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Awakening Your Divine MagicWorkshop Divine Awakening of Your Awakening Your Divine Magic

With Saint Germain and Lady Portia

Add to Cart NOWDuration approx- 6hours 10 mins £19.00

It’s time to awaken and more fully realise the Divine Magic which exists within your being to move through your Earth Journey feeling fulfilled, blissful and of service. Your Divine Magic is the exquisite, mysterious and powerful energy which exists within you, an essence of the Creator and composes your entire physical and energetic being. Everything that you are and form is born from and manifests as your Divine Magic, it’s now time to bring discipline, mastery and focus to your mind, emotions and energies to reprogram and recalibrate your being so you are more completely in tune and in harmony with the Creator; your Divine Magic.


This is an opportunity to promote your own inner and outer healing as you recalibrate your mind and emotions so the truth may unfold. You will be guided to access and experience your inner essence/ soul/ truth to become more familiar with the divine energy vibration, frequency and qualities of your being. A focus will be placed upon self and truth empowerment encouraging you to explore your inner power, strength, capabilities and wisdom. A wonderful opening will be created to support you in accessing and advancing your own spiritual and sacred abilities, skills and gifts.

Saint Germain and Lady Portia are masters of Mastery, Transformation, Divine Magic, Healing, Manifestation and Ascension; they wish to share their mastery and wisdom with you to inspire the same within you. They wish to guide you with a goal of awakening your being so you may move through your journey upon the Earth with smoothness, ease, understanding and free from illusions.

They wish to achieve this through processes of healing, empowerment and connecting you into the very core and origin of your being. Saint Germain and Lady Portia wish to download energies and light frequencies to support your current ascension while sharing the art of light synthesis and alchemy to be used in your daily life. They wish to share tools to further quicken your ascension.

It is time to access your power, understand it and wield it to support your ascension and journey upon the Earth as well as stimulating and invigorating your ability to create a reality which supports you.

Natalie will channel guided meditations, techniques, practices, inspiration and wisdom to encourage you to move into unison and alignment with your Divine Magic, encouraging you to use and experience your Divine Magic within your daily reality.

Join Natalie, Saint Germain and Lady Portia for two days of self discovery, awakening and empowerment.


Add to Cart NOWDuration approx- 6hours 10 mins £19.00



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