Accessing Your Unique Viewpoint of the Spiritual Planes and the Earth

Discover your ultimate perception in order to access enlightenment

Retrieve a deeper understanding of the spiritual planes, your role and how you can be of service

With the Saint Germain and Lady Portia

Saturday 25th April 2020, (with 10 mins interlude)

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Sacred Soul Initiations Recorded Workshop


Your creation and journey from the source of the Creator makes you unique. Your embodiment on the Earth, your surroundings, parents, thoughts and dreams were all chosen by your soul to navigate you to a specific lookout and perspective. As you peel back illusions and misunderstandings, so you move closer to a viewpoint guided by your soul which allows you to view yourself, the Universe of the Creator and the Earth with a unique and personal sight/insight. What you see, sense or acknowledge will be different to those around you, it is now time to embrace this different perception, realising you have a unique view of the Creator which requires to be shared in a unique and personal way for you. It is time to dissolve separation to embrace the Creator’s eyes which gaze through you and have so much to share.

When you embrace your ultimate perception and viewpoint of the Creator, yourself and reality on the Earth, you allow yourself to access a new enlightening level of understanding. For this space of being it is easier for you to be of service to yourself and other, as well as, accessing an understanding of your role on the Earth and the inner planes.

Saint Germain and Lady Portia are twin flame masters of magic, transformation, ascension and healing, they wish to share their insights and guide you to access your personal viewpoint thus serving your ascension and fulfillment.

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