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12-Day Process to Support Your Exploration and Co-Creation with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint

 From Archangel Metatron 

 Channeled through Natalie Glasson

The New Earth Ascension Blueprint Integration Program has been especially channeled and designed for you as a simple daily way to connect with the new Blueprint anchoring into the Earth and your being. The program is channeled from Archangel Metatron, the leader of the Angelic Kingdom, and a key driving force in the ascension process of the Earth.


The program is designed to encourage you to connect with and follow your own intuition as to what is best for you, by offering enough information to guide you into a space where you are receptive to receive. The program offers you the freedom to explore and discover the unique energies within you. It is designed as a 12-day process, each day you achieve the Daily Meditation Opening, the given practice for that day, and then the Daily Meditation Completion. The meditations are designed to take no longer than 15 mins, although you can take longer if you wish. As the program is delivered in the written word only (PDF) you have the freedom to become accustomed to the practices in your own time, taking as little or as long as you wish to explore each focus. You can repeat the practices as any times and for as many days as you wish before moving onto the next. The goal of this OmNa Ascension Program is to support you in integrating your co-creation and exploration of the New Earth Ascension Blueprint into your every day reality.

You will receive a PDF written document with an introduction, practical information, Daily Meditation Opening, Daily Meditation Completion and 12 Meditation practices to support your connection with the Blueprint.


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