Welcome to the Om Na Atlantis Ashram

Awakening the Energy of Atlantis Within

The Celestial White Beings anchored their energy during Atlantis into a temple known as the Temple of Om Na. Om Na, is the spiritual name of Natalie’s soul but it is also the collective name for the Celestial White Beings. Om Na means I am bliss, the Celestial White Beings vibrate at the same vibration as bliss, their energies are extremely pure and of quick vibration. White refers to the colour of their light, while celestial refers to their high vibration existing from the ninth dimension through to the fourteenth dimension and resonating with the Multi Universal and Cosmic levels of the Creator’s Universe

Natalie existed as Nara on the plane of Atlantis, although she is incarnate on the Earth now, the aspect of her being named Nara still exists both on the plane of Atlantis, on the inner planes, within her being and on the planet of the White Beings as all are united and cannot be separated by the time and the years of the Earth. When you expand your mind beyond the limitations of the Earth, this is easier to understand. It was Nara’s purpose to ensure that the temple remained at a high vibration so that many beings of light from the inner planes could enter into or channel their energies through the temple and plane of Atlantis. The temple was a pure white circular stone building situated on a hill top headland with a cliff leading down to the seashore at the rear. The temple was simple inside with pure white walls, and eight waist height clear quartz crystals points placed close to the walls, these crystals acted as stabilisers and energisers of the light that channelled through the temple from the centre of the pointed ceiling. Nara spent many years as guardian of the temple channeling energy and light across the land as well as tutoring those who came seeking spiritual growth. Nara channelled her soul group the Celestial White Beings focusing upon the manifestation of bliss, love, enlightenment, integration, soul and soul group integration as well as bringing forth truth in the form of wisdom.

This temple now exists on the inner planes and can be visited and accessed by all. The Temple of Om Na is an ashram or sacred space composed and created by the purest vibration of the Creator’s light. Only love exists within the temple, it will ensure your protection at all times when you visit this divine sanctuary that is devoted to reawakening the divine skills, wisdom, teachings and energies that you embodied, experienced and expressed during your time on Atlantis. This ashram has been created to assist those who feel drawn to or sense their own connection with Atlantis in discovering more about their past lifetimes in a safe and secure space.

This temple now exists on the inner planes and can be visited and accessed by all. The Temple of Om Na is an ashram or sacred space composed and created by the purest vibration of the Creator’s light. Only love exists within the temple, it will ensure your protection at all times when you visit this divine sanctuary that is devoted to reawakening the divine skills, wisdom, teachings and energies that you embodied, experienced and expressed during your time on Atlantis. This ashram has been created to assist those who feel drawn to or sense their own connection with Atlantis in discovering more about their past lifetimes in a safe and secure space.

Many masters connected to Atlantis are in residence within the temple as well as the Celestial White Beings. The Celestial White Beings experienced Atlantis and assisted in the spiritual awakening and teaching of the Atlantean people on the Earth. They now open their hearts and souls to you wishing to assist more people to draw on their memories, to release any karma connected with their lifetime on Atlantis. They wish to draw the magnificent energies and teachings that souls absorbed during their existence on Atlantis into their current embodiment and reality on the Earth. This is a unique ashram that aids the awakening of the Atlantean energy within your being, which in truth are ancient teachings that will inspire greater enlightenment, clarity and understanding. The Om Na Atlantis Ashram is a sacred space that you may visit to connect with the positive and loving high vibrations of Atlantis or to sit simply in the vibrations of love and bliss.

We hope that you will make use of this ashram although it is not physically on the Earth as it used to be, it can still be experienced and accessed easily. Nara, the Celestial White Beings and many Ascended Masters are ready and waiting to assist you in accessing the positive, loving memories and wisdom within your soul that you collected from your past lifetime on Atlantis. They will work with you to heal your being and awaken your mind. This is a magnificent opportunity for those interested or drawn to Atlantis to understand more about themselves and their soul’s journey while acting as an anchor on the Earth for the ancient wisdom and energies that are so essential on the Earth. It is important to state that this ashram is not working to bring back Atlantis to the Earth but to allow you to access important memories, skills or energies that you may need now in your spiritual growth process on the Earth. Accessing the aspect of yourself that existed on the Earth during the Atlantean times can allow you to comprehend your soul in a new way, accepting its limitless divine abilities.

The Om Na Ashram of Atlantis is also available as a powerful place of healing, rejuvenation and awakening where you can either work with the Celestial White Beings, Nara or an Ascended Master that draws close to you from within the temple. The high vibrational energy of the Celestial White Beings pulsates through the temple allowing you to bathe simply within its energies if you wish.

awakening to the moment of complete alignment with the Creator.
The Celestial White Beings do not hold a physical form but simply exist as pure white light, the essence and focus of their beings and intentions is the purity and love of Creator. They can be seen as one soul that is their truth or as many light being forms demonstrating the many qualities and aspects to their energy. Their high and quick speed of vibration allows them to exist holding the balanced feminine and masculine energies of the Creator. They are also free from name or title but are known as The Celestial White Beings, because this accurately describes their form. The Celestial White Beings as a whole energy have never truly existed as a physical form on the Earth, but Natalie is one aspect of the Celestial White Being Soul, who exist on the Earth as a representative of the Celestial White Beings holding the essence of the Celestial White Beings within her energy vibration and soul.The Celestial White Beings are now focusing their energy, wisdom and support on to the Earth through this sacred space to be of assistance to those who are open and receptive to their energy. They have also gathered numerous aspects of the Creator’s soul and their sacred wisdom to share it as a jewel of delight and enlightenment with all. They realise that love is the greatest truth and essence of the Creator and so open their hearts to you now allowing their love to pour forth as healing and awakening, encouraging you as you evolve.

The Celestial White Beings are available for all to call upon and connect with; they are powerful healers on all levels and hold a tremendous volume of light to boost your own light quotient. The Celestial White Beings have a wealth of cosmic wisdom to share with you and will guide you from a place of truth. Their eternal focus is of love and through the presence of love they manifest physical and spiritual bliss. The Celestial White Beings hold the ancient energies and knowledge of Atlantis as well as of the Creator, they act as a supportive network of cosmic and celestial light to support and oversee all spiritual teachings and enlightenment expressed within this sacred space and website.

About the Celestial White Beings

The Celestial White Beings are Natalie’s soul group existing at a Cosmic Level within the Creator’s Universe holding the Creator qualities of purity, love and bliss. It is their mission and purpose to share the love of the Creator with all and to inspire humanity to awaken to the blissful and inspirational energies that exist within each person’s soul. It is their wish to assist with the alignment of humanity and the Earth to Creator in these times of change and ascension so that all may experience a journey of achievement, harmony and self-realisation, free from pain or chaos.

Ascension is the process of self-realisation, soul realisation and Creator realisation. It is a period of growth where one focuses on aligning to the Creator’s soul and becoming the Creator. Ascension is the journey of evolvement that you walk from the moment of

The Purpose of the Celestial White OmNa Beings

We have channelled our energy into the plane of Atlantis, speaking to the souls existing on the land of Atlantis. We, the Celestial White Beings hold the sacred energy of Atlantis within our beings. We have watched souls blossom into the beauty of the Creator and have seen others being corrupted by negative power and the ego. We are here as carriers of the cosmic light of the Creator, and we have created this Ashram to allow you to connect with and experience our energies. Our purpose and the reason for anchoring the Om Na Atlantis Ashram is to predominately assist humankind in absorbing greater amounts of light and high vibrational energy into their beings to aid the process of ascension and expansion of the mind and soul. We wish to assist in the cleansing of Mother Earth, restoring her energy to the great power that she possesses, diminishing negativity and fear to manifest humanity’s physical bodies as divine temples for their souls to merge into with ease. Our work is on a spiritual level; we wish to nurture and encourage the precious souls of the light workers on the Earth to blossom and develop; to reveal the great volumes of wisdom, skills and healing abilities that are stored within each and every soul. By accepting the energy of Atlantis and healing any blockages from this past existence you can begin to accept the truth that is within your being as well as awakening many new abilities that you were not aware of, but we are here to assist with much more than this.

Our aim is to raise the energy vibration of the Earth and its inhabitants by supporting them with our light while also energising and anchoring the work, wisdom and energy of the ascended masters and angels who are guiding humanity. We are healers and light enhances, allow us to assist you in emanating your soul light so brightly that you become a beacon of the Creator’s love and light on the Earth in a physical form. Allow us to become an influential part of the spiritual guides and masters that already assist the Earth and its inhabitants in accelerating forth on a spiritual journey of discovery, Ascension and the embodiment of pure love.

Let us allow the love of our United cosmic soul group reach out and touch your soul; we offer our services to you, as helpers and amplifiers of the Creator’s light. The Om Na Atlantis Ashram will always be available for you to align to and visit, to accelerate your spiritual growth process.

Om Na, I am Bliss, Om Na.

Discover Your Truth with the Assistance of the OmNa Atlantis Ashram

We are the Celestial White Beings; we are labelled Extraterrestrial beings but in truth we are simply beacons of white light coming forth to assist humanity on the Earth. Natalie is our representative and aspect of our soul on the Earth. We are great spiritual mentors and advisors on the inner planes, especially teaching within the University of Sirius. We wish to assist humanity in accessing love and experiencing healing, for we believe that it is through these practices that illumination, ascension and enlightenment can be gained.

We welcome you now to bathe within our light, the light of the Creator. You may wish to use this invocation to call upon our energies.

Beloved Celestial White Beings, I open my heart to you now and ask for you to draw your blissful, positive, loving vibration close to surrounding me completely. Allow me to bathe in your pure white light, let me sense and understand your energy. Please work with my being to bring my energy to the perfection of the Creator. Thank you. Om Na, Om Na, Om Na. I am Bliss. Let yourself relax in meditation focusing upon breathing pure white light into your body and auric field.

To Visit the OmNa Atlantis Ashram

First invoke your angelic guides to surround and protect you as you gain a meditative state of being. Invoke five positive, loving Angels of Atlantis to surround you in a circle of light. The Angels of Atlantis hold the energy, wisdom and light that was experienced on the planes of Atlantis and will assist you in accessing the Om Na Atlantis Ashram, supporting you as you discover your truth or experience the energy of the ashram.

Experience the energy and light of the Angels of Atlantis around you and ask them to align you with the energy of the ashram. Allow the energy of the ashram to flow into your being through your crown chakra at the top of your head.
The light of a pure white colour also holds the burgundy colour of light which symbolises the energy of Atlantis. Allow this combined light to flow through your third eye chakra, throat chakra and into your heart chakra where it will connect with your soul. Allow the energy to build within your soul and heart chakra and imagine it emanating out into your body, aura and surroundings while sending a rod of light to connect with Mother Earth. Allow yourself to exist within the energy that is pouring into your being.

You may see the White Beings surrounding you in a circle of light, or you may experience a spiritual mentor stepping forward to greet and guide you. It is possible that you may experience the aspect of yourself that existed in Atlantis standing before you.

The Om Na Atlantis Ashram will begin to manifest around you as you allow the energy of the White Beings and the positive energy of Atlantis to flow into your being. Remember that the ashram is composed of pure light and so any negativity will be dissolved.

By anchoring the light of the ashram into your soul, you will activate your own memories of Atlantis allowing them to draw to the surface.

You may wish to use this invocation;I ask that my soul and the Creator oversee my spiritual practice now and allow me to access any memories, wisdom, skills or abilities from within me that are connected to my existence on Atlantis. Help me to discover more about my true self, my expansive energy and magnificent spiritual skills. I am open and receptive to the divine and wise influence of my soul within my life; I am also respectful understanding that I will receive the wisdom I seek with divine timing. Assist me in experiencing the positive energy of Atlantis now, integrating it into my being and energy systems. Let it be.

You can also state what you wish to focus on, whether it is resolving karma or accessing wisdom. The Ashram is a sacred space and energy that offers you support and encouragement, raising your energy vibration so that you can access the information you need to realise. There are not any guidelines of what you should experience or how you should access the energy and light of the ashram as it simply exists as a place for you to be still and explore the energies of Atlantis and the memories that you hold of Atlantis within your being. It is important to follow the guidance of your soul, the mentor that appears to you or the Celestial White Beings. There is much ancient wisdom anchored into the Om Na Atlantis Ashram that you can access and use as divine inspiration for your spiritual growth on the Earth. We are not reminiscing on the past but are simply allowing you to access a greater truth that exists within your being and may be needed within your life now. The ashram allows you to access the truth of your soul which is an aspect of spiritual growth, evolvement and mastery. Every person will have a different experience within the ashram, but you will always be supported and protected by the positive, high vibrational light of the Celestial White Beings.

Healing with the Celestial White Beings in the OmNa Atlantis Ashram

Healing your current embodiment, dissolving any blockages from Atlantis and accepting the energies of Atlantis from within your soul.

We are carriers of light, we share and distribute the light of the Creator to whomever or wherever it is needed to enlighten, empower and uplift incarnate souls on the Earth and every aspect of their realities. You may call on us for healing whenever it is needed, and we will be more than happy to assist you, a simple invocation is all that is required.

As a special gift of welcoming to the Om Na Atlantis Ashram, we wish to reveal to you a meditation practice known to us as the Healing Bath of Light. Firstly we ask you to lie down on a bed and relax your body focusing on deepening your breathing pattern; when your body is relaxed the energy within your aura softens becoming malleable allowing us to remove any negative energy or blockages with ease.

Invoke the energy of the powerful protector of humankind, Archangel Michael to oversee this healing process and to ensure you remain safe and protected at all times. We work extensively with Archangel Michael and he anchors the energy emanating from our planet of the Celestial White Beings into his being.

As your breathing deepens, imagine that you are laying on a large quartz crystal bed, within a vast white with a hint of soft blue colour circular chamber which emanates the purest form of love into your being. Along the edge of the circular chamber, there are eight large quartz crystal points that amplify and stabilise our light and vibration.
Candles burn brightly between the crystal points, the dazzling light emanating from each candle symbolizes the divine and sacred energy existing within your physical body. You are within the Om Na Atlantis Ashram; enjoy the sensations of the energy that is all around you and is melting into your being. You can feel the high vibrations of the ashram and can accept its peaceful and tranquil energies of stillness. The positive purest vibration that is held by the Angels of Atlantis is in existence within this ashram, allow it to pour into your being, it is uplifting, awakening and activating.

As your gaze into the domed ceiling of the ashram above you, you will see a ball of white energy resting in the center of the ceiling. This is the energy of the Celestial White Beings, when you feel ready, you can invoke our energy to descend and begin the healing process. When you feel ready to take a deep breath and state, I am now open and receptive to the loving and high vibrational healing energy of the Celestial White Beings, I ask you to draw closer to me to begin the healing process. I accept your energy, and I affirm that I am ready to heal.
Thank you.

The ball of white light becomes larger as it expands and gradually draws closer to you as you lay upon the crystal bed. You will become completely surrounded in the white high vibrational energy of our soul light. Know that you are always safe and protected surrounded by love and high vibrational light. Allow the white light that is akin to a mist hovering within your aura and over your body to melt into your body and chakra systems. Breathe deeply as you allow the white light to surge through your being.

Through the mist of our light, you will see a circle of white figures forming the quartz crystal bed that you lay upon. We will send a wave of white and translucent energy with a hint of soft blue light through your aura from all sides of your being. The white and translucent light will gather at the focal point of your being; your soul. As the first wave of energy flows through your aura and physical body, gathering in your soul it will dissolve any negative energy, painful emotions, blockages or negative thought patterns, transforming them into the light. This light will first heal your current energy removing pain, emotions and memories that are no longer need but have been stored within your being from your experiences within your current embodiment. These waves of light from our souls will continue to flow and pulsate into your being, directly to your soul allowing the light to melt into every aspect of your body and aura. Allow the powerful celestial light to heal and cleanse your being, allow all unneeded energy to dissolve simply, focusing on the vibration of love as the truth within your being. Accept this wonderful feeling of love and know that it is your truth.

As the light waves cleanse your being, they will now melt deeper into the layers of your energy. We ask that you focus on cleansing and healing any blockages created by your past lifetimes in Atlantis or any other influential past lifetimes, that you now need to become aware of so that they may be released. Allow the powerful celestial light to pour into your being, know that it is healing and cleansing on a deeper level. You may experience feelings, sensations or visions, accept these and then release them to the light, imagining them dissolving into the white light that flows continuously into your body. You are removing any negative energy that your soul still holds from your existence on Atlantis. Rest a moment and enjoy the energy, knowing that we are here to support you.

As you feel the waves of energy being directed to your soul within your physical body at your chest area, your soul light will begin to emanate the sacred energy and light stored within you. See, sense or imagine your soul light combined with our cosmic light blossoming from within you and emanating back out into every aspect of your body and aura, completely submerging your surroundings in your light. We are energising your soul, nurturing it with our light so that it can become a greater influence in your life; we are removing any barriers that prevent you from understanding the wisdom and guidance of the divine soul within your being so that you may become a fountain of love and wisdom.

As your soul light becomes stronger, if it is the will of your soul it may reveal new wisdom to you concerning your existence on the plane of Atlantis. Allow yourself to be open and receptive to these new insights that may come forth from your soul to illuminate your mind and bring greater understanding. You can stay within our energy for as long as you feel is necessary, remember that it is of cosmic vibrations so if the energy becomes too intense for you, simply ask us to step back slightly or to reduce the vibration of light entering into your being. Enjoy the sensation of our cosmic light combined with your soul light and the support of the positive high vibrational energy of Atlantis pouring from your being.

When you feel as if you have completed the healing and cleansing process, we will discontinue the flow of our energy into your being; the radiance of your soul light will withdraw slightly. You may see us form a ball of white energy once more and retreat up to our original place within the domed ceiling. Rest for a moment within the energy of the Om Na Atlantis Ashram to allow your light and vibration to settle; become use to the cleansing process that has just occurred.

As the meditation and healing process comes to a close bring your attention back to your physical surroundings, know that you have experienced the Divine Healing Bath of the Celestial White Beings. This Meditation can be
completed as many times as you feel is necessary as it will penetrate a deeper layer of your energy each time you experience the Healing Bath of the Celestial White Beings.

We are the Celestial White Beings, the Carriers of Light.
Blessings be with you,

The Celestial White Beings

Please feel free to visit the Om Na Atlantis Ashram whenever you wish, it is a place of growth, enlightenment and healing that welcomes all.

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