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Releasing Negative Habits and Receiving the Offerings of the Creator     With the Venus Beings

WfG  Wisdom for Growth   WfG

Releasing Negative Habits and Receiving the Offerings of the Creator

Become a Master of Receiving All You Need in Life, while Being of Service to Yourself and the World!

With the Venus Beings

Wisdom for Growth


The Venus Beings come forth to offer their deep and profound love. They wish to guide you in liberating yourself from negative and unneeded habits which no longer serve your spiritual evolution. They explain why it is advisable to release negative habits and how it allows you to awaken fully to receive all the Creator wishes to offer you. Everything you need in life is available for you to receive from the Creator, the Venus Beings wish to assist you in achieving this. Their purpose is to liberate you, as well as, creating a greater shift within humanity where all people allow the Creator to be of service to them. This explanation and meditation is a beautiful, uplifting, inspirational and transformational experience. Support yourself now by opening to receive the offering of the Creator.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 39 mins Audio  – £4.50 

Capsule of Wisdom No 197

Tools of the Orion Tribe

Four Tools to Aid Protection, Strength, Integration, Wisdom, Peace and the Acceptance of Your Source

By the Orion Tribe

Capsule of Wisdom


The Orion Tribe from the celestial levels come forth in service to aid a process of integration now taking place in the ascension of the Universe of the Creator. They offer four tools from their energy and expression of the Creator to be of service and aid your own personal ascension process. The four tools include, the Light Shield to support nourishment and protection, the Divine Spark to be the best you now, the Orion Light Language Initiation to awaken the power and presence of light languages within your being and the Reactivation of the Peace Trinity. The Orion Tribe support you in connecting with them and experiencing their energy, while aiding you in opening to receive their loving assistance in your reality.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 50 mins Audio  – £4.50 

Breaking through into Being Divine  By Archangel Metatron

Wisdom for Growth No 196

Breaking through into Being Divine

By Archangel Metatron,

Accompanied by Natalie’s Crystal Singing Bowl

Capsule of Wisdom


Discover your foundation and create a shift into a new vision of yourself and your life

Archangel Metatron invites you to create a breakthrough in your reality, spiritual development, physical body or whatever you wish! He wishes to support you in discovering the foundation of your energy and being, the wholeness and completeness of your essence. In doing so, you will create power, determination, courage and clarity in areas of your life and being that seem stuck or limited. Thus, creating a new vision of yourself and reality born from a previously unrecognised space within you. Archangel Metatron encourages you to join him on a simple transformational journey, with a meditation accompanied by Natalie’s crystal singing bowl.

Explanation & 1 Meditation –  Audio  – £4.50 

Solar Awakening by Melchior

Wisdom for Growth WfG 195

Solar Awakening – Releasing and Healing Your Dark Side

By Galactic Logos Melchior

Let fear rise and be released as you activate your inner courage to be love, light, peace and truth on the Earth

Capsule of Wisdom


The Galactic Logos Melchior alerts us to an awakening and activation instigated by the Solar Logos Helios and Vesta. The Solar Level is fuelling a release of your dark side in order to let go of fear to aid you and humanity in being in action as the truth of the Creator. Melchior explains and offers a greater understanding of your dark side, while sharing how releasing your dark side aids your ascension and the spiritual evolution of others. He speaks of activating your inner courage to create positive actions of love, peace, light and truth in your reality and for those around you. Melchior assist you merging with the Solar Level to create powerful healings and transformations to aid the emergence of truth for you and the world.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 40 mins Audio  – £4.50 

WfG  Wisdom for Growth No 194

Recognising and Using Your Inner Divine Magic

Be the producer of the world you wish to experience, create from the source of Divine Magic to live a reality of Divine Magic on the Earth

From Lord Merlin

Capsule of Wisdom


Lord Merlin brings forth a meditation connected to and to complement his recently channeled weekly message, ‘The Magic of Merlin by Lord Merlin.’ In this message Lord Merlin speaks of a six-week program he is running on the inner planes to support you in recognising the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within you and your reality.

Lord Merlin shares a meditation to complement his six-week inner planes program of growth. This meditation is focused upon and encourages you to access and use your inner magic, gaining a deeper understanding of your inner divine magic. Lord Merlin guides you to create for yourself, your reality and the world, that which you choose and desire to experience. He wishes to support you in experiencing your life as divine magic upon the Earth.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 46 mins Audio  – £4.50 

Weekly Message associated with this WfG can be found at The Magic of Merlin by Lord Merlin

Wisdom for Growth No 193 WfG

The Peace Reset

Be grounded, connected to and nourished by the Creator as you reset your entire being to the peace origin of the Creator

From By Quan Yin

Capsule of Wisdom



Lady Quan Yin invites you to her ashram on the inner planes to experience the Peace Reset, a healing process that supports the release of chaos, confusion and stress from your being and the world around you. Thus, promoting the natural and original presence of peace within you born from the Creator. Lady Quan Yin is assisted by the Council of Peace and aids an integration with the entire Universe of the Creator to aid the activation of peace within you; your original vibration of peace. Lady Quan Yin speaks of the meaning of peace, its relationship with the Creator and presence within your reality. This is a beautiful healing process that allows a deep release of any limitations to your full experience of and as peace on the Earth.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 41 mins Audio  – £4.50 

Capsule of Wisdom No 192

Activating Your Birth Seeds

Awaken your divine possibilities and power for a fulfilled Creator empowered life on the Earth

With Archangel Metatron and Master Jesus

Capsule of Wisdom


The leader of the Archangels and the representative of supreme love join together to activate what many wait an entire lifetime to experience and embody. Archangel Metatron and Master Jesus invite you to activate and embody the birth seeds created when your soul was born from your soul group and for your birth in your current incarnation upon the Earth. Both explain the necessity of activating your birth seeds and bringing them into embodiment within your entire being; your physical and mental body especially. Your birth seeds awaken multiple possibilities of creation within your being, as well as your divine power, purpose and original love, supporting you in fulfilling your goal of experiencing and discovering the Creator upon the Earth in this lifetime. This meditation encourages a beautiful self-expression and divine connection from the sacred space within you.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 45 mins Audio  – £4.50 

Wisdom for Growth 191

Arcturian Alignment with the 9th Dimension

Receive divine inspiration, new concepts and ideas from the Creator, empower your divine guidance and intuition

With the Arcturians

Capsule of Wisdom


The Arcturians come forth to align you with the 9th Dimension know for receiving the divine will, plan and new sacred ideas of the Creator. The 9th Dimension is akin to existing within the mind of the Creator and receiving inspiration to support your being, reality and spiritual growth. This meditation can be used whenever you wish to receive divine guidance and inspiration for any area of your life and spiritual evolution. If you are feeling stuck or confused it is a wonderful meditation and tool to support you in moving forth with ease. The Arcturians transport you to their Activation Ashram where they awaken and cleanse your senses while empowering your trust. They will then align you with the 9th Dimension for you to experience the divine inspiration and guidance of the Creator fully. This mediation assists you in empowering your own inner guidance and intuition as well as your connection with the Creator.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 38 mins Audio  – £4.50 

Completion of Ascension: Transformation and Truth by Archangel Zadkiel

Wisdom for Growth 190

Completion of Ascension: Transformation and Truth by Archangel Zadkiel

Contemplate and activate the completion of your ascension to shift into the ultimate presence of truth and transformation

From Archangel Zadkiel

Capsule of Wisdom


Archangel Zadkiel invites you to contemplate the completion of your ascension in order to activate and embody the completion energies and vibrations of your ascension within your being. Thus, your journey and pathway of truth and transformation will unfold from within you, guiding and directing you to embody and experience the completion of your ascension now. Archangel Zadkiel transports you to the Library of Truth and Transformation on the inner planes so you may be present with the highest ultimate presence of truth and transformation connecting on a deeper level with your inner vibrations and experience of the completion of your ascension. Archangel Zadkiel describes what truth and transformation as well as the completion of your ascension actually are and why it is important to focus upon these qualities now.  This is a beautiful meditation to align you to the process of ascension you are experiencing on the Earth now.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 37 mins Audio  – £4.50 

Capsule of Wisdom for Growth No 189

Andromedan Activation: Keys to the Universe

Unlocking and embodying the three levels of sacred happiness to access the wisdom of the Universe of the Creator

With the Andromedans

Capsule of Wisdom


The Andromedans, known as the wisest of Star Beings working with humanity wish to bring forth a sacred activation. The predominant goal of their activation is to integrate you with the three levels of the Creator’s vibration of happiness, allowing you to experience the collective happiness of all aspects of the Creator’s Universe. The Andromedans speak of your divine right to the experience of happiness and your ability to be present with ultimate happiness. The Andromedans wish to activate and heighten your senses, awareness and intuition so you may experience and embody the Universe of the Creator and the Keys to the Universe of the Creator. They will align your entire being to the entire Universe of the Creator, as well as aiding your acceptance of the keys of the Universe. The Andromedans share with you a technique to embody happiness in your everyday life. Allow yourself to feel and embody the ultimate happiness of the Creator, present within you and all aspects of the Creator.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 51 mins Audio  – £4.50 

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