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Akashic Record Activations to Live Powerfully

Would you like to access the Akashic Record Library on the Inner Planes to download powerful activations and enlightenment to serve you and the planet?  

Do you wish to enhance your trust and initiation to live a powerful life from your sacred divinity?

Would you like to create a plan for the next stage of your ascension but don’t know how to begin?

Many people have heard of the Akashic Records but only few have experienced its beauty and power. Accessing the Akashic Records can feel like a daunting proposal, as you wonder what is appropriate and how do you even go about visiting. Many people do not realise that you require a purpose as well as permission to visit this vast library of knowledge. 

This is why I am offering a unique 4 week experience where I will bring forth the World Teachers Master Kuthumi and Master Yeshua through my channel to guide you in exploring the Akashic Record Library. These beings will work with the Keepers of the Akashic Record Library on your behalf to assist you in accessing the vast library of wisdom, consciousness, memories, templates and activations available. The Inner Plane Library is filled with everything you could possibly need to navigate your ascension on the Earth and help others in doing so. The World Teachers Master Kuthumi and Master Yeshua, wish to be your guides helping you access the activations and templates you need to kick start powerful journeys of illumination. 

Join me as we create your sacred plan for your next stage of your ascension and to aid the manifestation of your dreams. We will download the necessary energies to support the grounding of the plan in your life. The creation of this plan will support you in delving deeper within your being, asking awakening questions of yourself and aligning more powerfully with your soul, soul group, guides and the World Teachers to form an energetic template that serves you. The plan you create will entitle you access to the Akashic Record Library allowing exploration to begin. Working with the World Teachers and the Keepers of the Akashic Records you will be able to download the appropriate templates to manifest your divine plan within your energy field and entire being. 

The result of our explorations will be a deepening experience and understanding of how to live powerfully in your life and ascension now, in 2023 and beyond. 

Prepare yourself for your next stage of ascension with all the tools, understanding and enlightenment you need to live life to the fullest!

How it Works: 

Each Thursday at 3:30pm - 5pm UK time, beginning 3rd November  - 24th November 2022, we will gather online with Natalie Glasson channeling the World Teachers Master Kuthumi and Master Yeshua

Natalie will offer a short presentation followed by channeled wisdom, meditations and practices. 

There is time for inner exploration, followed by an open sharing and Q & A period. 

Once you have enrolled you will receive an email guiding you to reserve your space and receive the joining link for each session.

Investment Donation: £40 - £144 for all 4 weeks 

Minimum donation for the 4 week course is £40, if you can and wish to invest more you are welcome to choose any sum up to £144. All donations are gratefully received and support the ongoing channeled material and meditations available. 

If you are unable to pay the minimum donation, OmNa Scholarships are available for this course, please contact Natalie via the contact page to discuss this further. Please state how much you are able to invest or if investment is too difficult for you at this time. OmNa is dedicated to offering this sacred opportunity to all.

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Many blessings, Natalie

Natalie has written 2 channeled  books

The White Beacons of Atlantis

This book shares the accounts of her past lifetime self, Nara Merlyn, during the fall of Atlantis accompanied with practical exercises to aid your own discovery of your Atlantean lifetime. Click here


The Twelve Rays of Light,

Natalie’s first published book described the inner planes and spiritual hierarchy, acting as an in depth guide book to aid your connection with Ascended Masters and Light Beings as well as accelerating your ascension. Click Here

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