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Being of Service, Part 3 – 28th March 2011

Beloved and wonderful light beings on the Earth, we the Ascended Masters draw close to you now and share our devotional love with you. Please allow yourself to be accepting of our energy free from limitations and boundaries, know that we are here as your friends and family, we are here to love and support you completely. We will never allow you to be alone we will always … More

Being of Service, Part 2 – 13th March 2011

Beloved souls upon the Earth, we the  Ascended Masters, send our unconditional love and blessings to you now as we come forward with devotion to assist you in being of service in your current reality. To be of service is to be helpful to others and the Creator while you are in your current position of existence on the Earth. You have a tremendous power and one day you will realise that your light, intentions and loving energies can easily create transformations, solve problems and bring energies or situations ... More

Being of Service, Part 1 -7th March 2011

Most beloved and treasured souls on the Earth, we honour you now, we honour all that you are and all that is the Creator within you. We bow to you for your devotion, your dedication and the darkness you are walking through to become light once more. We understand that the walk that you are taking now through the lessons of the Earth may be hard and painful, there may be times when you feel so alone or unable to continue but please know that … More


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