Wisdom for Growth 191

Arcturian Alignment with the 9th Dimension

Receive divine inspiration, new concepts and ideas from the Creator, empower your divine guidance and intuition

With the Arcturians

Capsule of Wisdom


The Arcturians come forth to align you with the 9th Dimension know for receiving the divine will, plan and new sacred ideas of the Creator. The 9th Dimension is akin to existing within the mind of the Creator and receiving inspiration to support your being, reality and spiritual growth. This meditation can be used whenever you wish to receive divine guidance and inspiration for any area of your life and spiritual evolution. If you are feeling stuck or confused it is a wonderful meditation and tool to support you in moving forth with ease. The Arcturians transport you to their Activation Ashram where they awaken and cleanse your senses while empowering your trust. They will then align you with the 9th Dimension for you to experience the divine inspiration and guidance of the Creator fully. This mediation assists you in empowering your own inner guidance and intuition as well as your connection with the Creator.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 38 mins Audio  – £4.50 

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