Alchemist of the Universe

Alchemist of the Universe Angels of Alchemy

What is the next step of your ascension? Synthesis with your innermost powerful healing, ascension and enlightenment

With the Angels of Alchemy

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Online Recorded Webinar Course

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The Angels of Alchemy extend their energy and wisdom to you from the 7th Ray of Light Ashram on the inner planes. Their purpose in this moment is to aid transformation and deep connection with the truth within your being. They wish to synthesis the healing, ascension and enlightenment of your soul with your entire being especially your physical reality and experiences. They ask you, ‘What is the next step of your ascension?’ While they will invite you to explore and embody the answer, they will also gift you with an answer of inspiration. They will commune with your soul bringing forth the healing, enlightenment and ascension you are craving and ready to embody. The Angels of Alchemy will share with you how to experience alchemy with your soul, the next stages of your ascension, and how to become an Alchemist of the Universe within and around you.

The Angels of Alchemy are immensely powerful angelic vibrations and are at the core of many ascension shifts taking place on the Earth and the inner planes now. They wish to share tools to aid your shift through ascension with ease and perfection. Their vibrations are magical and awe-inspiring, they wish to awaken the same within you. Let the Angels of Alchemy guide you and awaken the power of alchemy and the alchemy of the Universe within your being.

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