Soul to Soul: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail Tour with Natalie and NickSoul to Soul: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail Tour

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Experience the sacred land of France where Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail Family once walked 

This truly is an intimate journey as Natalie and Nick invite seven sacred explorers only to join them for this seven-night experience in the South of France.

15th – 22nd September 2018  

‘We, the Magdalenes and the Holy Grail Family invite you to be in our presence and to share time with us. We wish to gift you with our memories and sacred experiences from our lifetimes upon the lands of southern France. Explore with us the wisdom, love, consciousness, and codes we grounded into the land all those years ago for you to receive now. Connect with the nature kingdom and elementals of the wilderness of France, as we did, rejoicing in its purity and power. We, the Magdalenes and the Holy Grail Family wish to awaken your remembrance of your own story during the time of Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus, to bring forth the healing of old wounds. Let us guide you along a pathway to be soul to soul with us, synthesising our deepest energies with you, as together we activate the land to bring forth the Christ Consciousness to all. We will create with you the most perfect vibrations to support your own inner transformation. Let us be soul to soul, let us be one with you.’

Soul to Soul: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail Tour with Nick and Natalie GlassonNatalie and Nick invite you to join them on an intimate journey exploring the wisdom of the Magdalenes and the Holy Grail Family. Natalie will channel their energies, so you can feel they are present with you, guiding and inspiring your deeper communication and inner transformation. Channeled guided and silent meditations will be shared with ample time remaining to soak up the energies of the area. Together we will visit the sacred sites of southern France connected to Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail family, uncovering their story and accessing our remembrance of the Christ from deep within our beings.

Summary of Itinerary and Tour Information

Saturday 15th September, arriving at Toulouse Airport we will make our way to Notre Dame de la Daurade in Toulouse to honour the Divine Mother energies as we gaze upon the Black Madonna. In doing so we hold the intention of downloading the Divine Mother frequencies, connecting with the Mother of Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, and receiving divine inspiration for our journey. It was with Grandmother Anna that the journey of the Holy Grail Family began.

We will be travelling in a 9 seater people carrier with Nick driving. The Rennes le Chateau area is a maze of country roads, so we feel a smaller vehicle will make it easier for us to travel and find the sacred sites. Our main accommodation for five nights is ‘The Garden of Sals’, in a quiet sleepy village in the heart of green land, nature and wilderness. You will be sharing a cottage in the village, there are twin rooms and a triple room.

Our journey will unfold as we visit the Fountain of Love, the Gorge de Galamus, the Source of the Magdalenes, Renne le Chateau, the village and mountain of Bugarach, Renne le Bain, and the Seat of Isis. Each sacred site has a connection to the Magdalenes, the Holy Grail Family or the Divine Mother.

After five nights we will transfer to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer where we will visit the church, Black Madonna of Sar’h and the seaside where the Holy Grail Family first touched the land of France.

On our final day, we will visit Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume and the Grotto of Sainte-Baume where it is believed that Mary Magdalene and Sar’h stayed.
Saturday 22nd September, we will make our way to Toulouse Airport. (Please check flight times with us before booking your flights.)
Natalie and Nick have visited these sacred sites twice before and have chosen the areas for you to visit which they believe have the most power and connection with the Magdalenes, the Holy Grail Family, and the Divine Feminine.

Included in this journey: seven-night accommodation with Breakfast, five evening meals, travel to and from sacred sites, three days packed lunches and a bottle of water each day.
Our aim is that everyone arrives at similar times so that we can pick you all up from the airport. However, if your flight arrival or departure is outside our time frame, we will ask you to arrange your own transport, at your personal cost. We do aim to transfer everyone to and from the airport. To accommodate this, we request you to check with us first regarding flight times before you book your flight.

Not included in this Journey: Your Flights to and from France, Lunch at Renne le Chateau, Marie de le Mer and St Baume. Also, Dinner at Marie de le Mer and St Baume, personal shopping, additional snacks, and drinks. You will be responsible for arranging your own travel insurance.

Natalie will channel and share guided meditations at the sacred sites where appropriate. If this is not possible, she will channel at the B and B before or after the visit. Natalie will not be conducting personal channelings during the tour.

The energy exchange for this seven-night intimate tour: £1200

If you are interested in joining the tour please email Natalie Click Here

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