Being in Love with Yourself with Nada and SanandaBeing in Love with Yourself

Two perspectives (Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine) of how to obtain the most fulfilling embodiment of love

Your love is the greatest healing and instigator of your ascension, harness this energy now!

With Lady Nada and Master Sananda

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Live Online: 3rd and 11th October 2018 – 7pm-8pm UK Time

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Part 1 and 2: £19

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Lady Nada and Master Sananda are twin flames and have existed upon the Earth as Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus. They have experienced numerous lifetimes upon the Earth devoted to the embodiment and exploration of love, why it is important, how love accelerates and is at the core of ascension. They wish to bring forth their knowledge and techniques sharing them with you openly. Both wish to guide you in truly obtaining for yourself your true embodiment of love, exploring what this means to you and how you can experience it wholly and completely in your life now. This is more than learning to love yourself, this how to be in the space of love, an infinite space, with all aspects of your being. A deep exploration of love, its purpose and impact upon your being.

In Part 1, Lady Nada comes forth to communicate as a representative of the Divine Feminine, she wishes to share with you her own experiences and wisdom, as well as that of the Divine Feminine connected to the embodiment of love. Her purpose is to inspire, guide and support you in understanding and obtaining the most fulfilling embodiment and experience of love; the Creator’s love in your earthly reality. In Part 2, Master Sananda communicates representing the Divine Masculine, sharing her personal experiences of the process of realising and embodying the love of the Creator.

Lady Nada and Master Sananda through their communication will support the healing and bonding of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine while opening the world of the Creator’s love up to you, that exists within your being. Now is your opportunity to really advance your daily experience of love embodiment, recognising and bringing into fruition a presence of love within you not previously accessed.

Part 1- 3rd October 2018

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Part 2- 11th October 2018

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