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Awakening Atlantis Webinar

Atlantis Awakening for Ascension 

with the Celestial White Beings

Atlantis is now awakening within you, the consciousness of humanity and the Mother Earth

Online Webinar Course Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Atlantis is now awakening within you, the consciousness of humanity and the Mother Earth. The energy and consciousness of Atlantis is returning to support our current phase of Ascension. Join the Celestial White Beings and many Atlantean Masters as they channel ancient healing vibrations from Atlantis into the Earth and its current phase of Ascension.

Feel the Atlantean healing energies yourself, let them flow through your being bringing forth new shifts of awakening so you may be more fully aware of Atlantis returning within your being and the consciousness of the Earth. Allow the Celestial White Beings to explain how the Atlantean energies are servicing Ascension and the purpose of this sacred energy in bringing forth the remembrance of the Creator.

As the Celestial White Beings and the Atlantean Masters achieve a healing within your being and the Earth so they will invite you to join etherically with them in Atlantis to bring forth a healing shift to the Atlantis, which is simultaneously existing alongside our current reality.

Atlantis requires immense healing as it is continuing to project negative and misaligned energies into the Earth and consciousness of humanity even in this era of Ascension.

Finally, the Celestial White Beings invite you to join them and the Atlantean Masters in further exploring Atlantean practices and teachings to aid your current ascension as well as creating a reconnection within your being with Atlantis, its immense wisdom, knowledge and sacred consciousness. They will assist in further opening and awakening your energies to support greater processes of receiving as well as awakening the Gateways of Light, which have been closed since the fall of Atlantis so that the divine flow of the Creator may be restored upon the Earth once more.

Support a powerful shift that has been waiting to occur upon the Earth and which you have been waiting to facilitate and assist since Atlantis.

Let us heal the past, present and future together!


Recorded Audio Part 1  with the Celestial White Beings – 1 hour 24mins.

Recorded Audio Part 2  with the Celestial White Beings – 1 hour 30mins.

Recorded Audio Part 3  with the Celestial White Beings – 1 hour 33mins

£27.00 for Three Part Webinar

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