Archangel Amethyst Ashram

Archangel Amethyst is the feminine aspect of Archangel Zadkiel. Both Archangels work within the 7th Ray of Light overseen by Lady Portia of a violet colour. They support souls working with the 7th Ray of Light in achieving transformation, anchoring the New Age of Ascension, spiritual advancement and enhancing psychic and spiritual abilities. Archangel Amethyst and Archangel Zadkeil also oversee the Violet Flame of Transmutation which is a purifying flame of light. Archangel Amethyst is named so due to her energy and qualities appearing as an Amethyst crystal. You can call upon Archangel Amethyst to aid cleansing, purification, clarity, transformation, awakening of truth and inner confidence.

Archangel Amethyst Channeled Messages Through Natalie Glasson

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