Birth Essence Awakening Activation

First a New Year Message from Natalie

Happy New Year! As we enter a New Year of powerful enlightenment, love and light revealing itself to us, I take this opportunity to wish you a blessed year filled with the presence of the Creator. I wish to thank you for your constant love, support, awareness, and attention to my channelings. It is hard to express in words the love and connection I feel with all of you through my channelings. I appreciate you deeply.

2019 was a year of change for me. My husband, Nick and I, moved into our new home and I gave birth to our son, Reuben. Being a parent has been more demanding than I imagined, especially as it is Reuben’s first time on the Earth. He is a Celestial White Being, from my Soul Group. I have found it taxing to balance my desire to continue my channeled work with caring for my child, both are deeply important to me.  Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been so present with you energetically or that the webinars have yet to resume to being live. Others may not have noticed that for most of the time my attention has been elsewhere. This is due to the powerful support I have received from my parents, Neal and Janice, who have helped immensely in keeping you updated with my channeled material, while also being on grandparent duty! Nick has been a great support in caring for Rueben so I can take some time to channel. I extend my deep gratitude to these three special people.

My word of intention for this year is ‘Thrive.’ Not only do I wish to manifest this fully in all areas of my life, through my channeling, I wish to support you in doing the same. What is your word of intention for 2020?

With divine inspiration and our intuition, we have so many new channelings, developments and adventures we wish to embark upon, manifest and bring into your lives. Things are changing within the Sacred School of OmNa so bear with us! All will be revealed.

Recently I channeled a very powerful activation known as the ‘Birth Essence Awakening Activation from the Divine Mothers of the Pleiades.’ This activation seems to me the most beautiful and empowering activation to begin a New Year and New Decade. The Divine Mothers of the Pleiades say that this activation was intended for all beings at the birth of  their existence on the Earth. Unfortunately, this activation has been forgotten and this is why some people are feeling confused and lacking in clarity in their lives. I do hope you will find it beneficial and empowering.

 Love Natalie x


Birth Essence Awakening Activation

With the Divine Mothers of the Pleiades

Receive the activation of the essence embodiment which was intended to occur at your birth

The Divine Mothers of the Pleiades bring forth a powerful insight into a tradition and activation of previous civilisations which has been long forgotten. They remind you of your own creation and manifestation into your current embodiment upon the Earth and how they were present supporting you. These cosmic beings wish to bring into your awareness an activation which was intended to occur at your birth but has been forgotten in the current civilisation in existence on the Earth. This activation supported the embodiment of your essence and the presence of divine clarity for your entire lifetime. The Divine Mothers of the Pleiades wish to gift this birth activation to you now in preparation for the light illumination dawning in the Universe of the Creator.

The Activation is mp3 format with a duration of approximately 45 mins 

Birth Essence Awakening Activation