Recording of a Past Workshop

Access Your Ultimate Creator Consciousness

Embody and explore your supreme Creator Creator ConsciousnessConsciousness available to you now and exist in oneness with the Creator upon the Earth.

With Multi Universal Logos Archangel Metatron

Experiencing complete oneness and unification with the Creator is our greatest goal as spiritual light workers on the Earth; we wish to heal separation with the Creator allowing the Creator to flow through us in all forms and way. We surrender ourselves to be of service to the Creator and to act as an instrument of the Creator upon the Earth. As light workers, we know what we desire, what we wish to experience but now in this New Era of Love we have the chance to fully embody and experience the Creator in every moment of our Earthly realities. There are no limitations, nothing to hold us back, it is time for us to step forth and experience the Creator.


Archangel Metatron will connect into our energies during the workshop to share guidance about what our Creator consciousness is and how we can embody it. He will guide us to unify all aspects of our being with the Creator thus boosting our light, vibration, faith and the presence of our truth, while encouraging us to receive and activate new vibrations and recognition of the Creator. Now is the time to be with the Creator, recognising the Creator within and all around us, discovering new and inspirational ways to express and experience the Creator in the New Era of Love.


Archangel Metatron will call the Creator to be present with you, so you may focus upon your interaction, communication and realisation of the Creator, dissolving all that hinders you from fully seeing, sensing, feeling, knowing and embodying the Creator. This is a day with Archangel Metatron where our focus is directed to the Creator so that we emerge through processes of transformation to heights of embodiment of the Creator and all that the Creator is.


It is a time for us to gain what we need and our soul requires from the Creator, accessing a deeper wisdom, consciousness and understanding so we may walk as our divinity and in service upon the Earth.


Join Natalie and Archangel Metatron for a recording where you can let yourself be at one with the Creator in the present moment.

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Access Your Ultimate Creator Consciousness


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