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Master Yeshua

Divinity Within by Master Yeshua

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings divine beings upon the Earth, I am Master Yeshua, I greet you with love and peace. I bring into your energy being the vibration of the Creator’s harmony.  May this enthuse all aspects of your being bringing everything that you are and are creating into harmony and balance.

I come forth to discuss with you the divinity within and I ask myself what is it that you need to know about the divinity within? Each of you holds the sacred vibration of the Creator within your being. Imagine sitting with this knowledge each day, even if only for a few moments, I wonder what awareness and knowingness would awaken within your being. This is to some extent what Lord Buddha experienced as did I, Master Yeshua as a child upon the Earth. We contemplated and recognised that there is an essence of the divine within our beings. This is something we all know and recognise and yet to acknowledge this fully within every aspect of your being, with every cell, and with every thought form creates such a magical transformation within your being. It is as if a new aspect of yourself dawns.


Saint Germain was known for his magic. He recognised the divine, the divinity within his being and used this completely in every thought, in every action. Therefore, he was in oneness, in truth, in complete harmony and the divine flow with the Creator, thus everything and anything was possible. Master Lanto recognise this as well. He appreciated the light within his being, with every thought, emotion, his attention and his entire being. He delved down deep into the divinity within his being, the aspect of the Creator within, swimming in and enjoying the energy. So much so that when people gazed upon Master Lanto it was as if he was glowing, glowing with light through his skin. He was so in tune with the divinity within his being, so connected to and an expression of the divinity within his being that anything was possible. He also recognised the light glowing within others; therefore, they would glow as well in return.


All the Ascended Masters have moved through this Ascension process. Yes, you recognise within your mind, you know within your mind that the divine is within you, and the Creator is within you. However, there is a need to recognise this fully with every aspect of your being, the more you give your attention to this the more you believe and trust in the divinity within your being, become that divinity. You are already that divinity. Every cell of your being, every energy molecule radiates this knowingness and truth. It is something that every Ascended Master has moved through, it is a journey that I, Master Yeshua invite you to experience and acknowledged now in this time.


It is your time to shine, what I mean is it is your time to recognise the divinity within your being. When you recognise the divinity within your being, with your whole being, you recognise yourself as whole and complete now. This is a tremendous and dramatic healing process. If you are whole and complete you will think, feel, act, react and create from a space of being whole and complete, which completely transforms your being and your reality. If this is recognised, then something else dawns and it is an experience rather than a knowingness in the mind. This experience is that you recognise that the divinity within you is also whole and complete therefore, when you recognise the divine, you are not recognising an aspect of the divine you are recognising the whole and complete source of the divine. You are recognising everything of the Creator, every form, everything that is formless, every label, everything that is label less. You remember the divine within your being and that you create from this space. Thus, you realise that everything outside of you is also within your being. This is an especially important transition, again what I am speaking of is not new to you. You understand that you create everything in your reality. You understand that the Creator is within you, you understand that everything outside of you is also within you but to really grasp this understanding, to really feel it, to sense it, to acknowledge it within your thoughts, within your emotions. within your body, your energy bodies, your actions, your reactions, your creations. It means that you have a newfound connection with everything outside of yourself as well as everything within you.


As you recognise that a tree or a rainbow is a product of the divinity within you, you recognise that a person you are speaking to is a reflection of the divinity within your being thus you become so connected to everything that loneliness, separation, anxiety and fear dissolve.  Fear will always be there to some extent as it is a protection, but it will dissolve as well, in doing so you transform your reality, becoming an Ascended Master. You transform everything, not only for yourself and your reality you impact and influence the vibration of all, the experiences of all, the creation of all beings and entire Universe of the Creator. You become everything and in doing so you enter deeper and deeper into that knowingness and acknowledgement of everything. A new transformation dawns from within your being, allowing you to become both formless and label-less. You are everything and yet you are the nothingness of the Creator.


It is incredibly challenging to describe the nothingness of the Creator when you live in a world where everything has form and labels. However, the more you can connect with this nothingness, which is a journey as I have described, you will find freedom, truth, and understanding for everything that is taking place in your reality and the world now. You will trust in yourself and learn to trust in others. Thus, beginning and embarking upon a journey of co-creation. We, Ascended Masters are now achieving a journey of co-creation, we are co-creating with you now, it is our mission and our purpose.


How do you recognise the divinity within? How do you begin this journey as I have described?


In truth it is a unique process for you. I can share with you how I achieved it; however, you are unique, you may wish to find your own way. When I began this journey, I would meditate, and I would often imagine myself with my back against a tree or I would find a tree that was favourable and sit with my back against it. I would recognise the grounding of the Earth or my energies grounding into the Earth realising my connection to the divine. The tree would offer stability, stillness, a foundation, grounding and a connection with the Creator. In this space I would say to myself:


‘I seek the divinity within.’


I would repeat this to myself within my mind over and over. Then giving time for focus upon my breathing to allow space for an answer to form. I would practice this often and new answers would appear allowing me to feel a connection with the divinity within, maybe through a feeling of happiness or bliss erupting from my being. Sometimes my body would shake, other times I would enter a space of nothingness, it would be different each time.


I invite you to begin this process, there is so much to discover and we the Ascended Masters are present to support you. It is time for a new awakening, a new dawning within your being.


I, Master Yeshua, am present to love and to support you.


I thank you,


I am Master Yeshua

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Master Jesus

Master Jesus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

My beloved brothers and sisters of the light, I, Master Jesus, honour you now as I come forward to speak and share my consciousness with you.

Let me hold your hands in mine; let me wash them with the love of the Creator. May everything and every person that you touch from now on be charged with the love of the Creator.
Let me hold your feet in my hands; let me wash your feet in the love of the Creator. May every step you walk upon the Earth be a step of love.

Let me embrace you in my arms; let me wash your being in the love of the Creator so that you may know and feel that you are never alone. The Creator is within you always. I use the love of the Creator to dissolve all fears that you may have of realising yourself as a magnificent being of love, a sacred vessel of Creator love. Let the love of the Creator wash away fear so that you may realise that there is nothing to fear and you are loved unconditionally and eternally by the Creator. Do not shy away from the love of the Creator, it is your divine right, know that you are worthy of the love of the Creator because you are so magnificent, precious and sacred. Do you realise that you are loved every moment of your day, every moment that you sleep? Do you realise that you are loved so completely and absolutely with every breath you take? The love of the Creator will never and can never be taken away from you, it is yours to accept, realise hold and express.

The love of the Creator is the essence of life; if you do not allow yourself to feel, experience and express the love of the Creator then you haven’t truly experienced life on the Earth. There are so many wondrous sights, smells and experiences on the Earth but none are greater than feeling the love of the Creator, knowing that the love of the Creator is around and within you at all times and will never be taken away from you. The love of the Creator is the only true thing that you can depend upon whether you are on the Earth or on the inner planes. It is our right and a need as soul’s of the Creator to place our trust and faith in the love of the Creator. When you realise the love of the Creator within you, when you trust wholeheartedly in the love and the will of the Creator, then you will understand that there is nothing more that you need because you will feel completely fulfilled on all levels of your being.
Your most deepest yearning is for the love of the Creator and yet my brothers and sisters there is no need to suffer any longer, the love of the Creator is yours to grasp and treasure now. If you just dissolved your fears and held courage you could recognise the love of the Creator and bathe yourself completely in blissful, joyous and healing energies. Your guides and I are here to help you, you do not have to achieve this on your own, all you need do is ask and you will receive with divine timing.

My aim is to help you understand how precious you are, how precious those around you are and how you are never alone. This is my greatest aim as a being of love to share and awaken the love of the Creator in others.

I am worthy of the love of the Creator.
I am loved by the Creator unconditionally and eternally.
I am fearless and loving at all times.
I recognise with ease the love of the Creator around and within me.
The love of the Creator embraces heals and awakens my being.
I am the love of the Creator; I am the purity of love in manifestation on the Earth.

You can say these statements to yourself, but don’t just say them, understand and feel the words and their meanings to you.

Let me embrace your soul in the love of the Creator to allow the truth and essence of your soul to be magnified, nurtured and intensified. Your soul is after all the essence of the Creator within you. Recognising your soul is to remember the truth of your being and who you are. Feel, sense or acknowledge the love of the Creator swelling from within you. I am here to support, protect and cradle you in my love; I am devoted to assisting you now, let yourself be devoted to your unity with the Creator and acceptance of love.

In order to truly feel the love of the Creator which is naturally within and around us, there is a need to surrender to the Creator. To surrender is to give up or let go of anything that is no longer needed. To surrender to the Creator is to submit all that is causing you pain and suffering, all that is hindering and limiting you to the Creator. It is to detach yourself from any negativity you may be experiencing and to give it up to the Creator. The Creator can transform all negative energy into positive loving light but when we give negativity to the Creator we are asking for the highest vibration of light to cleanse and heal us. To hold onto negativity is simply harmful for the mind, heart emotions and physical body. To surrender all to the Creator shows a detachment from the negativity, a realisation that the negativity or pain is not your truth nor is it needed. Sometimes we are unable to let go of an unneeded energy as easily as we might like but this is because there is a lesson waiting to be learnt through the situation or feeling. Remember that you do not have to go through your life alone; the Creator is here to help you and will take away all appropriate negativity if you ask this of the Creator. We are all so greatly honoured when we learn that there is an energy that is composed of pure love that loves us unconditionally and eternally. What a wonderful gift we have been given. With this understanding you can realise that you are so precious, you must be as you have been blessed beautifully and perfectly. I believe that this is the ultimate gift that a soul could receive, to be loved unconditionally and eternally, there is no gift that is greater. Now is the time to accept your gift, it is yours to experience now.
Whenever you feel down or negative remind yourself that you have been given the ultimate gift of unconditional and eternal love, recognise this love within you and then say out loud or in your mind.
I surrender all false energies, illusion, pain, suffering, negativity and lack of love to the Almighty Creator. I detach from these energies and allow them to be transformed into light of the highest vibration.

Breathe deeply,

I ask that the energy of joy and love emanates and is magnified from my soul now.

To surrender to the Creator is also to trust in the Creator’s will and divine plan for your reality on the Earth, to understand that you are experiencing the divine perfection of the Creator at all times of your reality and to trust in this completely. With this belief, you allow the perfection of the Creator to manifest and you naturally step onto the path that is most appropriate for you to aid you in being of service in the most perfect way. To trust in the will of the Creator can be difficult when you are experiencing chaos or pain but it is your most healing tool after love, it is to trust that everything has a purpose and that positivity arises from all situations.

To surrender to the Creator is to submit yourself to the Creator for complete and absolute healing. The more you achieve and practice this the more connected you will become with the Creator, gradually transforming your entire being into love.

With sacred love,
Your brother and friend,

Master Jesus

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Master Jesus

Your Intentions for Fulfilment by Master Jesus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Love is seen as my greatest teaching on the Earth, I, Master Jesus, embodied and shared love with so many souls. Love is a great teacher when you choose to accept its glowing presence within your being, it will guide you and others through you to achieve beyond your beliefs and dreams. Have you ever considered love as a teacher? When in existence upon the Earth I would always address the love of the Creator as my guide, tutor and companion, consulting with love as to what is most appropriate for my own evolution and those around me. Love holds the power, truth and wisdom of the Creator, there is so much to explore.

Love was my teacher through my own intuition, through the wise souls around me and the people I visited. The goal I aspired to create and experience for myself and others was fulfilment. When love is present in action so fulfilment becomes the natural, familiar and constant. Within your being, reality and creations are multiple opportunities for fulfilment. The experience of fulfilment within the earthly reality is not for the lucky few, it manifests from within your being. When you choose to accept love as your greatest teacher you can experience and create fulfilment on all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your being. Fulfilment can also be a wonderful journey of self and soul discovery. Often souls perceive fulfilment as a fleeting moment in their lives, an experience that will be over as soon as it arrives. Fulfilment is an energy and state of existence which projects and manifests into your reality born from the acceptance of love in its fullness and completeness.

When you realise that love is your teacher born from within your being and that the acceptance of love allows a constant experience of fulfilment, you enter into a new vibration and reality. As if seeing yourself and the world anew. Imagine how healing this would be and how differently you would act and react in your current reality. Both love and fulfilment are your divine right. You were born to experience love and fulfilment not as a struggle or something to strive for, as a natural embodiment and expression of your truth.

Discovering Intentions of Fulfilment

In this moment you have an opportunity to state your intentions of fulfilment supported by your soul and empowered by me, Master Jesus.

Please sit peacefully, know you are very much loved and supported in this moment and always, you are also free from limitations and boundaries, whatever you wish to experience within your being and within your reality is available for you to receive. Know your manifestations are born from your inner love, your intentions or intuition and a realisation that it is natural to experience fulfilment constantly. In this state of peace, you have the ability to easily access powerful and necessary sources of enlightenment within you.

Ask within your being, or out loud directing your focus within:

What does the word and experience of fulfilment feel like to me? What comes to the surface when I contemplate fulfilment?

You may have a negative connection with fulfilment, blaming yourself or others for the lack of fulfilment in your life now. You may feel like fulfilment is your ultimate goal and something you are working to experience. There is a need to understand your own belief systems connected to fulfilment in order to create the necessary healing required to open you up to your natural existence of fulfilment.

Your personality has the divine right to experience the energy of fulfilment within your reality, what intentions, manifestations or experiences would allow your personality to feel fulfilled in your lifetime?

Your Soul has the divine right to experience the energy of fulfilment within your reality, what intentions, manifestations or experiences would allow your Soul to feel fulfilled in your lifetime?

Take time to contemplate these questions, they will guide you to discover your intentions for fulfilment in your own reality. When you are ready you can complete the affirmation of your intention below.

‘My intentions for my energy of fulfilment are…….’

You have created a pathway for your existence and experiences on the Earth. You have accessed and discovered your inner guidance to propel you forth guided by love as your teacher to experience the ultimate and constant goal of fulfilment.

Fulfilment Coding Invocation

‘I am the energy of fulfilment. The vibrations of the Creator’s fulfilment flow through my soul, body, emotions, mind, All That I Am and all I create. I recognise fulfilment as a nature essence and presence within my being born from love. I acknowledge I can easy access and experience the great abundant and eternal source of fulfilment within my being, whenever I choose to. It is akin to an ever-flowing river cascading from my being creating beautiful and magnificent experiences in my reality; a life of purpose, contentment and divine magic.

I let go of all resistance to experiencing my abundant flow and energetic vibrations of fulfilment within my being and reality. I release all attitudes or beliefs of the need to deny myself experiences of fulfilment of any form. I now realise and accept it is my divine right and natural existence to experience fulfilment of all forms as a divine spark of light in a physical body.

With the support of Master Jesus, I now activate and awaken all energetic vibrations of fulfilment of my soul, bathing my entire being with vibrations and consciousness of the experience of fulfilment in all its beautiful forms. I allow myself to receive and experience light vibrations, holding the consciousness of fulfilment from the core and purest source of the Creator.

It is now my purpose to seek within my being to discover my light vibrations and sensations of fulfilment, manifesting these as sacred and natural gifts of fulfilment in my life upon the Earth. I am grateful to myself and the Creator for this divine blessing of accepting my power and truth, with the inner knowingness of how to manifest it into my experiences.

I accept love as my teacher, I am the energy of fulfilment, the vibrations of the Creator’s fulfilment flow through my soul, body, emotions, mind, All That I Am and all I create. I recognise fulfilment as a nature essence and presence within my being. I acknowledge I can easily access and experience the great abundant and eternal source of fulfilment within my being whenever I choose to. The fulfilment of this intention and initiation I recognise as my true fulfilment. Thank you.’

I would invite you to read through this invocation many times until you feel the energy and true meaning of the invocation dancing within your being and mind. So that the energy activates within you becoming alive and active for you. You may recognise that after a while you recognise the energy building and cultivating within you, you only need to think of it to connect and embody fully.

My greatest gift I wish to share with you is to invite you to contemplate love as your teacher to manifest and experience fulfilment in your reality, as well as, supporting the realities of others.

In love and fulfilment,

Master Jesus

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Master Jesus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Beloved souls upon the Earth, journeying through illusion and truth to recognise the magnificence within your being. I honour you now and give my thanks for your presence upon the Earth. I am overjoyed by every challenge you move through awakening more light into your being; I am delighted by every realisation that dawns, bringing you back to your centre. This is a time of wonderment upon the Earth as you move from one period of existence to a new period of truly living as your essence. The entire perspective of humanity is changing. What was thought to be known as true is no longer, change is present, and a new way of seeing and thinking is manifesting. I, Master Jesus, experienced a similar period of transformation upon the Earth during my lifetime. It is wonderful to experience because the shift occurs within your being and can be witnessed within others, it is akin to being at the very core of transformation, a magical process indeed.

Embodying Transformation

During my time upon the Earth, I could feel transformation taking place within me and around me within others. I could feel the pockets of light awakening and the knots of blockages coming to the surface to be released. In these times with awareness, I would expand my energy to embrace all beings present upon the Earth. I would feel my oneness with all while being aware of the transformation taking place. It was as if I embodied the transformation of all; I was at the very core of every soul’s transformation as a collective and individual. I would then breathe into the areas where I found knots while expanding the pockets of light to create harmony, inviting the Creator to be fully present in the transitions taking place.

I welcome you to achieve the same during these periods of tremendous change. You may wish to achieve it first for yourself, expanding into your own vast energy, allowing yourself to be at the core of your own transformation, breathing into knots of blockages and magnifying pockets of light. Let yourself be at the core of your own transformation, this will bring greater understanding of what is occurring within your being and your ascension process. Then I encourage you to achieve the same as I did, expanding your energy to be as one with the Mother Earth, humanity and all beings. You will notice the difference of being at the core of your own transformation and the core of transformation of all that is the Creator. My purpose of guiding you in this experience is to support you in understanding why certain situations or experiences are arising for yourself and globally. With understanding comes the presence of acceptance which brings forth compassion, peace and security. With acceptance you will be able to open your heart and mind to further understand how your soul wishes to contribute to support this great period of change for all. Your intuition will always guide you to achieve all that is necessary. If you feel unable to recognise and realise your own intuition this exercise is a wonderful opportunity for you to reconnect with your intuition, developing your inner trust. Please let me be with you to support you in this mission.

Transformation is a very beautiful and yet delicate process, there is a need for a feeling of safety and support within your being in order for full transformation to take place, and yet transformation can create the exact opposite. Feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and lack of support can manifest allowing the process of transformation to be feared by many. It is moving through these uncertain energies by accepting their presence and influence which actually allows you to meet with the security, foundations and beautiful awakening that is the blessing of transformation. Please remember that if feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and lack of support do arise whether seemingly from a situation or transformation, know that they require your acceptance, breathe into their presence until the feeling dissipates. Then you will discover that transformation is a beautiful, enjoyable and light awakening process.

The Seat of Your Perceptions

It is my opinion that the transformation of ascension can be viewed and perceived in different ways depending on the seat of your perceptions and inner sight. Viewing transformation within yourself and the world from anyone of your chakras would create a completely different view and experience of life within and around you. Interpreting your world from the seat of your ego could create a very fearful or selfish view. This is why during my time on the Earth and even now, I always encouraged myself and all around me to focus upon their heart chakras or higher heart chakras. I knew that in doing so, I would see the world from a seat of compassion, with the view to feel how myself and others are feeling while having a great volume of love available to me at any given moment from my heart chakra. I was also aware that the heart chakra can often hold onto the deepest, most painful wounds, these can be our most wonderous teachers offering the greatest healing available to us. By existing in the heart chakra and viewing yourself and the world from this seat, you can have the tools you need to accelerate your ascension, healing and awakening process. I encourage you to seek and explore this for yourself.

As powerful lightworkers, I also encourage you to explore and experience the world around and within you from different chakras. It is true that at any given moment you are viewing yourself and the world from all chakras and all aspects of your being combined. However, with intention you can connect into a chakra to acknowledge and understand the energies it is holding onto which is creating a certain perspective which may be supportive or limiting. Connecting with different chakras and even your ego will allow you to recognise the message that aspect of your being are sending out to the world, as well as how it is impacting your view and perspective of the world. For example, you may discover that one chakra is filled with fear and so is creating a fearful outlook. Thus you are not only looking for fearful things in your life but also creating them. Then you may understand that another chakra is filled with joy and is supporting much fun and laughter in your life. It may dawn upon you that the fear is diminishing your joy or that you are enjoying being fearful. It is interesting to observe how the energy of each chakra creates an interaction which manifests within you and in your physical reality. The inner work and discovery I am proposing will take patience. However it will also create a very powerful purification and cleansing within your being. This will mean that the energies within your chakras and being will be aligned to your truth, also what you wish to experience and create for yourself within your reality. You will notice yourself to be clearer in your thinking and emotions, as well as the way you perceive yourself and the world. It will be a very deep and powerful release of old limiting energies, maybe even from numerous lifetimes.

Setting Your Intention

To set an intention to view yourself, your reality and world from a certain chakra or aspect of your being you can use the below invocation, altering it as to where you wish to view from.

‘It is my intention to view all that I am, my reality and the world around me from the seat of my…………………… (chakra or aspect of your being.) Master Jesus, please support me in recognising the energies I am holding in this area and how they are influencing my experience of myself and reality around me. Help me to understand how this area is also interacting with other areas of my being and the impact created.

Support me in understanding how to bring forth healing when it is needed and how to magnify the blissful energies within me. I am ready to explore and discover now. Thank you.’

Wishing you peace, compassion, love and contentment,

Master Jesus

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Master Jesus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Deeply loved and beloved souls upon the Earth, I,  Master Jesus bring forth to you my love, truth and consciousness to share openly with you as I exist here as a loving brother to your soul. I come forth to speak with you of the Year of Intense Illumination which is entering into your reality and presence now. As I open my heart to you sharing all that I am and the wisdom drawn forth from the Creator for this sacred time on the Earth, I ask you to open your heart chakra to me so I may lovingly and gracefully transfer all that needs to be imparted and activated within your being. Let us commune with open heart chakras bringing freedom and expansion to all I share and all you experience.

I am a being of illumination and I have walked the Earth illuminated in and as the light of the Creator. You are now gracefully and with the acceptance of your soul achieving the same. You are walking the Earth as an illuminated being of light, the essence of your being is the light you can so easily illuminate with power and intensity. Let this be your truth, your deep knowingness, your understanding and your reality. To be a being of illumination is to recognise that you are on the Earth now at this very moment to emanate, amplify, share and express the pure light of the Creator in every conscious moment. This assists the evolvement of your inner knowingness and the acceptance of the great wealth of wisdom within your being while also allowing you to be an anchor and activator for light upon the Earth. An illuminated being is allowing the light of the Creator to work through all aspects of your being; this may take the form of healing yourself or simply feeling carried forth by the profound waves of light flowing through and from you.

You may wish to affirm:

I am a being of illuminated light; I am the illuminated light of my soul, soul group and the Creator. All that is the Creator is illuminated through me and all souls I connect with.

The energy period and transition you have labels as 2014 brings forth into your reality an immense volume of light, flowing from the Creator and activating from and through your being. The intensity of light will build immensely and will continue into 2015 as the main period of intense illumination is beginning now in April 2014 and will continue roughly for a year.  The immense light which is flowing from the Creator and activating from within your being has the purpose of magnification. As souls upon the Earth focus upon the manifestation of the presence of love within their beings with the projection of love into their reality, the intensity of light is magnifying love so that even the smallest thought, feeling, action or projection of love will be amplified to create a profoundly powerful foundation of love upon the Earth and within all beings. It is a time for souls in physical bodies to truly choose love, to observe and experience the power of love, how it is a healer and the source of all on the Earth and the inner planes. Networks of love will be built upon the Earth while old energetic lines and grids within Mother Earth’s body will be awoken and ignited once more to carry streams of love. The intense volume of light acts as a source of creation and manifestation for love while also carrying into the vibration of love, the new sacred wisdom of harmony, unity and truth from the heart chakra of the Creator.

Many new energetic networks, energetic points and chakras will awaken within your physical bodies and energetic bodies to support, carry and maintain the presence of love, thus allowing love to be created and the experienced by all.

The intense vibrations and waves of light flowing into the Earth and activating from your being in the present will also assist in the magnification of your light body thus preparing you to access new dimensions of the Creator’s universe. It is with and through your light body that you make shifts into quicker vibrations of light, accessing the truth within you. Although souls still exist in physical bodies a transition is occurring where the light body and the physical body are merging which symbolises that separation and the solid nature of the Earth is altering existing in greater conscious unity with the Creator. This is all because of your devotion and conscious awareness that your light body and physical body are merging in preparation to allow you to emanate and express greater volumes of the Creator’s light on the Earth.

The light body holds much wisdom from your soul, information and key activation times for your ascension as well as memories of your true self and the inner planes. With the light body merging with the physical body this will allow for much illumination and enlightenment on many levels of your being. The intensity of light flowing will encourage your light body to expand tremendously becoming double the size or more than it has been in the past. As the light body expands it will assist you in accessing and holding greater volumes of light thus magnifying all the many new shifts occurring in different areas and levels of your being. It will act as a foundation and inspiration stabilising and guiding your entire being into ascension and unity with the Creator. The light body will create a cocoon of magnification allowing all shifts and the presence of love to magnify at greater speed into the physical reality and experience.

At this most sacred and special time it is guided for you to focus upon receiving the wealth of light from the Creator and being receptive to the abundance of light flowing from you thus empowering yourself with light and magnifying your truth with light. Although this will be a gradual process it may require some adjustment time especially within the physical body, as your physical body seeks further healing and nourishment. It will be beneficial to support a focus upon yourself as an illuminated being as this will not only encourage you to receive the light of the Creator but to channel and circulate light throughout your being expansively into your surroundings. When you visualise, sense and acknowledge yourself as a being of light not only do you create and anchor light into every situation and experience but you begin to breathe, eat, walk, sleep as light. Everything within and around you becomes purified and raised in vibrations. With your focus upon embodying love you begin to experience the fully manifested integration and power of love and light. Every thought will be a thought of love magnified by light thus you will be aligned on all levels of your being with conscious awareness to the Creator.

It is time to see self as light for this is your truth! When you see yourself as light you are peeling away illusion and creating a deeper focus upon your truth within you!

I am a magnified illuminated being of love; I am light and love in form.

This is a powerful affirmation which you can repeat out loud or in your mind while bringing the focus of your third eye chakra into your being and heart space to recognise the great wealth of light within your being. With every breath you exhale imagine your light emanating far and wide with powerful expansion while knowing your deepest essence is love. See yourself as a being of light and know your immense light magnifies the love which is naturally you. You can imagine immense shining light flowing through your skin and every part of your being. This is a powerful practice to achieve daily as it will encourage your light body to expand and merge with your physical body and all aspects of your being, thus allowing you to exist as the truth of the Creator on the Earth.

It is the time of illumination and with the integration of love and light the downloading of the new Christ Consciousness will manifest.

In eternal love,

Master Jesus

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Master Jesus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

It is in and with the true and pure embodiment of love that I, Master Jesus, consciously step forward to be present within your energy and consciousness. I demonstrate to you through my presence your own sacred and divine self. If you can allow yourself to see, sense or acknowledge my energies as a pure embodiment of love then you are ready to accept, see, sense and acknowledge yourself in the same way, form and manifestation. This realisation of yourself as an embodiment of love can be achieved through simple and yet powerful steps and intentions that you place firmly into each and every day you allow yourself to be consciously alert and present on the Earth. Do not look to me as a leader of truth and love but look through me to yourself as an example of truth and love.

I no longer walk the Earth as a physical embodiment and presence of my soul on the Earth and yet each and every day I walk the Earth through your being, through your actions, thoughts, loving gestures and divine connections. Can you imagine me as being divinely present within everything, my peace, love and truth being present within your soul, within those that you meet? Could you imagine how beautiful your world could then seem as you see my sacred qualities wherever you are? Could you then replace my energy with your own and imagine that you are divinely present within everything, within your being and within those that you meet, whether strangers or loved ones? Would the world be a most beautiful place with your sacred qualities integrating and merging or appearing within all? Maybe through my questions you can see how much of your own power and self-realisation that you direct towards me, honouring my vibrations rather than your own. Of course when you look to me you will always look through me to acknowledge yourself but when you see those sacred and holy qualities do you truly recognise them as being present within you, as being a reflection of you?

I am here only to inspire that which is sacred within you to emerge, this has always been my purpose, to show you all that you are, to act as a mirror so that you may see yourself more fully, clearly and with perfect clarity. I show to you the most simplest of qualities and yet these are the greatest qualities and gifts that a human being or light soul may hold. Through simplicity and communicating with simplicity, we can all see beyond the many levels of illusion to grasp truth.

Simply sitting in meditation within my energy or allowing me to be present before you as our energy fields join and light passes between us will allow you to use my energy and presence as a mirror to your own sacred divine truth and the essence or core of your being. The essence and core of your being is always evolving and expanding and so requires constant observation and focus in order to continue to realise the magnificence within your physical being. With realisation the presence and inspiration of truth unfolds allowing you to submerge yourself deeper into a state of truth awareness.

In meditation and connection with my energy allow yourself to focus upon my heart chakra, let yourself enter into my heart chakra, seeing, sensing acknowledging any energies, sensations or insights.

Then remind yourself that what you are experiencing is you; this is your energies, your truth, your magnificence, you are acknowledging yourself, it is important to really ground and acknowledge this understanding deep within you. It is a way of confirming yourself as a sacred being of light while also allowing your own truth to unravel with ease and free from expectations or pressure from within your being.

I am always present with you to help you unravel your truth, by doing so you are unravelling the truth of each and every soul, the universe and the Creator.

To unravel your truth is to loosen your hold on your own reality, your beliefs and perspectives of yourself, to undo that which ties you to your physical perspective of illusion and limitations gradually loosening and expanding the essence of your being. To unravel yourself could be perceived as allowing yourself to crumble and fall to pieces but sometimes this is needed in order to realise what is your true essence and what is a perspective that ties you to the reverse of truth which is untruth. There are many areas of your reality and even self that you have created false fictional fabrications holding onto them as truths or natural aspects of your being. To see these false fictional fabrications without taking them personally, as an insult or causing yourself pain allows you to unravel the truth of your being which is the truth of the Creator. The truth of your being is like small but beautiful gems of the Creator, each exquisite and valuable.

When you allow yourself to acknowledge your divinity a natural reaction is that you become aware more fully of your limitations, barriers and fears. Often when you do not recognise yourself as sacred you also do not recognise the fears and limitations that you hold onto tightly and weave into your manifestations on the Earth. With realisation, your eyes are opened wide to all that you hold onto. This is nothing to be ashamed of, to judge or punish yourself with; it is simply a process of unravelling your truth. When you are realising your fear, experiencing a unwanted manifestation or emotion in your life, it is important to realise that this is a natural process that you have created, a space in your reality in order for you to unravel your truth more, through loosening your hold upon certain ideas or perspectives and attuning to new insights that will serve you and carry you further along your spiritual path of illumination. Do not be afraid to observe your fears and emotions as they arise within you, see, sense and observe them not as negative aspects but as a pathway to unravel your truth. By seeing beyond the fear or unneeded emotion and reminding yourself of light, of love and of gratitude you are able to literally see the light, bringing forth a spotlight of illumination from within your being to dissolve the barriers that restrain you and you hold onto, to replace each with a greater experience of peace and expansion.

The greatest tool of unravelling your truth and therefore loosening your hold upon aspects and perspective of your being and reality is through the vibration of love being constantly present within your being. This way you learn to give love to all, to react and act in love and to serve love to all situations and experiences. With the presence of unconditional love and unconditional gratitude you are able to allow expansion to flow with tremendous ease. No longer will you experience the restrictions of illusion, fears, boundaries and limitations, your greatest experience will be of easy and prefect expansion, freedom and the unravelling of your truth. You will notice that negative or unwanted emotions, fears, attitudes and perspectives no longer cause you to suffer but are simply resolved or fall away in order to provide you with more space. Your light and truth requires much space, often your perspectives and self-created limitations restrict your creative space and expression causing your truth to be hidden and tied up within your being. With the presence of love within your being as a constant vibration pulsating eternally, allow yourself as you know yourself to be now, to unravel, there is no way of you controlling your reality or experiences there is simply a need to focus rather than hold onto the love of your being while you fearlessly allow yourself to observe all aspects of your being. Recognise your divinity and the sacred qualities that flow through your being, next to these qualities you will notice qualities of limitations and fears. With the realisation of your greater light self you may see that which limits your greater light self, realising and healing these qualities will allow for you to manifest and project from deep within your being a greater source of light.

I wish to make you aware that each situation in your reality may not always be what it seems, if you can allow yourself to recognise the pulsing vibration of love within your being you will be alerted to a higher insight or understanding of each situation. This will allow for you to loosen fears or unneeded qualities with ease and move into a space of constant and easy expansion effortlessly. In truth, you will move into a constant state of freedom that is ever flowing and ever evolving.

If you wish you can allow me to be a mirror to assist in the unravelling of your truth in order for you to embody your truth with tremendous ease and precision.

With constant loving support,

Master Jesus

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Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene

This message is very special to me as it was given to me by two beloved beings, Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene who have been powerful guiding lights for me in this lifetime and past lifetimes. I feel that this message will be special for many people who are close to me as it has so many levels of meaning and understanding. It is a message that brings insight into my own life and I hope that it offers the same for you.
I wish to dedicate this channeling to Frederico Venturini who after attending my Ireland Retreat, Light Ascension Synthesis Ashram 15-22nd September 2012 passed away ( I feel ascended) only seven days later at the age of 41. I am greatly honoured that I was able to meet Fred and to receive the open hearted love and compassion that he gave so willingly to all. His presence on the Earth will be missed, but I know his light will be ever with us at this special time of ascension. Fred’s chosen affirmation at the retreat was, I am Limitless.

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

With love, greetings and blessings we come forward to you with an immensely important message that we wish to enlighten your mind with for you to continue to follow your spiritual path of growth on the Earth with greater courage, confidence and support from the Creator. We, Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene, come forward as a united consciousness representing the immense unity that exists between the male and female energies of the Earth and the Creator, as well as the unity, brotherhood and sisterhood that exists between us all, meaning that we are all interconnected as one. It is our connection together as divine beings of light and our pathway of integration that is of most relevance in the Earth’s ascension at this time. So many changes are occurring within your being, on the Earth and within the spiritual expansion of all, it is appropriate for us to make you aware of these changes so that you acknowledge and integrate them into your understanding, releasing old energy patterns. Many things are occurring upon the Earth, which are being born from old energy patterns, now is the time to re-pattern energy for a new age of awareness.

Upon the Earth, you have always been granted free will by the Creator. This free will begins with your soul group and with your soul. Your soul group has the free will to guide and assist your higher or over the soul, while the later has the free will to guide your soul, the essence that exists within your physical body. Therefore, each aspect of your being has been granted free will, even your mind and emotional bodies. In many ways, this offers you the greatest challenge because unless your entire beings and all the aspects that you manifest as are in sync and harmonised with the balanced light of the Creator you may receive wisdom and guidance that is confusion or conflicting. This is all part of the challenge of understanding and knowing yourself more fully. You may ask yourself, which part of my being do I trust to lead me appropriately in my reality? In truth, there is a need for you to trust and believe in all aspects of your being but this faith of being in the flow of divine guidance appropriate for all aspects of your being takes an expansive acceptance and realisation of yourself as the Creator in manifestation. It is normal because your being is not yet in sync or integrated into divine harmony with your physical being, mind and emotional body, that you look outside of yourself for guidance on any or all matters. It has become normal for many people to look to physical people or those that they perceive may be wiser or more evolved than themselves for guidance and reassurance. Many people also look to their guides whether they connect personally or through another person with their guide to gain the necessary wisdom needed for further growth and awakening.

Let us make it clear to you that it is perfectly appropriate for you to seek guidance from people or guides, please do not stop this practice but be aware of when you are giving your power away and when you are compromising your free will.

In the past it may have been perceived that humanity didn’t have a great volume of free will, this perception was due to the level of awakening and awareness that had been achieved. If a physical being is not yet awake, then the soul must plan the experiences in advance that they wish to achieve on the Earth letting them unfold to grow. Guides and the person’s soul would then wield the energy and reality so that the person can experience all they need to move to the next level of growth or incarnation. In this instant the soul was being given free will and power over the physical body it was connected to, making it seem to the person on the Earth that everything was planned and that they couldn’t change or escape their experiences. Gradually as the soul merged more fully with the physical body, mind and emotional body, free will was granted to the soul at a more physical level symbolising that the physical body, mind, emotional body and soul could work together to create in the now.

This brought about the understanding that you can create your own reality and that you influence your experiences by the stability and creation of your mind. Guides also become more involved in co-creating with each soul to manifest at a quicker rate. The soul incarnate in a physical body was able to receive wisdom and the divine plan acting upon it with power and intensity within their reality. With free will finally anchoring into the Earth reality we see that humanity is given the immense opportunity to experience what is divinely guided, realise their truth and accept their own power. As guides, our wisdom and guidance begins to hold less weight and importance within your reality. An interesting scenario manifests where we can access the greater larger picture and divine plan of the Creator as are you simultaneously. The only difference is that we can view the entire plan and sometimes you can only view a small aspect of the divine plan of the Creator. This means that we can no longer influence or steer your reality for you but that we can only give to you what you can see and understand yourself.

This is extremely important, as guides we can only mirror and show to you what you have already grasped or can acknowledge. This is because we are allowing you to take your free will and power as your own responsibility; we are giving the responsibility of your growth solely to your soul. We as guides can channel wisdom, reassurance and healing, but we are only able to share what is already within your being. For example, if you have a problem and you do not know how to solve the problem it is often that your confusion is shielding you from seeing the answer at that moment. As guides, we can dissolve your confusion and allow you to see the true problem and the solution, therefore, assisting you along your spiritual path. If we were to step in directly or demand that you achieve or realise a certain outcome, then we would be taking your power and free will away from you essentially living your life and growth for you.

Another extremely important piece of information that we wish to share with you is that due to your physical acceptance of free will and your desire to create your own reality, your pathway is not mapped out for you as it used to be. There are goal points for you to reach in your reality, but the pathway and route that you choose to take is up to you and all that you create on the Earth. This signifies that at any given moment of your reality you have multiple opportunities or pathways to walk upon. When you ask us to help you with your problem, we realise that the guidance must be appropriate for you to still be open to all pathways so that you may choose without our influence the pathway appropriate for you. This means that when we share guidance within you at this stage of ascension our guidance is appropriate for you seeing a greater aspect of yourself at that moment. Once you have acknowledged yourself, whether it takes three seconds or five weeks, the guidance is no longer relevant and so must be let go of. It is no longer appropriate to follow the guidance given to you three weeks ago unless it feels appropriate and still needed within your reality, it is appropriate for you to continue to ask for guidance for problems in each given moment when you are unclear or certain because I assure you that in most cases because of your constant growth the guidance will change.

I encourage you to ask for guidance more frequently, if you feel you are given guidance by a guide or your soul, ask again the next day and so forth, if you are given the same message then you know it is divinely guided and immensely important in your reality at this time but again this doesn’t mean it could change because of your realisation or acceptance. This doesn’t mean that you cannot place your trust in your guides because we are always here to support you but it means that guidance has a shorter time span than before. Decisions that you make are no longer permanent or forever. For example, a person may need your help but your guidance of your soul and guides tells you that you must place your focus somewhere else and so you do. Then an hour later your soul guidance and guides tell you that you should help that person. This may feel as if you are confused and unclear in your guidance, but everything is transforming quickly now that it may have been that person had made necessary shifts in their energy to allow you to step forward to them in that hour. Do not allow yourself to become confused by the guidance being revealed to you but also realise that as you are transforming so your guidance will shift and move with you at all times.

Free will is the ability to take greater responsibility for your reality with the divine purpose of growth and unity with the Creator.

Another important realisation is that you influence and to some extend limit the guidance that is shared with you. The more you are aware, awake and in the flow of the Creator’s light the more expansive and limitless the guidance you receive will become.

With this understanding, there is a need to realise that, we, your guides can never impinge on your free will, we can never take your free will and power away from you even if we feel that you are walking an inappropriate pathway. Your purpose on the Earth is to experience everything that you need to fully and so we cannot take this most blissful experience away from you nor would we want to. It is important to realise that another person on the Earth cannot take your free will away from you either. Many light workers have compassionate hearts and wish to help the world by sharing their light and wisdom but when this infringes on another person’s free will and right to experience this is no longer appropriate. In an age before awakening, this would have been appropriate but now it is no longer appropriate for another person to wield your reality for you or for you to wield another person’s reality. You have the divine right to inspire and clear away energies of confusion, but you can no longer directly influence another person’s reality without their consent.

We are entering into a stage where we can help and support each other in numerous beautiful ways but we cannot take responsibility for the creation and experiences of another person’s reality. The way in which we explained our role and purpose of guiding you is now appropriate for you to adopt when assisting, supporting, loving and existing with other people. You can only truly mirror or inspire what is already within the person and can no longer take on their challenges or problems as your own. It is about offering each and every person the space to exist in their own power and connected with their own free will as you exist in your own power connected to your free will.
There is a need for every action in this age of ascension to come from the very truth within your being, from the very essence of your soul supported by your guides so that you may experience your free will and own power in the most loving, clear and blissful way.

Do not allow others to take away your free will and power nor give it away willingly. If a person tries to alter your free will and compromise your power, then they simply require your deepest of love as they are coming from old energies and perspectives of helping people. It is now time for you to hold onto your free will and power and to discard everything that is no longer needed so that you may see yourself and others as truth, allowing you and every person in this reality to exist as truth. You have the divine right to exercise your own free will.

Our purpose of bringing forward this message to you today is to encourage you to look deeper into your being beyond ego, beyond limitations, beyond power struggles within you, beyond fears and insecurities and let your heart and soul speak the words of the Creator to you of what it desires and wishes to experience on this Earth. The Earth is still a space that offers you the ability to experience fully so allow yourself to experience all that is blissful and desired by your soul. If you allow yourself the gift of experiencing your reality beyond fear and truly grasping and creating what your soul dreams of then you will be limitless and experience a limitless reality, knowing and seeing all that your soul desires and all that is before you to experience, taking joy in every moment that is given to you.
I am Limitless.
Please remember we are only inspiring what is already within you.
With love and the deepest of gratitude for this space,

Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene

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Master Jesus – Archangel Michael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

There is a great wonderment within the minds of many at this stage of ascension, a feeling of infinite possibilities coupled with the process of change and development. This is a most beautiful existence that breeds experiences that are free from limitations. For many the mind is wondering in a positive and also negative frame of thoughts about the possibilities of humanity’s future, but it doesn’t matter whether these thoughts are negative or positive because they are assisting the mind in the opening to a new reality and perspective. If you believe in the existence of change, equality among all and the manifestation of love then you are already creating it. If you doubt the existence of such energies, then your doubts are creating a process of positive creation and understanding to co-exist within your being. The wisdom that I wish to share with you today is focused upon your thoughts and perspectives. I wish for you to accept that there are no right or wrong thoughts. Breathe this perspective into your being; let it flow through your mind like a wave of light.

If there are no right or wrong thoughts, how does this affect your reality, existence and understanding of yourself? If there are no right or wrong thoughts, then judgment of yourself and others automatically dissolves. Fear is also cast aside with the perspective that cause limitations upon your mind. It is interesting to observe that in the eyes and energy of the Creator, you are never wrong, but you are also never right, how does this make you feel? Maybe you would feel that reality no longer has a purpose, there is no need for you to prove yourself, to put pressure upon yourself or even to challenge yourself. Does this change your reality and your understanding of yourself? In truth by observing this perspective for even a moment you are allowing your personality and ego to drift away in order for you to connect with your truth, the essence of energy that is the Creator within you.

I wish for you to observe this perspective beyond the personality and ego, for the personality and ego may believe that if you are never wrong and never right then you can do as you please, causing pain and sorrow to those around you, including yourself. This perspective comes from the idea of challenging yourself and your surroundings, proving yourself and trying to better yourself in any way that seems possible. If in the eyes and energy of the Creator you are never wrong and never right this offers you immense freedom to be simply your truth, a truth that comes from a very sacred essence within you. The Creator is not judging you, nor putting pressure, expectations or even challenges upon you but is simply allowing you to be as you are. In many ways, the Creator has always seen humanity in this way, offering humanity tremendous freedom to experience a reality that has abundant potentials. Humanity has manifested from freedom complexity in both mind and reality to create what seem like more enjoyable and fruitful experiences.

In many ways, humanity is creating a bubble of reality around themselves which is multi-layered and focused predominantly upon the physical material and reality. Living and projecting oneself into this multi-layered physical matter and reality causes more complex creations and experiences to manifest thus thickening the layers of complexity around a person. A challenge develops, whether the person is spiritually awake or not, to act and think in an appropriate way with a positive and correct perspective, this is born from the complexity of the limitations created from an energy that was once freedom. Thus, restrictions are being constantly created to limit and suppress your own energies. From freedom, humanity has created limitations, restrictions, complexity and challenges.

Allow yourself to breathe deeply and observe your own reality and life time, have you come across or created limitations, restrictions, complexity and challenges in your reality, manifesting a multi-layered reality based on a physical perspective around you. If so begin by realising that you created this from the thoughts that you can be wrong, and you can be right in your reality.

If we draw on the Creator’s perspective that we are neither wrong nor right in our realities and thought the process we see we simply exist. We exist in freedom, expansive energy, creation and unity whether we are on the Earth or the inner planes. This means we have infinite possibilities in our power to create and experience. Most importantly we can create and experience from the truth and all knowingness within our beings. If the mind and our thoughts are neither wrong, nor right then we must look to other areas for support, guidance and security, after all when we think that our thought processes are right or wrong we can gain a great sense of security from the experience. By placing our attention and observation into our heart chakra, we allow ourselves to exist from a place and well of truth. Your heart chakra is like a gateway to the Creator.

All your chakras are gateways to the Creator’s immense source of light, but your heart chakra holds an innocence allowing only truth to unfold, making it a safe ground for exploration. There is an immense knowingness that evolves from the heart chakra that is different from the minds perception of right and wrong. The knowingness of the heart chakra, soul and other gateways that lead to the Creator through the heart chakra is born from simple limitless existence. It is a feeling that everything is the perfection of the Creator, everything is as it should be and a faith in the ever flowing presence of the Creator within your being. The knowingness of the heart chakra allows from deeply guided thoughts free from judgment to arise thus creating actions and experiences that develop the experience of expansion and freedom. When we allow ourselves to discard the thoughts of the mind focusing upon the knowingness of the heart chakra we see that complexity is replaced by simplicity, allowing your sight, awareness, understanding, perception and insights expand to reveal a meaningful reality born from the divine plan and creation of the Creator.

When we allow ourselves to be as our truth, existing and creating simplicity rather than complexity we can accept and experience our infinite possibilities upon the Earth at this most sacred time. It is my wish for you to understand that whether you hold a positive or negative frame of mind you are allowing yourself to open up to the immeasurable possibilities of the Earth at this time. If a person is worrying about the end of the Earth or a catastrophe occurring, then on some level they are manifesting this but on another level they are thinking about ascension that is allowing them to be connected into the divine plan of the Creator, so they receive the wisdom and insights that are needed to further their ascension. With this in mind, we can understand that everyone, whether spiritual awaken and aware or not, are connecting into the energy of ascension at this time to allow the necessary experiences the soul desires and wishes to inspire.

There are many levels of wisdom and awareness to my communication that you may explore at length with me by calling upon my energy as you reread my words. I wish for you to grasp that the wonderment whether positive or negative about December 2012 is all in divine order and perfection as it is connecting each soul together as a united source of a variety of energy vibrations thus collecting together all manifestations of the Creator. A greater unity will be experienced as well as a deeper connection with the Creator within and around, assisting in a raise in the vibration of all. The knowingness of the heart and soul we spoke of will also be magnified holding a greater role and place within the realities of all.

You may wish to adopt this affirmation as a clearing for yourself and your reality at this time,
I dissolve all my complex creations that are no longer needed; I choose to experience the loving and truthful simplicity of the Creator within my reality. I honour the knowingness and truth of my heart chakra. I am the Creator.

My love is yours as always; I am here to be of service to you, to love and cherish you, to share the Creator’s bright light and divine all-knowingness with you. We are infinitely one and always have been.
In truth and divine love,

Master Jesus

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Thoughts and Intentions for the Paralympics London by Archangel Michael
Channelled through Natalie Glasson –

I am Archangel Michael; I simply wished to come forward with a few words and some inspiration for the beginning of the Paralympics in London on the 29th August 2012. With the support and love of many lightworkers many shifts have been made during the period of the Olympics, the presence of love will always have a positive effect upon the reality that you experience and exist within. I wish to encourage the same energy, love and intentions to be expressed from your being especially for the opening ceremony of the Paralympics. This is the most wonderful opportunity to bathe the world and every soul in a healing balm focused upon dissolving pain and difficulties. Your pathway on the Earth means that at some point you have experienced pain and difficulties, even now there are many people needing a greater volume of love to assist and support their hearts, therefore, allowing them to open to the love of the Creator within and around them. In truth, although it can be difficult to accept, pain and difficulties are creations of the mind and are often illusions although seemingly real when experienced. An illusion could be described as a momentary experience, a false experience or an impression. In a physical reality, illusions are real, solid and experienced but when viewing from the inner planes, they are simply energy that can be moulded and altered.

We do not wish to cause more hurt by belittling any experience of pain or suffering, but we also wish to take this opportunity to heal pain and difficulties by enhancing or developing people’s understanding or recognition of illusions within their reality, while also allowing for recognition of love. Love and compassion are a healing balm, they awaken, bring clarity, strength, courage, truth, understanding and recognition of self. This is the healing balm we wish for you to share with the world at this time.

We ask that you simply sit in peace with your hands pressed against your heart chakra.
Say in your mind or out loud, I am love, repeat for roughly five minutes.

Say in your mind or out loud, I open myself up to be a channel of healing balm light for the world, expressing the love and compassion of the Creator, my heart and soul to all.

Breathe deeply, imagining love and compassion flowing from your heart into the world, dissolving or assisting in working through the illusion and experience of pain, difficulties and suffering.

This can be experienced for as long as you wish, whenever you wish and as often as you wish.

Remember when we say pain and suffering are an illusion, we say this with immense love and from the understanding that it is your truth and your essence to be and experience the perfection of the Creator, so anything else although necessary at the time is not your truth.

With Love,

Archangel Michael

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Master Jesus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I step forward to you now with tremendous love; I am Master Jesus. It is always an honour to share wisdom and to communicate directly with your soul. I send shimmering golden Christ Consciousness to surround you and to magnify your energies. On this day there is a greater magnification of the energy of the Creator within you, it is a most sacred day that is a part of your spiritual evolution.

At this time, there is a need to focus constantly upon magnifying your energies as well as knowing every aspect of your being, thoroughly. Are you aware of all the energies that you create and that vibrate as your being? In truth when upon the Earth it is more difficult to be so fully aware but I wish to point out to you, there is a need to be more aware and consciousness of the energy that composes your entire being as you sit in this current moment. If you are aware of your energy and vibrations you are aware of your energetic strengths as well as your energetic repetitive habits. You are now transforming with every single day, so it is essential to remain focused and aware of your energies, this way you are aware of the energies you wish the Creator to magnify.

I aspire to make you aware of a tool that exists in the World Teacher Ashram upon the inner planes; it is a tool composed of Christ Consciousness light and appears as a Mirror. You have the ability to ask for the Christ Consciousness Mirror to descend into your reality and to rest before you while you meditate or sit peacefully. Then there is a need for you to build the energy of love from within your body and from your body, emanating it directly into the Mirror.

You may wish to know how to build the energy of love within your being, it is my belief that the purest form of love comes from the emotion and mindset of gratitude. If you are grateful for all that you are, all that you have and the presence of your guides and the Creator within your being, you may find that the vibration of love simply evolves from your being. If you can practice creating the presence and mindset of gratitude, you will find that love is very easy to access within your being and that you have plenty of love to share with others without reason. This would also mean that you can exist in a state of loving expression whenever you wish, whatever is occurring around or within you.

To practice accessing and expressing love, imagining your love flowing into the Christ Consciousness Mirror is extremely powerful. The Christ Consciousness Mirror will magnify and amplify the love that you express sending the energy you have created and willingly expressed back into your being. This can be an intense practice of loving yourself unconditionally. The more that you focus upon loving yourself unconditionally, the more you will discover that your simple love for yourself heals and rejuvenates you on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level. Even your reality and experiences can be transformed with your simple love for yourself. Many people are aware of this but still do not allow themselves to practice the process of unconditional love for self, due to fears or the minds perspective.

The Christ Consciousness Mirror will allow for energies to flow back into your being, dissolving negative habits or reoccurring patterns, assisting you in mastering the process of accepting love as well as sharing the love.
Often when you focus upon loving yourself, unconditionally you neglect to realise that sometimes because in this lifetime you are not used to the love of the Creator flowing into your being that you unconsciously block the energy of love even if it is your expression of love. For humans, love is often misinterpreted as an attachment or as a process that creates pain; this is because love is associated with relationships and romantic love. The love of the Creator isn’t a bond of attachment and will never cause you pain, it is simply an energy vibration or a consciousness that is always purely loving. There is a need for humanity to realise that they are worthy of the purely loving energy of the Creator; it is their divine right to accept this energy especially when it flows from the purely loving Creator aspect within themselves. When sending your loving energy into the Christ Consciousness Mirror, you will begin to heal and restore your energies on many levels of your being, most importantly dissolving that aspect of you that doesn’t want to accept the unconditional love of the Creator.It is essential to realise that the love you send into the Mirror doesn’t need a purpose; it is more influential if your focus is simply the creation of the energy of love.

While the Christ Consciousness Mirror assists you in expressing and receiving love, it will also magnify the love that you create, bringing to your attention new understandings about yourself and your energy. The Mirror holds the Christ Consciousness vibration, therefore, will only bring your attention to loving parts of your being or to areas where greater love needs to be anchored. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about yourself and your energy, realising the wonderful vibrations within you which you can magnify to hold a greater presence within your being. Maybe you will become aware of the beauty of your soul, be reminded of kind deeds, or see yourself as your truth. The more you begin to explore your vibration of love, the more you are exploring the Creator’s vibration of love, becoming one with the Creator once more. With the vibration of love, so many wonderful qualities emerge and you will perceive as you approach 12-12-12 and 21-12-12 that you have abundant energy, with so many divine and sacred qualities, vibrations and abilities that will all be magnified by the light and loving soul of the Creator.
I encouraged you to call upon the Christ Consciousness Mirror from the World Teacher Ashram on the inner planes.

Simply say,
Guided by the assistance of Master Jesus, I wish to experience and work with the Christ Consciousness Mirror to develop the presence of Creator love within me, so that I may express and receive the love of the Creator, healing my being on all levels. Let the Christ Consciousness Mirror magnify the loving qualities, vibrations and skills of my being, allowing me to gain appropriate enlightenment in the most appropriate form from the Christ Consciousness Mirror. Thank you.

Breathe the light of Master Jesus into your being, as you allow the Christ Consciousness Mirror to form before you.
Develop the vibration of love from within your being, sending it into the Christ Consciousness Mirror.
(If you have difficulty imagining the Mirror, you can practice in front of a real Mirror asking the Christ Consciousness Mirror to merge with the real Mirror.)
As the energy builds be conscious of receiving the energy of love as you inhale, expressing the energy of love as you exhale.
Once you can truly experience the presence of the Creator’s loving energy within you, simply ask for an appropriate enlightenment or insight to be shared, an energy that needs to be magnified or an area of your being and reality that needs greater love. Allow time to explore and understand your loving energy.

I hope you will find this tool extremely helpful in your quest for dissolving the love of the Creator within you; it is through the quest of discovering the love of the Creator within you that you can manifest it within your reality and upon the Earth to create the Era of Love.
With Love,

Master Jesus

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Master Jesus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

My dear most beloved brothers and sisters, I am Master Jesus and I come forward to you with a special wisdom which I hope that you will absorb, accept and acknowledge as truth. I share with you my deepest of joy and delight at being able to connect so beautifully with you now.

To connect with the energy of the Creator especially when it is within another is the greatest of blessings and allows for such tremendous growth. We all have the power together to amplify the light of the Creator so magnificently until light is all that we can see, breathe, hear and feel. When we see or understand the Creator within ourselves and acknowledge the Creator in others then we are holding up mirrors to each other to understand the magnificence of the Creator. We are essentially reflecting the light of the Creator backwards and forwards, out into the atmosphere, allowing it to build and build to the most glorious energy. Every person is acting as a mirror, radiating the light of the Creator so fully and powerfully. Even when you are focusing within your being, you are reflecting light because it naturally radiates from the truth that you hold. I stand here as a mirror for you, look or feel deeply into my energy and you will see yourself existing so beautifully, purely and lovingly. I always see myself and my truth in those that I work with on the Earth, because I am searching for the presence of the Creator and always find it within each of you. We are all the Creator on the Earth and so can act as reflections of light.

Many channellings at this current time speak of love and fear, they explain how love must be energised and heightened while fear must be eradicated and dissolved, allowing suffering to be an energy of the past. When we are speaking of love and fear we must remember that we are simply speaking of energies. Visualising love and fear as energy allows us to realise that they hold power but this power is activated by us, we direct the energies, give the energies purpose and a role in our realities. To allow the energy of love to descend into your being from the soul of the Creator is uplifting, transformational and blissful, when you accept the energy of love and then use it as a tool, force or power you can achieve so much with the energy of love; it becomes healing, wise, enlightening and connective. When we ask to receive the energy of fear it has the opposite effect on our bodies and frame of mind, taking us into a negative, low and heavy way of living. You may have notice that I stated that when you ask to receive fear, this may seem an odd comment but it is the truth. You always ask to experience fear, it is never thrust upon you, and you always call the energy of fear in and accept it, because no person but you can cause you to feel fearful. Even when you are holding the energy of fear and it is lowering your energy vibration, you still recognise it as a power that you can weld in whichever way you wish but it is usually to cause more self pain.

Truthfully love and fear are the same energies with different intentions when you view them in this way you understand how fear can be easily transformed into love. This is the process that is occurring on the Earth now. Every person who holds the desire in their heart to master their being, to live in a world of love and to become one with the Creator is now accepting the process or challenge of converting all fears into love. Suffering in all its forms is now being seen as an old energy of the past that is no longer relevant or conducive to the human or soul way of life. It is important to take note of the channels that speak of fear and love as they will come forward in greater number to remind humanity of the task in hand, to offer guidance and inspiration. When you begin to see that the world is speaking more of love than fear you will realise that the Era of Love is upon you.

My message to you today is to change the way that you look upon fear, suffering, pain and negative habits. View them as an energy. Then view them as an energy that can be transformed into love. Finally view them as an energy that can be let go of or an object that can be put down and forgotten about with ease. Imagine that fear, negativity, pain and suffering of any form is like an apple! I could describe the energy as a knife or a dirty cloth but that is adding to the negativity of the fear. To imagine fear as an apple or any kind of fruit is to realise that the fear doesn’t threaten or harm you it is just present.

You are naturally a positive, loving and blissfully joyous being of light. To exist as love is the only way that you really know how to live and breathe because every aspect of your being was created from love. Even a person with a really dark and negative energy was created from love and so therefore love is their natural energy and way of being, they have just forgotten this and become distracted.

Please remember this that a person holding onto fear is a person who is naturally loving but has become distracted or has just forgotten their centre, their truth.

We very rarely think of negative people as holding onto this fear or being distracted by the fear but it is true and this is why we must offer our compassion and love to all. To exist with fear is to be lost or confused. The way of love is so strong and yet we can be easily distracted from love by other fearful thoughts or reactions.

When you see yourself as a naturally loving person, a beacon of light, then you realise that you have taken on fears, negativity, emotional pain and habits that cause suffering. You have accepted them and now hold them. Imagining yourself as a pure being of love you have then walked along a road, seen an apple and pick it up. You have taken hold of the apple; it has become your possession. The apple is a positive representative of negativity.

Once you have hold of the apple, it becomes very important to you, it is almost as if you love the apple. You hold it where you can see it; you make sure that you acknowledge the apple, that you give it your attention and time. Your mind is focused upon the apple and becomes distracted from the loving nature that is your being. The apple never becomes a part of you, you just hold onto it tightly, bringing your attention back to it often to energise and nourish the apple. Any negativity that you activate or experience in your reality adds to the size and power of the apple, until you are beginning to imagine yourself not as a human being but as an apple walking on the Earth. Now I know that this sounds amusing that your physical body would transform into an apple, but actually to some extent it is laughable because we take on the negativity as if it is our truth and wear it with pride, it becomes our new identity.
Ourselves existing as an apple becomes all that we can see or comprehend and we begin to live a false life not acknowledging our truth or the love that we are. The important understanding to remember is that you are holding onto the apple, the apple isn’t holding onto you. You have the power and can drop the apple whenever you wish to; you can simply let it roll away from you, without any pain or care. You can of course thank and bless yourself and the apple for the learning and understanding that has been given.

When you begin to analyse fear and suffering in this way you realise how powerless fear is, it is only you that gives the fear power, you open the door and welcome it with open arms, encouraging it to make its self comfortable within you. As a being of pure light, you don’t have to open the door to fear and you can just let go of all fear and pain from the past. It doesn’t make your life any better by holding onto the pain, nor does it punish anyone who may have been involved in causing you fear or pain. Now is the time to let go of the pain forever and set yourself free, to exist as an expansive and limitless being of light.

You can of course sit in meditation asking to let go of all unneeded negativity and fears from your past and present but it is important to be aware of letting go of fears and pain as you journey through your day. Do not allow yourself to pick up the apples that may tempt you. It is not so much that you are tempted by negativity but that you have adopted a habit of collecting negativity. Please observe the word, you are essentially collecting negativity but you can transform this and collect the love of the Creator, sharing it as a vibrant beacon of light to all.
So when you notice yourself thinking negatively, rerunning a negative memory in your mind, taking on the fear of another or becoming fearful, stop yourself, take a few deep breathes, realise and observe what is happening and imagine it as an apple and drop or throw it away. Then distract your mind or bring yourself back to your centre with loving thoughts or mantras.

If you can master this habit you will begin to transform fear into love and bring your attention away from fear into the loving presence of your being. This is what many mean when they say, remember who you are, discover your truth, be a beacon of love, recognise the Creator presence within you.

I wish to thank you for your time and creating a space in your energy and life for me to share my thoughts; you are greatly appreciated and honoured.

With love as always, my beloved brothers and sisters,

I am Master Jesus

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