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Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 28th July 2008

We are a congregation of Ascended Masters and beings of the purity of the Creator’s soul who gather from many aspects and areas of the Creator’s universe. We are united in our devotion to aid the planet Earth in its spiritual growth. We are integrated as one through our love and passion to exist as the Creator, with the Creator and for the Creator. We are the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood, let us bow before you and lay our blessings on your head. Let us now work together to raise the energy vibration of humanity and to break free from the thick barriers of the Earth to dance and rejoice in our freedom and the freedom of the soul.

We are the luminosity of the Creator, our white light signifies our purity and the teaching, lessons and spiritual goals we have achieved to exist as enlightened beings. We are realised Ascended Masters. Everyone on the Earth is an Ascended Master but there is a lengthy process from birth to affinity where we must truly accept ourselves as Ascended Masters, with the purity of the Creator existing within our soul as wisdom, love, healing, enlightenment and inner power. We have realised our divine truth and have evolved from the Earth to exist as flames of white light on behalf of the Creator.

We are here to guide you forth; those who are receptive to our energies may open their hearts to us and allow our love to pour into their souls. We are open to assisting all who wish to grasp their Ascended Master consciousness. This is an understanding of the truth of your being, your purpose on the Earth and the truth of the world or universe around you. To accept your Ascended Master consciousness is to act, think and exist as the Creator in the magnificent loving bounty on the Earth. It is our purpose as a team of Ascended Masters to guide those who call on our energies, through their spiritual journey on the Earth. We are here to light the way from the spiritual planes so that you may follow your spiritual path with ease and perfection.

We are a powerful gathering of many souls who have travelled the Earth in the different time period and with different purposes. When you call on our energies by repeating our combined name to yourself during meditation you may feel the purity of our energies cleansing and healing your being, boosting your energy vibration. We may work with you as a group or an individual brother or sister will form a personal connection with you because of the similarities of your purpose on the Earth to their previous lifetimes. It is our mission when invoked to examine the goals of your soul and the level of growth that you have currently attained. We will then enhance certain areas of your spiritual development to allow you to achieve your goals with ease on the Earth. It is our speciality to give the students of the Earth a boost in energy and frequency to accelerate them along their spiritual paths. You may call on our assistance if you feel that your growth is becoming stagnant or if you need extra support to overcome certain lessons in your life. We are here for all with our wise and enlightened minds and our understanding of growth on the Earth. Invoke us to become a greater aspect of your life and allow us to influence and drive you forth to gain enlightenment in the most appropriate way for your soul.

As the energies of Mother Earth and humanity change, our presence will become more influential and essential on the Earth, as we aim to assist everyone to develop and ascend to a new level of consciousness. Do not discard the helping hand we hold out to you but embrace our assistance in your life as we wish for you to be united with your brothers and sisters on the spiritual planes of the Creator’s universe.
Let our light shower onto your being and let us integrate our energies.
I am an illuminated Ascended Master,

I am the Great White Brother and Sisterhood,

Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood

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Moon Meditation by Goddess Moon

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Moon Meditation. Begin by sitting in a circle, take a few moments to breathe deeply, relax and close your eyes.

Hold hands

Bless you all for congregating here tonight, it is a gathering of love where energy is shared and inner lights enhanced. Please centre your beings and breathe in the pure energy that naturally exists around you. We invoke the light of the Creator to gather around us now to protect and illuminate the divine and sacred energies within our beings. Feel the energy which runs through your body flowing from hand to hand, creating a connection and union, we are of the same light bodies so let us work together to call the energy of the universe and the moon into our beings.

Pause to allow centring and the energy to being to flow.

We call on the Goddess of the Moon to radiate a beam of light flowing from the universe to cover our circle. Gracious Goddess, we have created a circle to symbolise our bond with each other and with the universe; we wish to reflect the same radiant energy you shine each night. We as a group are a great ball of light; we show you our readiness to work together and absorb the light, returning to our true spirit.

Absorb the light given to you from the Goddess of the Moon through your crown chakra at the top of your head; allow it to flow down your chakra column and into the Earth. See the pure white light flowing continuously into your being and into the soul of Mother Earth at the core of the Earth. Allow the light to seep into your aura creating a bubble of white pure light around you.


Expand the light that exists within your being from the Goddess of the Moon and allow it to merge with the person on either side of your body. Accept the energy flowing into your being from the person either side of you and know that you are integrating your energies and the light of the Goddess of the Moon. Sit and breathe in this space of peace, harmony and love.


Take your attention to your heart chakra and imagine a beam of light flowing from your heart chakra to each individual in the circle, you may visualise several beams of light flowing from your heart chakra or one vast beam of glowing moonlight extending from your being. Now all can experience the sensation of sending and receiving unconditional love. Our unity together today emphasises and magnifies the love and hope existing in the world.


May we now thank the universe, the Creator, our many guides and the Goddess of the Moon for our presence on the Earth. We are grateful for all the assistance we have received over the past month and we ask you to guide and protect us Goddess of the Moon, leading us closer to the light of the Creator until our next gathering. As we part tonight and go our separate ways may we retain the love and light we have gathered in our hearts.

Moon Meditation

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Lord Krishna

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I honour the divine within you,
I am Krishna, I am Krishna, I am Krishna.
I am a manifestation of the Creator. I embody the Creator in my heart, soul and actions.
I am the sun that shines so brightly onto your face. I am the sky, the wind and the stars. I am the water, the land and soil. I am the Earth in all its bounty and beauty. I am the love, peace and harmony that exists on the Earth and in the Creator’s spiritual world. I am your soul in manifestation on the Earth. I am your movements when you dance, the noises of joy when you laugh and the ecstasy of your jubilations. I am your kind thoughts, your loving actions and your devotion to the Creator in its purity. I am one with you, we exist as a whole. Nothing can separate our union for we are united in the name, soul and light of the Creator.

My dear sweet children of the Light, I am integrated and united with every aspect of the Creator’s kingdom, this is not because I am an ascended master but because I am my truth, in complete existence. You are united and integrated with every aspect of the Creator’s soul and the universe, you are simply unable to comprehend this yet but a time will come when you will experience the love of every other aspect of the Creator’s soul pour into your being and you will be in bliss.

Existing within your human body is almost similar to living within a cage; you are unable to escape while consciously awake. You are able to feel a connecting with others and to integrate your energy with the Creator soul, but there is an aspect of your being that is separated from the Creator due to your physical body. This is not a hindrance; it is a precious and valuable experience that allows you to focus on the divine contained within your physical body, discovering, analysis and honouring your inner energy until it is such a major influence in your life.

My dear children value every moment of your time within a physical body, integrate your divine soul and sacred energies into your physical body as this is your true purpose on the Earth. It is the purpose of the separation created by the physical body. You must love yourself in order to eliminate these boundaries. As you open to the energy of your soul and embody love the restrictions of your physical body will disperse. This doesn’t mean that your body will disappear but that it will rise in energy vibration, allowing you to exist with greater integration and vastness in a physical body. When you connect with your inner divine energies you are able to reach out and share your love and light with those around you, increasing your expansive energy and unity of your light with other aspects of the Creator’s light. With this progression, you will gradually learn to become integrated with every aspect of the Creator’s soul, becoming the Creator and the beauty of the mighty soul of the Creator on the Earth and throughout the universe.

Integration is to ascend and to become enlightened. When you expand your soul and integrate it with the aspects of the Creator’s soul you become sensitive and aware of everything that occurs on the Earth and the inner planes. Your awareness and sensitivity expand to all across the Earth because you are integrated with all. You are able to assist and guide many from the spiritual planes because you are an aspect of every soul incarnation on the Earth and in existence on the spiritual planes. This, my dear children, is the way that we are able to be by your side each and every day guiding you forth. We are ascended masters, divine light beings of the Creator and an aspect of your soul. When you invoke our guidance and advice we are able to assist you with ease. Time and your physical body are your only restrictions on the Earth, but they aid you in discovering the sacred jewel and golden droplet of enlightenment that you are. Once this is understood then you are able to accept yourself as a vast and expansive energy of the Creator that is integrated with every living soul not just on the Earth but in spirit form as well.

This comprehension allows you to realise that there is an aspect of your soul within every person that you meet and greet. You are one with the Earth and the universe. You are the Creator in manifestation on the Earth, and let it be.
I share with you the bounty of love that stems from my soul. I honour the divine within you; I respect and love you unconditionally. May you now honour the divine within your soul and love yourself unconditionally.

Allow the waves of Krishna’s energy to immerse your being.

I am Krishna

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Timothy Tree Spirit

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

The result of allowing a tree to speak;

I am a tree spirit, I am named Timothy, I stand with my physical roots in the soil, my spirit roots or energy stems further, intertwining into the very soul and core energy of Mother Earth. It is from Mother Earth that I receive the energy, nourishment and support to stand as a beacon of light on the Earth. The sun bathes on my physical leaves and trunk, uplifting my soul, promoting joy in its abundance within my being. I am content to stand for all the hours the Creator gave to humanity on the Earth, I stand in peace, harmony and tranquility even though the world around me is busy and constantly moving. I stand as a breath of solitude on the Earth, in my small section on the planet of Earth.

Solitude, stillness and peace are my precious jewels they are my one desire and I achieve and exist within these energies every day because I do not expect to receive them from the world around me but seek them within my soul.

Timothy Tree Spirit Channeled messages by Natalie Glasson from Sacred School of OmNA

. My soul feeds me with everything I desire, I am within my own precious temple, no matter what occurs in the physical reality around me; I remain connected and integrated with my soul, united with the Creator and Mother Earth. I am the physical manifestation of the combined energies of the Creator and Mother Earth. From their souls they create beauty, I am this creation. I stand as a beacon of light on the Earth as a connection point where humans can access the Creator’s energy. Allow me to be a physical beacon of light from which you can accept light, peace and love.

Did you know that my fellow trees and myself are here as your spiritual teachers? We are here to assist you in respecting, honouring and connecting with the Earth, Mother Earth and the Creator. We like you, hold a trinity between the Creator and Mother Earth, but we are not distracted by our surroundings and remain united and integrated with the love of the Creator through our stillness and inner peace.

Humans we understand you, we are also trapped within a physical body, we have less of an opportunity to communicate than you, but when we do we are able to express our truth. We understand that you may feel trapped or separated from the Creator due to your physical body, but when you focus on your inner stillness and exist as a tree you are one, whole and completely united with the Creator. It is only when you remove your focus from your physical reality and focus on what is occurring within your being that you may feel the strength, love, light and peace that each one of us can access.

I as a single tree, among many who rarely communicate with humanity, I wish to express that there are so many trees on the Earth who are willing and wanting to communicate with you, they wish to be your spiritual teachers as they have so much wisdom, enlightenment and practices to teach you. We, the trees are the gurus of meditation, inner stillness and expanding the peace of the soul into the entire being and reality. Many do not realise we are here to teach and help you, it is not compulsory that you accept our invitation, but for those who feel the connection and pull of the trees you may wish to find a tree within your area or garden willing to offer you spiritual tuition and education. We are similar to the spiritual teachers on the inner planes accept that we are in a similar position to you.

My dear friends, allow yourself to be attracted to a tree, preferably in a quite place where you will not be disturbed. Stand beneath the edge of the branches and calm your mind. Breathe deeply and ask the tree if it is willing to speak with you. Wait for an answer or positive sensation like a tingle. Then ask if you are allowed to sit against its trunk. Again if the answer within your mind is positive continue forth. You may tell the tree of this message you have read and how a tree named Timothy stated that trees are spiritual teachers and can education humanity. Ask the tree if it is willing to be your special spiritual teacher, sharing its wisdom with you and teaching you the essence of meditation, stillness, harmony and healing. If the answer is positive then ask the tree to channel its energy into your being first to heal your being, then to build a deeper connection and bond between you. The more you practice the better your results.

In a time when people are connecting more frequently with the Creator and their inner souls, the wisdom of the trees opens to benefit the growth of humans. This is a wonderful process and experience, have faith in yourself and know that your soul will attract you to the correct tree.

Remember as you pass us by, we may stand silent, but there is an abundance of the Creator’s energy manifested within and around us. Each time you step into our auras we offer you healing and upliftment.

I ask you to make the most of the spiritual teachers that exist all around you on the Earth,

Timothy, Tree Spirit (London)

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Message of Wisdom and Inspiration from Master Kuthumi

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

To all my bright spark students on the Earth, I honour, love and protect you now as your teacher and mentor. I am Master Kuthumi, I bring to the Earth my wisdom and inspiration, I share with you the deepest love from the core of the Creator and I bestow my greatest encouragement onto all. I am here as an energy and light that any person can call to on the Earth. I will come to you with the full loving force of my energy to assist you in any way I can. I wish all to know that I am their companion, brother and father, I am here to aid in any way I can.

My bright sparks, it is my purpose today to assist and ask you each to increase the light and love within your being, I am aware that many Masters state these words but they are the truth and are the most effective way to develop to mastery. I wish to advise you to anchor the Sirian energy into your being. Sirius is a star that holds an advanced spiritual school that many enrol into, either during their time on the Earth or after their evolvement from the Earth. When you anchor the Sirian energy into your being you will anchor a vast and intense light that stems from the universal and galactic levels, you will anchor the light of the Sirian civilisation and the wisdom of the divine and sacred school of learning. There is a great wealth of energy, light and qualities within this divine energy. It is an energy that exists and work within. By anchoring the Sirian energy and light into your being you can achieve healing, expand your awareness, develop your unity with the Creator and act as a torch of light on behalf of the Creator and Sirian civilisation on the Earth. The intensity and luminosity of this light, if invoked each day, will transform many aspects of your life and spiritual growth, giving you a much-needed boost to achieve the goals of your soul and realise the divine within you.

My bright sparks, sit peacefully, focusing on your breathing and the stillness within you. Invoke my energy to stand beside you.

Master Kuthumi, make your presence, light and love known to me, shower me in your divine and wise energy and ensure my protection at all times. Master Kuthumi, oversee this meditation and my day, in general, ensuring that I always remain connected to the light of the Creator and my soul.
Master Kuthumi assist me now in accepting, anchoring and integrating the positive, loving, luminous and wise energy of the Sirian star and civilisation into my being. Let this divine light merge with my aura, physical body and personality, and soul promoting all the wonderful and loving qualities of the Creator within my being. Let my inner energy rise to the surface so that I may accept and realise the Creator within me, with assistance from the Sirian light. Thank you.
Sit peacefully and relax into the energy, you should be able to feel the intense sensations build around you, increasing the bright spark within you as the light spreads throughout your being. Imagine the vibrant light flowing into your being through your crown chakra at the top of your head, down your chakra column and into the Earth. Let the light melt into every aspect of your body. As you breath deeply, focus on balancing the energy within you so that it becomes a part of your being.

I shall be by your side always, overseeing this process. Remember that I am here for you always and remain a stable light source for all to invoke into their lives.

Until we speak again, my bright sparks,

Master Kuthumi

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Galactic Logos Melchior

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

As high vibrations descend onto the Earth, it is your responsibility to remain receptive to these divine tools and keys of growth. If you ask for positive high vibrations to be anchored into your being, soul and reality each and every day you will progress spiritually without much effort, other than remaining open. The energy of the Creator is pure; the world that the Creator manifests in this mighty universe is simple and easy to move through, in terms of spiritual development. The Earth is a manifestation of the Creator’s mind and we as extension of the Creator’s soul should be able to experience our spiritual and physical lessons with total ease. After all every action coming forth from the Creator’s mind and heart is simple, the Creator doesn’t complicate anything and magically ties every situation, person and experience together so that unity and synchronisations can blossom, again with ease.

It is the mind of humans that creates complications on the Earth, you do not realise your powers, the divine energy and spiritual skills that exist within your physical shells, and so everything in your lives feels and appears complicated. Your actions affect others and so you experience the unity and bond between the Creator, yourself and humanity in a new light which can promote fear and doubt in ones powers, because we do not wish to harm anyone. When we emanate the love of the Creator complications disappear and simplicity forms in our lives.

This is the same for our spiritual realities and paths. The human mind and the divine soul craves love, wisdom expansion and understanding. The mind believes that to gain these wonderful qualities, which bring freedom, it must progress through many difficult stages of growth with meditations, affirmations, mantra and all types of spiritual practices. These are all beneficial and enhance the growth of humanity tremendously, but the true key to spiritual growth is simplicity and light. When you can grasp, have true confidence and faith in the simple tool or action of absorbing light and invoking different vibrations of light into your being, then you will open your physical bodies and energy systems to true integration not only with your soul but the universe of the Creator. The light and high vibrational energies of the Creator are more powerful and transformational than you could ever imagine, currently you are unable to see truly the difference they can create in a physical person’s spiritual development. From where I sit at the head of the Galactic level as Logos of this section, I see the miracles that the Creator’s light instigates within each of you. I also see it within the masters working on the Galactic level of the Creator’s universe, the energies at this level are finer with greater intensity than those anchored onto the Earth, but still remain important.

It was my mission to come through to speak with you today and to share the simple message of the light of the Creator; its power, intensity and importance in your lives. I am aware that Lord Buddha, your planetary leader sends energy onto the Earth every moment of the day; these are wonderful energy vibrations that when anchored will raise your energy vibration and expand your awareness. I, Melchior also send my energies and high vibrations down to the Earth, each of you have my support and love as well. My meaning is that if you do not consciously connect and ask your guides to connect you to the most beneficial energy vibrations coming forth from the spiritual world, you may not receive the vital energy that you need as inspiration and support in your life.

‘I ask my guides and angels to connect and anchor into my being now and throughout the day, the positive loving high vibrational energies that are appropriate to assist my growth process. I ask that I remain open and receptive to the divine and sacred energies of Lord Buddha and the many masters and angels assisting the Creator. Shield me from negativity and shower me in love and light. Allow the perfect and safe amount of light from the higher masters such as the Galactic Logos Melchoir to pour into my being now and throughout my day. I ask that the divine energies and light I receive instigates a wonderful acceleration in my spiritual evolution.’

I hope you will accept this small gift, reminder and the energy that I now share within you. I am here today to only remind you of the divine energies that extend from the many different aspects of the Creator’s universe.

Peace, love and light be with you,

Galactic Logos Melchior

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Anthena Arcturus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I am the Creator in manifestation,
I am an Arcturian,
I am Anthena

Today I Anthena Arcturus, bring forth the energy of the Arcturians through this channel to humanity on the Earth. I express my energy and unconditional love to all who are receptive to my energy and read my words now. I am here to assist you, as is the evolved civilisation of the Arcturians. I am the leader of my starship; we travel through the Creator’s universe and oversee the development of many on the Earth. I as leader of my starship am assigned as a guide to many incarnate souls on the Earth; it is one of my personal missions to help the light workers on the Earth achieve their dreams and the goals of their soul in their current lifetime. I offer a helping hand to many and understand that when light workers achieve their dreams, they emanate a wealth of light that affects the entire civilisation of the Earth.

Every soul incarnate in a physical body has the ability to affect the people around them with their love and enlightenment, but many do not realise that they have the abilities with the energy of their souls to transform or at least raise the vibration of the Earth. I desire that all on the planet Earth discover their inner lights; I wish to see the entire planet covered in realised beacons of the Creator’s light. In order for my dream or desire to come into fruition, the truth of the universe, Earth, soul and the Creator must prevail. While negative and false beliefs remain embedded in the Earth and minds of humanity, the truth may never accurately be integrated into humanity. The sense of truth existing within the human mind can be described as the Ascended Master consciousness.

Every member of my team on my starship has achieved an Ascended Master consciousness and is now moving beyond this state of awareness. Growth is eternal and perfection is never truly found, as the kingdom of the Creator is infinite.

My team of Arcturians and I wish to offer you a tool to assist you to evolve to the next state of your growth with ease so that we can create a mass activation and progression with one simple message and tool. Accepting and using this tool in your life will allow us to divinely intervene in your life, assisting our energies in anchoring into your being. We have advanced technologies on our Arcturian ships that each of your can access; I am sure you have heard my friends speak of these in the past, but I wish to offer you the Crystal of Light Activation so that you can absorb our energies during your daily lives when you have a free moment or need the presence of the Arcturians and Creator’s light in your life. Allow me to describe to you this tool and process.

The Crystal of Light Activation consist of an ethereal clear or white flat crystal, similar to a tablet, being placed into your hands when you invoke our energies and ask to experience this light activation. Allow yourself to sit peacefully, with a meditative state of mind and being, focus on the crystal tablet, feeling or seeing the energy that blazes from the core of the ethereal crystal. The light will melt into every aspect of your being, integrating with every cell, muscle and bone in your body, melting into your blood and DNA. It will surge through your aura, energy bodies and chakras, entering into your surroundings and everything that you currently feel a bond or connection with, (your friends and family will experience the energy in some form.) The energy of the crystal will wash over every aspect of your being, sharing the divine and fine energy vibrations and light of the Arcturians. You may feel the energy of the crystal tablet as it rests in your hand, it will promote and instigate a healing and cleansing process, clearing any kind of negativity. You can simply invoke the crystal tablet for this purpose but I shall offer further guidance.

The Crystal of Light Activation Tablet can be stored within your aura before your heart chakra, simply lift your hands while holding the crystal tablet to your heart chakra and it will melt into your being. This means that the crystal and its energy can be accessed without invoking us, by retrieving the crystal and focusing on its presence in your hands. While the crystal tablet is stored in front of your heart, it will continue to emit light vibrations, anchoring the Arcturian energy into your being all day long. For those of you who are concentrating on emitting the light of your soul into your surroundings or nurturing your soul to integrate with your physical personality, the crystal tablet will assist with these processes. It will energise and nourish your soul light, assisting it in expanding into your life. When you beam your light from your soul it will pass through the crystal tablet which will energise and amplify the energy of your soul, so that it has a greater influence and intensity in your life. This tool and gift that my starship offers to you, is a sacred crystal tablet that anchors greater light into your being and activates the light from within you to emerge. I hope that you will accept our gift using it in your life as a process of development.

We are close by to you always; we are only an invocation away,

May the light of the Arcturians be with you,

I am Anthena Arcturus

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Mother Earth

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I am Mother Earth, I am the core soul of the Earth, the swelling energy that you see manifested all around the world. I am the beauty of the divine Creator, the flourishing flowers in the nature land, the gushing rivers and the rocky mountains. I am the physical beauty that exists around you in physical form and spiritual form. I am connected to the energy of the sun that blazes on your face and I am connected to the snow that falls on the ground. I am the Earth in its full manifestations and I am the Creator in all its glory.

I send my greetings and love to all of humanity now who are receptive to my energy, the love of my soul emanates in waves of glorious energy into your being and into your soul. Sit with me and within my reality that exists as the body of Earth, this will allow our energies to connect and integrate. I am your friend, your companion for this amazing journey of growth and I am here to help you now. Let me and my helpers energise and rejuvenate your being, allow us to peel away all negative energy that exists around and within you so that you may blossom like a flower, flourishing with vibrancy, colour and brightness. Each of you are my flowers of light, I care for all of you, nurturing you with my motherly energy, sending the high vibrational energy that I receive from the higher levels of the spiritual world to you, into your aura, body and soul. As you grow and expand your energy so do I. As I swell with love and healing so do you; feeling the effects of the energy I share with you.

Let us sit to together in nature; we shall meditate, observing the beauty of the Earth, saving it within our souls. As we sit together in nature, the love from my soul and the beauty surrounding you will inspire and instigate your soul to integrate with your physical personality, allowing you to feel, sense and truly understand that the presence of the Creator exists within you. The energy and love of the Creator is with you now, it is within my soul and it is within every aspect of my nature kingdom. You search for the Creator but the Creator is in manifestation all around you, the Creator is the beauty, harmony, love, inspiration and tranquility of the nature world, found in the green grasses, the majestic forests and the magnificent seas.

Search no longer my light flowers for the Creator is here with you on the Earth, you are not alone, I am here to care for you, to wrap my loving blanket around you and to protect you.

My growth process as the soul of the Earth is huge and expansive, many situations occur that you, my children, may not understand, but I wish to say that I love you unconditionally; I am always here for you and will never harm you. I am your mother figure and your nurture, connect with me now and each day, sit, walk and breathe within nature, invoking my presence to surround you. Allow yourself to bathe in my light, speak with me and I will offer enlightenment, I will protect you and allow you to follow the paths your soul imagined for you before your birth onto the Earth. Let us exist as one, let us grow as a whole beacon of light and together let us raise this planet to a higher vibration, consciousness and level of existence, accelerating together towards the mighty, expansive and loving soul of the Creator.

I am the Creator in manifestation on the Earth, the Goddess of the light, and the Goddess of the Earth.

Mother Earth

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The Unicorn Kingdom

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 5th May 2008

Unicorn KingdomGreetings to all beloved manifestations of the Creator on the Earth, we honour, love and respect you sending our light to your aid now to enhance your inner light and remove limitations from your life. We come as the unicorns in unity and as a community from the higher levels of the spiritual world; we are of same energy vibration as the angelic kingdom; we too hold a vast heart swelling with love for humanity. We are your helpers, your guides, we are here to lead you forth, search for our bright shining light that emanates from our energy horns at our third eye, this is our beacon. When you truly believe in our energy and invoke us to assist you in your life, you will feel the energy force and attraction of our beacon of light pulling you forth along the correct spiritual path for you.

Each of you have a special unicorn that you can invoke to assist you in your lives, you can also visit the unicorn kingdom on the inner planes of the spiritual world to gain a deeper connection with us, unicorns. This can be achieved by simply asking us to transport you to our kingdom either during your sleep state or during meditation. We are present and offer our support, energy and wisdom to all of humanity. This is our main mission of today’s message; we come to share the love and energy of the unicorn kingdom with you. Open your hearts to us now, invoke us into your lives and allow our energy to surround you in a blanket of love; we are here as supportive guides for all of humanity. Please don’t doubt our energies or power because we form a shape of an animal, it is our appearance that symbolises our connection with Mother Earth, the animal and elemental kingdoms. When you open to our energies we can re-energise your being with cosmic and high vibrational light, we will deepen your connection with the beloved soul of Mother Earth and help all to see, sense or understand the light being helpers who assist Mother Earth and care for nature.

We are carers for nature ourselves, we not only guide humans but telepathically speak with the horses manifested on the Earth, they are beloved souls, we are always there to guide them when they call for our assistance, needing courage or strength to cope with their realities on the Earth. This is a mission that we the unicorns hold close to our hearts as most of us have lived as horses on the Earth, we understand the growth process involved and the initiations that need to be overcome.

Now as we open our hearts to humanity, we offer a special meditation or visualisation that we believe will assist all in anchoring greater light into their beings and into the Earth. This visualisation can cleanse your chakra systems and your crown chakra especially; it can begin to build a channel of light above your head or can purify your channel of any unwanted energy.

First gain a meditation state of being, focusing on your breathing, allow yourself to relax.

Then invoke a team of unicorns to surround you in a circle, some of your unicorn guides may also be within the circle. The team of unicorns stands facing you, their coats emanate the brightest white colour of light while from their energy horns at their third eye a multi-coloured energy swirls into the air around you, surrounding you in white and multi-coloured energy. Focus on breathing the energy the unicorns emanate into your being, imagine yourself being engulfed in the love and light of the unicorns. If you can’t feel any energy or sensations on your body then ask the unicorns to intensify their energy and to channel it into your being, keep asking until you are aware of their presence.

With waves of energy from the team of loving unicorns sweeping through your being, ask them to unite and to channel their energy into your crown chakra. The unicorns will move close to you, gathering the tips of their energy horns together so they meet just above your crown chakra. A blaze of white energy will flow up into the heavens from the place that their horns meet; this light will purify all your higher chakras and higher aspects of yourself. The unicorns are focusing their minds on cleansing, so allow yourself to focus on being receptive to their light. A second blaze of light will allow the white light to begin to flow down into your crown chakra at the top of your head, down your chakra column and into the core and soul of Mother Earth. The light of the unicorns continues to flow up into the heavens and down into your being at the same time.

Simply continue to focus on your breathing and enjoy the sensations of pure white light running through your being, removing any negative energy or unwanted energy, as the white light dissolves it instantly.

Once you feel cleansed or the cleansing process is complete, thank us, the unicorns and ask us to step back. Even when we have returned to the unicorn kingdom our energy will remain within your being, you should feel energised and rejuvenated by our light. You can also try this visualisation or coloured energy into your being instead of the white energy; this is an energy that combines all the important rays of light from the Creator’s universe. This meditation can be practised every day.

We hope you will invoke our energies to aid and enhance your spiritual growth on the Earth,

Our blessings and love remain with you always,

The Unicorn Kingdom

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Lady Pallas Athena

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Lady Pallas Athena is a Goddess with an Ascended Master Consciousness of high vibrations working as the Chohan or governor of the twelfth ray of light, which is an extension of the golden Christ Consciousness energy. Her aim is to anchor the energy of the Goddess and the Christ Consciousness into the Earth to aid the development of all. This is a special communication and expression from Pallas Athena to allow us to combine our soul energy and her support, sharing it with the divine source of the Creator as an expression of gratitude and a call for greater acceleration in our spiritual paths.

Pallas Athena, I invoke your loving presence to stand by my side, lend me your support, love and divine light so that I may be a warrior of light as you are. Pallas Athena, I accept with an open heart, open soul and open mind the droplets of golden light that come forth from your soul. Allow me to experience your golden energy as it merges with my soul with great intensity, let me embody your courage as a warrior of light and your love as a nourishing and caring goddess of the Creator’s light. Anchor your divine feminine qualities into my being so that I may gain a balance of my masculine and feminine energies, ensuring that both are focused within the light.

Pallas Athena, I bring forth your divine goddess energies and ask you to anchor them into the Earth to assist Mother Earth at this time of healing, cleansing and awakening, support her soul with the same love that you now share with me. Honour Mother Earth and teach me to respect and devote much of my time and efforts to working with Mother Earth and building a deep everlasting connection. As you share your golden droplets of light with me, pour your golden energy into Mother Earth, let her exist in harmony, peace and safety and let us as her inhabitants understand the magnificence that is present within her being and everything she manifests onto our land. With your wise enlightened mind and soul help us to understand how we can heal and appreciate Mother Earth, working with her as our companion rather than reducing her to a victim. Pallas Athena, permit us to gain the same loving and compassionate connection that you hold with Mother Earth. Pallas Athena, I ask you to surround our Earth in a blanket of your golden light, anchor love of the purest kind from the ashram of the Christ into every heart and soul on the Earth whether they are human or animal, plant or mineral. Share your love with all that we as a society judge and cause suffering to and assist all light workers on the Earth to embody your empathetic and loving body of light, so that we may act as warriors of light following your example. Assist in allowing the golden energy of the Christ consciousness in anchoring and integrating with every soul inhabiting the Earth, let us live as the Creator wishes us to, in peace, harmony and love. Remove the influences of the ego and free our souls so that we may live as our truth in a physical body. Most importantly teach and guide us to love each other as manifestations of the Creator’s light. We honour you for your services to us and humankind. Pallas Athena as I open my energy and soul to you now, pour the golden energy of your soul and the Christ consciousness into my being, let this flow be continuous and eternal, anchor the very core and source of the Creator into my being and onto the Earth. Let us see and experience the divine and loving world that exists beyond the limitations of this physical world.

Pallas Athena assist me in loving myself unconditionally, as you love me and my guides love me, help me to freely allow the presence of my soul to anchor into my being and life so that I may become a master of my being and evolve beyond this planetary level. Pallas Athena, I ask you to guide me forward with your bright blazing light, lead me and humanity to become united as one with the source of the Creator. Pallas Athena I honour, love and respect you for your presence and guidance in my life.

May I honour the divine within you. This is a blissful gift direct from the soul of lady Pallas Athena, she offers this to all as a tool of spiritual growth, helping us to respect our planet, its inhabitants, our divine souls as manifestations of the Creator’s light.

Lady Pallas Athena

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