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Mother Earth’s Upgrade and Divine Synthesis with the Inner Planes

Support Mother Earth is raising the vibration of her planet and all being to instigate a merge with the Creator’s Universe

Access the new frequencies of the Earth, Universe and ascension download

With the Celestial White Beings

Video and Audio Channeled Webinar Channeled through Natalie Glasson

In this Masterclass you will work closely with Mother Earth as guided by the Celestial White Beings to initiate a three-part upgrade, activation and instigation that will benefit the anchoring of new energies into the Earth from the Universe of the Creator and ascension process. Mother Earth already holds intentions of how this upgrade of the planet Earth and all who inhabit her will impact all. She wishes to invite you to share your sacred vision, essence and intentions for the Earth to co-create Mother Earth’s upgrade with her. This is a transition of tremendous growth, emergence and illumination not only for Mother Earth and her civilisation, for you as well.

The Phase of Integrity

 In Part 1 you will co-create with Mother Earth and the Celestial White Beings the uplifting, boost, advancement and healing of Mother Earth as a whole soul and physical being. Her energy vibrations will be shifted and aligned to new dimensions to allow her inner essence and truth to blaze with ferocity, power and intensity. This will allow for new frequencies, wisdom and truth to unfold and flow freely from Mother Earth’s core as well as creating deep seated healing where necessary, so all may benefit.

The Phase of Oneness and Unity

 In Part 2 the Celestial White Beings will guide you to co-create and facilitate with Mother Earth a synthesis, merging and collaboration with the Universe of the Creator. Many different aspects of the Universe of the Creator will share their energies, revealing their truth to Mother Earth so she may link into and align with their frequencies. This will create a bond of unity and oneness that is immensely strong between the Earth and the inner Planes which will allow for veils of illusion to fall away and a fusing of new light frequencies with the Earth.

The Phase of Purity and Growth

In Part 3 you will support the integration of new frequencies, vibrations and the bonding of the Earth with the Universe of the Creator into all dimensions of Mother Earth. The Celestial White Beings will encourage you to recognise the purity of the new upgraded Earth and the growth that can manifest through the greater synthesis of the Earth and the inner planes especially within all beings.                                 

Join Mother Earth, the Celestial White Beings and Natalie to be a valuable part of this tremendous transition of integrity, oneness, unity, purity and growth for all.

Benefits of this Masterclass: Deeper connection and collaboration with Mother Earth, receiving celestial vibrations and wisdom from the Celestial White Beings, opening yourself to new ascension energies, being of service, enhanced connection with the inner planes, being a part of the ascension shift Mother Earth is moving through.

Cosmic Logos Mahatma

Mahatma Cosmic Logos Avatar of Synthesis

There are six main levels of the Creator’s Universe which are represented by a colour of light and overseen by a being of light. Each overseer of these six levels is titled a Logos. Mahatma is the Cosmic Logos and overseer of this translucent expression of the Creator.  The Cosmic level is the closest vibration to the core of the Creator and therefore is a true expression of the Creator.

Mahatma is a consciousness which comprises of 352 levels of Creator consciousness spanning throughout the Creator’s universe. Mahatma is often represented by a turquoise light and can also hold the title of Avatar of Synthesis. Mahatma can support you in synthesising with the Creator of the Creator, exploring the Creator within you, accessing different and diverse levels of the 352 levels of consciousness and well as bringing forth healing and awakening.



Mahatma Index

Channeled Through Natalie Glasson


Aid Further Transformation with the Cosmic Level  17th June 2016


Greetings I am the Cosmic Logos, Mahatma, also known as the Avatar of Synthesis. It is my purpose to deliver the light and consciousness of the Creator to all from my position at the Cosmic Level. The light that the Cosmic Level delivers is the purest and quickest vibration of light that can be experienced before complete integration with the Creator. It is a very powerful point to access wherever you reside within the Universe of the Creator as it will demonstrate and reveal your true self. The true self which you will recognise will be beyond your physical or personality perspective; it may even be an understanding which is unimaginable to you at this time, and yet it will deliver a deep sense of reassurance, truth and pure love. Many people who wish to connect on a deeper level with their soul, soul group, inner truth or even the Creator connect with the Cosmic Level as it grants an immense download of inspiration as well as enabling powerful transitions from spaces of confusion, fear or feeling stuck. The energy of the Cosmic Level offers a powerful boost of light which creates a surge in your spiritual evolution. There is a need to be prepared that the surge of awakening invited forth through your connection with the Cosmic Level can begin a powerful journey of realising.. ……….View Post

Advancing the Ascension of Your Physical Body 5th May 2016


Greetings of cosmic vibrations, I am Mahatma, the Avatar of Synthesis and the overseer of the cosmic level, I am known as the Cosmic Logos. There are 352 levels of the Mahatma energy which spans throughout all the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. This means that there are 352 levels of my being and the same number of levels which compose your being. With this number in mind it seems more accessible to access all levels of your being and yet each dimension of the 352 levels is immensely expansive occupying vast aspects of the universe and your being. To explore one level of your being can take numerous lifetimes upon the Earth however the energy vibration the Earth is now resonating at is quickening which means your exploration of the levels of your being is speeding up. This signifies that you can explore so much more of your true self in a single lifetime, and also means your body and auric field have to process more light, love and consciousness. If your body is not aligned fully with your soul then the increase of energy, light and consciousness being discovered, accepted and embodied can create challenges for your body.. ……….View Post


Fairy Consciousness/ Kingdom

Fairy Index

Fairy or Fairies are souls who devote their energy and purpose to working alongside nature and the animal kingdom to support the Creator’s energy in anchoring, blossoming and thriving. People who work closely with Mother Earth often have fairy guides who are pure loving beings of light holding ancient knowledge of how to exist as one with the Earth.

Predominantly they exist upon the inner planes where they hold their own ashram known as the Fairy Kingdom however they are able to move through all dimensions thus being able to move through the Earthly dimensions. Their energy vibration is very quick and they can often be seen as orbs of coloured light. The fairy kingdom will come and surround you if you call upon them so that you may experience their energy, they respond to respect, generosity and truth. They are powerful healers and can support manifestation.


Fairy Index

Through Natalie Glasson

Guidance from the Universe of the Creator by the Fairy Kingdom 22nd April 2016

The universe of the Creator is vast akin to an ocean and yet it is beyond the limitations of an ocean. Both have the freedom to move, expand and express themselves beautifully. While the waves of the ocean crash against the shore, the universe of the Creator is composed of rhythmic waves. The rhythmic waves of the universe create the energetic body of the universe while expressing its constant transition phases. While the waves of the universe are rhythmic they cannot be predicted creating unique energy expressions. Blossoming of light and energy erupts in beautiful rhythmic patterns of colour and sacred geometry throughout the entire universe of the Creator. To witness such a display is to witness the Creator in action. When an eruption of light and colour occurs it is a calming and vibrational uplifting process which inspires a similar eruption of light from within the witness. In that ~~~View Post

Embedding Consciousness 9th July 2014

With the sweetness of the love of the Fairy Kingdom, we come forth to greet and share with you in this sacred period upon the Earth of transformation and accelerated Creator awareness. We wish for you to know and understand that we, the Fairy Kingdom, are supporting you and the Earth at this time. Like all beings, we deliver the message, consciousness and seeds of the Creator, especially seeding all that is the Creator into the Earth, Mother Earth and Nature Kingdoms.

We wish to alert you to your natural ability and instinct of seeding the consciousness of the Creator into wherever you place your focus. You are able to deliver, anchor and share the consciousness, light, love and vibration of the Creator with any being whether they are open or closed to your beliefs. This is a very powerful statement but it is true, it gives to you power, a loving power to instigate positive and loving shifts upon the Earth. It is not that a person or soul needs to shift ~~~View Post

Wisdom of the Fairies by Fairy Bluebell 6th May 2013 Fairy Channeled Messages

(Bluebell is Natalie’s Fairy Guide)
I, Fairy Bluebell, bring to you messages and vibrations of love from the fairy kingdom, our greetings are always with you as we send vibrations from our hearts each time you connect or observe nature. One of our main purposes is to amplify and encourage your connection with nature upon the Earth. When we see you connecting into the energies of nature it creates waves of bliss within our heart chakras because we know that you are connecting into the vibration of the Creator. We understand that when you gaze upon nature especially the plant kingdom you are seeing the mirror image of the beauty of the Creator which is within you. View Full Post


Paving the Way for the Future by the Fairies –  22nd January 2010

Multicoloured lights sweep and swirl through the air, gathering in a vast haze of active consciousness. The individual lights become intense as they fuse their energy as one, building their energy and power with the purpose of communication.

The fairy kingdoms are gathering in order to express their energy and wisdom to all.

Our light is changing and transforming as is your light, everything on the Earth is taking on a new vibration, a vibration that is gradually becoming quicker and therefore, more powerful. The transitions that are occurring now are of accelerated growth, but many cannot comprehend or even see this as they remain attached to the slower vibrations of energy that manifest the Earth. Those that are focusing on their spiritual development may have already accepted the higher or quicker vibrations of light that are held within the entire consciousness of the Earth, while others are existing within a transition period of acceptance, therefore they are ~~~~ View Post


Message from The Fairy Kingdom 21st August 2008

It gives us great pleasure to be allocated this time and space to communicate with you and to share our message of wisdom. Our message today we believe is vitally important for the wellbeing of humanity and Mother Earth, to enhance the harmony between each existence. We hope that you will share our message with your loved ones and friends so that we on the Earth can unite and gradually aid the rise in the consciousness of humanity. —View Post



Nara Merlyn

Nara Merlyn is Natalie Glasson’s past life self. Nara existed upon Atlantis as a High Priestess overseeing the temple of the Celestial White Beings in the north of Atlantis. The Celestial White Beings are Nara and Natalie’s Soul Group who exist at a celestial level of the Creator’s universe.


You can discover Nara’s life and her experiences of the fall of Atlantis in ‘White Beacons of Atlantis.’ Nara is a channel, healer and continues to guide many upon the Earth in achieving ascension. She made a contract to those who visited her temple during the time of Atlantis to continue to act as a guide and spiritual mentor even beyond Atlantis. Natalie in her current lifetime has accepted this contract acting as a beacon of love, consciousness and spiritual support for who are guided to her.



Channeled Messages from Nara Merlyn

Secrets for Ascension by Nara Merlyn Secrets for Ascension – 12th February 2016

Greetings to all light beings upon the Earth, especially those who incarnated into the period of Atlantis and are present continuing the true purpose of Atlantis at this brilliant time of ascension. You have been a constant glowing beacon of light throughout so many of the major stages of Earth’s ascension, you are in service bringing light to all areas of the Earth, however long the planet takes to transform. I honour you for being on the Earth now, please know that the growth and wisdom you will gain from your current lifetime is immense and will accelerate so many beautiful experiences on the inner planes once your service upon the Earth is complete.


I wish to invite you daily to recognise within you and further cultivate your love for Mother Earth. This simple process allows you to fulfil your purpose on the Earth, letting your healing vibrations flow as well as grounding you into the beauty of Mother Earth. In my lifetime upon Atlantis I realised a very beautiful understanding which to me seems like the secret of the Earth. If you love Mother Earth, expressing and sharing your love daily not only do you enhance your connection with Mother Earth to understand the ascension shifts taking place, you actually allow all forms of illusion to fall away. When you love Mother Earth unconditionally, it is akin to an activation taking place within you which means you see beyond and through the illusions of the Earth accesses a higher consciousness of clarity and truth. Such a simple process and yet a valuable experience which allows you to take responsibility for your spiritual and physical reality, further guiding others. I hope you will experiment with my sharing as it is immensely powerful. There are so many keys and activations which can take place within your being when you allow your soul and intuition to guide you…………View Post

White Beacons of Atlantis by Natalie GlassonWhite Beacons of Atlantis

Discover about Nara’s lifetime upon Atlantis in Natalie’s latest book describing Nara’s expereince of the fall of Atlantis.

Find Out More About the Book

Six Logoi

There are six main levels of the Creator’s Universe which are represented by a colour of light and overseen by a being of light. Each overseer of these six levels is titled a Logos when we refer to them together we entitle them Logoi. Each Logos oversees a level or expression of energy of the Creator which includes dimensions of the Creator’s Universe and communities of Ascended Masters, Light Beings and Star Beings, each are supporting the vibration of the Creator’s light and aiding integration for all with the Creator.


The Planetary Level is represented by a white colour and overseen by Lord Buddha, (previously by Sanat Kumara) this is the closest and most accessible level of the Creator’s energy to the Earth.


Then there is the Solar Level represented by a copper golden colour and overseen by Helios and Vesta.


The Galactic Level is represented by a silver golden colour and overseen by Melchior.


The Universal Level is represented by a golden colour and overseen by Lord Melchizedek.


The Multi- Universal Level is represented by a platinum colour and overseen by Archangel Metatron.


The Cosmic Level is represented by a translucent colour and overseen by Mahatma.


Then we have the core of the Creator, once we reach the Cosmic Level we merge with the Creator completely that no aspect of ourselves exists in separation.


Six Logoi Index

Channeled Through Natalie GlassonSix Logoi

The Six Logoi- Preparations for 09/09/09  31st August 2009

Greetings and blessings to all at this most sacred and special time, we extend our love to you now and ask you to open your hearts to us as we endeavour to assist you in preparing to anchor the new energy wave anchoring onto the Earth. This is a time to be open and receptive, to be trusting and confident as it will ensure that you anchor the most appropriate level of light into your being for your reality and soul’s mission on the Earth, otherwise blockages may occur that can hinder your growth and acceptance of the love of the Creator. The Earth will begin to receive an upgrade in its energy from the 3rd September 2009; this is an upgrade of love, in truth a higher vibration of love will anchor onto the Earth. When you allow yourself to be open to this upgrade of love, it is almost as the wave of love pours into your life, washes over you and lifts you up higher into the levels of the Creator’s universe to accept a new vibration of light and a deeper connection with the Creator. The love of the Creator is essential for life, existence and advancement. Love exists within the oxygen that you breathe into your body, allowing your physical body that encapsulates your soul to survive on the Earth. The air that you breathe has the ability to hold vast quantities of light, love and consciousness, allowing your breathing to be sacred and a divine tool that assists spiritual development and a unique integration process with the Creator’s soul.

During this communication, we wish to offer you guidance and techniques that can help you in the transition period before 09/09/09 and the gradually anchoring of the energy of love from 03/09/09 to the climax at ……. Read More

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