and the other way around. You can place intentions into your Earth Star Chakra in order to manifest your desire and dreams to be experience upon the Earth as this centre transforms light into matter. If grounding is required it is well worth focusing upon anchoring light through your being into this centre, acknowledging the Chakra as a beacon of light below your feet.

Feet Chakras

There is a chakra in both of your feet which supports your connection to the Mother Earth and aids grounding of light and your soul into the physical body. Open your Feet Chakras by imagining you are breathing in and out through your feet with the light flowing down into the Earth with each breath you exhale. As you inhale imagine the sacred energy of Mother Earth flowing through your feet and into your body.

Root Chakra

Located at the base of your spine, this energy centre supports you existing in your physical reality, aiding self preservation, protection and survival. Strength, power, habits and patterns can be found and formed in this energy centre. Mastering this centre can be achieved through focus upon all levels of acceptance, such as acceptance of self, Earth, Soul and the Creator.

Sacral Chakra

Located just below your waist, this centre is connected to your emotions and emotional expression. You encounter your world through your feelings held within this centre. Activating this Chakra encourages the expression and development of creativity, passion, movement, change and the adoption of the perceptive of we rather than I.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Located just above your waist. Activated this centre supports active energy, balance, organisation, commitment, determination, will power, personal power and the achievement of goals.

Heart Chakra

Located in the center of your chest, this is known as the centre for experience and expression of compassion and unconditional love, the essence of the Creator. Your Heart Chakra is a pure gateway to your soul which allows you to connect with the intuition, purity, power, wisdom and abundance of your soul  as well as experiencing a direct link of energy from the Creator through your being. This sacred chamber within your being supports the expression of love on all levels of your being, it is immensely healing and will guide you in accordance to the divine purpose of your soul. To activate this Chakra simply breath love in and out focused upon the centre of your chest area.

Palm Chakras

Located in your hands these energy centres as well as your arms, shoulders and chest area ( breasts) are extensions of your Heart Chakra supporting the expression of unconditional love in flowing abundantly from your being.

Throat Chakra

Located in your neck this centre invites you to express the truth of the Creator through your entire being especially your voice, words and beliefs. Toning Om or Aum can support the activation and expansion of this centre as well as observing whether you limit yourself, are fearful of sharing who you really are with others or dislike yourself. Erasing such habits can lead to an expansive and open Throat Chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

Located at your brow, this centre encourages you to see, sense and acknowledge the Creator as well as develop psychic abilities and the divine flow of your intuition to guide you upon the Earth.

Causal Chakra

Located at the higher back of your head, its purpose is to allow the light of your soul and the Universe of the Creator which flows through your Crown Chakra to be interpreted into thoughts, ideas, inspiration and understanding. Therefore it is this centre which aids your ability to receive divine inspiration to assist your Earthly reality.

Crown Chakra

Located at the top of your head, this centre promotes expansive communication and connection with the Creator with the ability to receive the infinite energy of the Creator into your entire being. Your Crown encourages you to recognise yourself as your expansive and boundless true self as it distributes light into your entire being.

Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra is located above your head, it both houses and distributes your soul energy and new soul vibrations into your chakras and physical body to aid continued soul embodiment.

Stellar Gateway Chakra

Located above your Soul Star Chakra this centre is the gateway to the Universe of the Creator, receiving the energies and consciousness required to support your spiritual existence upon the Earth. It is with the activation of this centre that you can truly identify and resonate with the Creator, anchoring this perspective and truth into your entire being.

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