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100% Personal Power, 100% Divine Presence: Embodying the Third Ray of Light on the Earth

 With the Celestial White Beings and Third Ray Chohan Master Serapis Bey

 Its time to shift into divine physical action and service on the Earth!

 22nd  August 2020 BST Recorded

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Sacred Soul Initiations Recorded Workshop


The Third Ray of Light hold the purpose of bringing the Creator’s energy, qualities, and divine plan into manifestation on the Earth while aiding the understanding of living as a Creator expression. Master Serapis Bey of the Third Ray of Light supports mind mastery and the integration of the spiritual and physical worlds. His focus is to awaken within your being clarity, action, and active divine intelligence with the highest awareness. The Creator is inviting you to align with the Third Ray of Light to claim fully your personal power and to encourage you to be present on the Earth in a full and Creator expressive way.

It is time to live your life as your soul and soul group intended on the Earth! The Celestial White Beings wish to share with you the shifts taking place now within the Earth and the Ascension process which is inspiring a remarkable shift within humanity. The Creator is encoding the Earth, encouraging all beings to take action from the highest awareness of their beings. A momentum is building to create a powerful shift that allows beings to live as was intended on the Earth, releasing boundaries, limitations, and restriction. The Celestial White Beings wish to explain the shift occurring now and how you can benefit from it fully.

The Third Ray of Light is the energy fuelling and building the momentum of this powerful shift for all. Master Serapis Bey wishes to guide you as to how to embody this inspirational ray, supporting a deep awakening within your being, humanity, and Mother Earth. Thus, claiming your power, creating shifts in your life, and awakening active divine intelligence from within your being.

It is time to act from your truth, the Celestial White Beings, Master Serapis Bey and Natalie wish to help you.


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