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Christmas Special:

The Dawning and Evolution of the Christ Consciousness Templates

 Reunion of the 144 Disciples, Awakening of Infinity Healing Codes and Emergence of the Christ Within

With Master Yeshua and Mother Mary

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Thursday 10th December 2020 – Recording Available

(90mins Channeling)

Do you feel a strong bond and connection to the Christ Family, of which Yeshua and Mother Mary were a part of? Do you know that love is the greatest healer and the truth of every being? Do you wish you could return to the time of Master Yeshua on the Earth, experiencing the Christ Family once more?

Your soul may be calling you to reunite with the 144 Disciples, the Christ Family, who walked the Earth. The sacred Christ Family frequency and templates require to be reactivated within your being to support your ascension journey forth. You are not alone in the journey you are embarking upon; your family is present to offer all you need to be of service. They know, as does your soul, that there is a special personal task and activation for you to achieve now and into 2021. Master Yeshua, Mother Mary and the 144 Disciples wish to support you in recognising this for yourself and embarking upon your journey with support, love, and all you require. You will experience a reunion of the 144 Disciples within your being, activating a new vibration to carry you forth in your ascension.

Master Yeshua and Mother Mary wish to share with you the Infinity Healing Codes, encouraging you to be an expression of these codes for yourself, others, and the world. Your own healing abilities will be awoken and magnified, with the Infinity Healing Codes synthesised. The Infinity Healing Codes create freedom, liberation, and divine union wherever they are focused or anchored.

The Christ Consciousness vibration flowing from the Creator is currently of an advanced vibration, wishing to create a dawning and evolution of the Christ Consciousness Templates embedded within the Earth, your own being and the Universe of the Creator. It is time to recognise your part and role in the Christ Consciousness, recognising that the Christ Templates, the 144 Disciples energy and so much more exists within you. There is a reason it needs to be activated and embodied fully within your being now, Master Yeshua and Mother Mary wish to support you in exploring this further.

Join Master Yeshua, Mother Mary and Natalie for an incredibly special and loving exploration and deepening connection with the Christ Consciousness and its next stage of ascension.

Thursday 10th December 2020  Recording Available

Donations Gratefully Received £10 Minimum

Plan with Your Soul Your Divine Fulfilment and Ascension Pathway on the Earth

With Lord Melchizedek Supported by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

SATURDAY 2nd January 2021  –  3.30pm – 4.05pm GMT

Do you know what you want to create for 2021? Do you know the opportunities available to you from the essence of your soul? Now is the time to allow your soul to influence your experiences positively, powerful, and peacefully for 2021.

Lord Melchizedek channels supported by the energies of the Andromedans to guide your soul forth into greater embodiment for 2021. As a collective they share with you techniques to embody your soul and plan with your soul creations for fulfilling experience in 2021. Your soul wishes to be of greater influence and impact in your life and spiritual evolution, guiding you forth, creating plans to support your fulfilment on the Earth and your ascension.

Lord Melchizedek shares a technique to dissolve all that hinders and limits you in experiencing your dreams and desires on the Earth, allowing your soul to paint your reality with you for the highest purpose for all.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with your soul, discovering what your soul wishes to create for your life, ascension, and your service to the Earth.  You are guided to share a gift to Mother Earth and all beings to support others in creating with joy from their soul in their reality and ascension pathway.

The New Earth Ascension Blueprint cleared the pathway forth for magnificent experiences to manifest in 2021, now there is a need to resonate on a deeper level with your soul, asking questions of your soul as to how to live and exist in this new world that is unfolding for you and all on the Earth.

Join Lord Melchizedek and Natalie supported by the frequency of the Andromedans to listen to your soul and create your divine fulfilment on the Earth.

Minimum Donation £1

New Year Special 2021:

Your Journey into the Unknown

 The Brilliance and Infinite Nature of Your Essence Manifested in 2021 and Beyond

 With the Cosmic Council of Twelve

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

7th January 2021 3.30pm – 4.30pm GMT.



 Welcome to a New Year, A New You, and a New Ascension Journey! With the New Earth Ascension Blueprint Anchored into your being, 2021 and beyond gives you the opportunity to create what you desire to experience for yourself and others on the Earth. The new energies anchoring in 2021 only encourage you to manifest a life for yourself which is filled with limitless opportunities and possibilities. This is your opportunity to shine, allowing the brilliance of the Creator to blossom from your being, creating beauty, fulfilment, and peace.

The energies and shifts of 2020 were to prepare you, creating a foundation for you to launch yourself forward in the most beneficial way in your ascension and physical life. 2021 marks a journey into the unknown as you are guided to seek deeper within your being than ever before. There is a brilliance within you waiting to be discovered and anchored into embodiment. The infinite nature of the Creator wishes to bestow beautiful gifts of divinity, fulfilment, expansion, enlightenment, and a new awareness. The infinite nature of the Creator wishes to unravel before you, revealing new wisdom, understanding and guidance to support your journey forth.

Not only are you journeying within into what seems like the unknown you are creating a new journey on the Earth which is diverse and may be unknown to you. It is time to draw upon the wealth of support, love, and assistance available to you on the inner planes and within your being. You have been waiting to embark upon your journey into the unknown for many lifetimes, now is your chance to explore yourself, the Creator and what you are capable of beyond your imagination. Watch as your inner journey into the unknown is reflected and mirrored in your outer world. There is so much treasure for you to discover within your being and to manifest for your delight and fulfilment in your reality.

Allow yourself to journey beyond what you think you are capable of with the guidance, energy, and support of the Cosmic Council of Twelve and Natalie.




Minimum Donation £10

Exploring the Dimensions of the Divine Goddess with the Creator and the Goddess

Resetting Ascension, the Earth and Humanity, Empowering the Truth of the Creator and developing your communicating with the Innocence of the Goddess

With the Creator and the Goddess

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Thursday 21st January 2021 – 3.30pm – 4.10pm

We welcome the presence and inspiration of the Creator to enable and awaken a deeper understanding of how accessing and activating the Creator’s innocence can bring healing to your being and the Earth. The Creator speaks of resetting ascension, the direction the Earth is moving in and the actions of humanity, thus resetting you and all into alignment with the truth of the Creator within. This is deeply aligned with our current ascension process as the New Earth Ascension Blueprint clears space within your being and reality to create a New Earth and reality.

To access the sacred innocence and truth within your being you are encouraged to explore the dimensions of the Divine Goddess. The Divine Goddess guides you to be in pure and true conversation with all that is the Goddess. You are encouraged to explore the relationship between the energy of the goddess within you and the essence of the Goddess, exploring how to assist the goddess energy in rising within you. You will be invited to discover what your inner goddess wishes to show you, share with you, as well as, sacred messages your Goddess wishes you to understand, thus beginning a truthful conversation with your goddess self. It is time to let go of all preconceived ideas of the goddess, to discover the dimensions of the goddess, seeking the truth, innocence, and essence of the Goddess. The Goddess energy will assist you in acknowledging the energy of birth/ creation within the goddess bringing it into motion and action in your life, thus supporting your creations and manifestations.

It is time to create a true, meaningful, and sacred conversation with the Goddess as the Goddess frequency arises within your being.

Let Natalie, the Goddess energy and the Creator guide you.

Donations Gratefully Received

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