Capsule of Wisdom for Growth No 189

Andromedan Activation: Keys to the Universe

Unlocking and embodying the three levels of sacred happiness to access the wisdom of the Universe of the Creator

With the Andromedans

Capsule of Wisdom


The Andromedans, known as the wisest of Star Beings working with humanity wish to bring forth a sacred activation. The predominant goal of their activation is to integrate you with the three levels of the Creator’s vibration of happiness, allowing you to experience the collective happiness of all aspects of the Creator’s Universe. The Andromedans speak of your divine right to the experience of happiness and your ability to be present with ultimate happiness. The Andromedans wish to activate and heighten your senses, awareness and intuition so you may experience and embody the Universe of the Creator and the Keys to the Universe of the Creator. They will align your entire being to the entire Universe of the Creator, as well as aiding your acceptance of the keys of the Universe. The Andromedans share with you a technique to embody happiness in your everyday life. Allow yourself to feel and embody the ultimate happiness of the Creator, present within you and all aspects of the Creator.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 51 mins Audio  – £4.50 

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