Cosmic Shift 

Awakening into a New Era of the Divine Feminine

With Lady Quan Yin

Capsule of Wisdom


In Capsule of Wisdom No 174, Lady Quan Yin comes forth in peace and love to share with you the Cosmic Shift taking place on the inner planes and how it will impact your being and ascension. She shares with you that the shift originates within the core of the Divine Mother at a Cosmic Level signifying a new awakening of the Divine Feminine within all beings. This shift promotes a healing of imbalances, resistance and separation between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as well as a deeper sense of acknowledging your inner truth and essence. The Divine Mother shares her keys of light with you to create powerful, loving shifts within your being and for all.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 39 mins Audio  – £4.50 

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