The Angelic and Unicorn Kingdom

Channelled Through Natalie Glasson  13th October 2008

Angelic and Unicorn KingdomThe angelic and unicorn kingdom have always held such a strong bond and we unite now as one energy vibration to energise and support all light workers and beings of love on the Earth. We, the angelic and unicorn kingdom offer you this meditation to enhance your connection and integration with our energies. May you enjoy using it, feeling the unity of your being with ours as aspects of the Creator's mighty soul.

Angelic and Unicorn Meditation

Sit peacefully, relaxing your body and mind, focusing on your breathing. Know that you are a being of love and light and that you are an aspect of the Creator's mighty soul as you sit and simply breathe. With each breath you take you are accepting the truth of your being and the Creator into your reality. This is removing all fears, doubts, hindrance and blockages that may be limiting your inner sight and comprehension of the divine energies and realms that exist around you. Feel at peace with yourself and yet optimistic as you know that you are going to connect on a deeper level with the angelic and unicorn kingdoms, feeling their presence and integration within your life.

I am open and receptive to the divine energy vibrations and light of the angelic and unicorn kingdoms.(Repeat three times or until you feel a change in the energy around you.)

Imagine, sense or see a vast column of pure white light with the softest hint of pink light integrating into the energy. This column of light descends down over your being. The light melts and seeps into every aspect of your being, know that this is the energy and essence of the angelic and unicorn kingdom. Imagine the white and soft pink light integrating into every aspect of your being and body. Feel the peace, tranquillity, bliss and love that emanates into your being now from the presence of the column of light.

When you feel that you are a part of the energy, then you may imagine the white and soft pink light expanding out into your surroundings, covering the whole land and inhabitants of the planet Earth.

As you take your attention beyond your surroundings you will see or sense a ring of angelic and unicorn beings standing alternately in a vast circle that surrounds the whole of the Earth. They are glorious beacons of light emanating brightly towards the Earth and towards your soul. Allow yourself to accept the energy, love and light that is extending from each angel and unicorn. Allow their energy to melt deep within your soul and being.

Say to yourself, I accept the high vibrational loving energy of the angelic and unicorn kingdom, I am worthy of receiving their energy and allowing it to channel through my being.

If any fears or doubts come to the surface concerning your self-worth, listen to them for a moment but then accept that they are not an aspect of your truth. Affirm that,

I am worthy, and ask the energy flowing into your being to cradle all fears and doubts in love until they have been completely eliminated from your being and belief system.
You may also wish to affirm, The energies and light of the angelic and unicorn kingdoms are now integrated into my being. A beam of light continuously flows into my crown chakra from the angelic and unicorn kingdom as an eternal connection.

It is important for you to simply sit and absorb the blissful energies of these divine and sacred beings of light.
When you are ready you may send a thought out into the universe asking if the unicorn and angelic kingdom have a message of inspiration, hope or guidance for you now to assist you in your current spiritual development process.
Focus again on the waves of light that extending from the ring of angelic and unicorn beings surrounding the Earth and imagine that a message is flowing forth into your mind from their souls. Allow yourself to be patient and receptive. The message may come as a vision, a feeling or emotion or a simple word. You may hear their divine communication beaming through your mind. Remain open, if you do not receive anything then know that it may not be the correct time and try again at a later date.

When you are ready to complete the meditation, simply say,

I am peace. I anchor the magic and love of the angelic and unicorn kingdom into my being, reality and into the Earth now.

You may sit within this blissful energy for as long as you wish.

The combined energies of the Angelic and Unicorn Kingdom

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The Angelic and Unicorn Kingdom

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