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Soul Symbols
by Rae Chandran
Rae Chandran is a very special and gifted soul who contacted Natalie a few years ago seeking to of Om Na Personal Spiritual Mentoring Programme channelled through Nataile Glasson. Master Kuthumi personally guided and supported Rae's spiritual growth and development through aid a connection with numerous different energies, with the skill of channelling the soul symbol of a person to aid their connection with their soul and the Creator. Rae also channelled the Rays of Light symbol on the front of Natalie's latest book, the Twelve Rays of Light.

About Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran has been creating healing and individual soul symbols for the past two years. All the symbols are channelled from Ascended Masters like Master Kuthumi, Lord St.Germain, Mary Magdalene, Isis and a host of other light beings. Many of the symbols were of Lemurian origin and many of the symbols were used in that civilization. During the summer of 2008, Master Kuthumi asked Rae to study sacred geometry and within two months, the designs of the symbols started coming through Rae from the masters. Master Kuthumi told Rae that he had created many of these symbols and worked with them in ancient times. He was only bringing forth from his soul the memories of that ancient knowledge and the masters were just like a guide post leading him forward to recreating these symbols once more. Since Rae started creating these symbols, it took a life of its own and he has been able to create symbols for all expressions of human nature from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms. Then he was guided to develop individual soul symbols to bring healing and awakening, over the past two years, Rae has created over 200 soul symbols for people from all walks of life including political leaders, doctors, musicians, architects, business consultants and individual seekers. All soul symbols come with a
short message from one of the Masters or the Guides explaining about the symbols and about their life.

Rae has been on the path of self-discovery for some time, teaching spiritual disciplines and other modes of healing for the audiences around the world. He also conducts spiritual tours whereby he takes people to sacred and powerful power spots. Rae channels many of the masters of Light and brings forth their message to support humanity during these changing times. Many of Rae's channelled messages have been published in the reputed magazine for channelling called Sedona Journal.

Rae hails from India, but has taken up residence in Japan for the past 16 years, living with his wife and two kids in Tokyo.

Soul symbols are channelled geometric forms individually designed for a specific soul. These symbols are designed with the co-operation with the angels and guides of that specific individual. Soul symbols are powerful tools for connecting with one's mighty I AM Presence and meditating on the symbol and then downloading the energy of that symbol in to their third eye and emitting out into their aura and into their entirety can help in a soul's evolution. Also soul symbols can be used for healing. It is especially good to work with soul symbol in healing depression, sadness, fear, anxiety, panic etc. As the soul symbols work directly with the energy system in the body bi-passing the personality and human subconscious mind.

Soul Symbols- $140 US Dollars



Greetings. This is Master St.Germain. In the soul symbol created for you, there are many
energies encoded and working with these energies and the geometric patterns encoded in the
symbol can support in one's soul path and awakening. For you, see, there are images of
decorative swords placed in four corners of the symbols. What does it represent? It represents
the four corners of the earth where the sword of truth must be used in breaking through the
matrix of the illusion. (THIS SYMBOL WAS FOR A TEACHER AND HEALER FROM US). It also
represents the truth one must practice in one's own for bodies - physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual. The sword also represents the sword of truth of Archangel Michael as AA Michael is one
of your Master guides. By connecting with him, you will raise your vibrations, increase the light
quotient and raise your awareness. Before you go to sleep, ask your guides to transport you
safely to the ashram of AA Michael and work with AA Michael asking for integration with his light
and also to bring you healing. The flame represents the brightness of your soul and it is good to
meditate on your soul daily for it will help you to connect with your soul on a much deeper level.
The white lion represents the inner courage you have inside and which must be brought forth.
Call forth this gentle and majestic creature and connect with this essence and you will feel
courageous and confident about your role in this life. The door represents the door of perception
which must be accessed and opened to reach higher mind and higher thoughts, for when we
change our perception, we change our perspective.


Breathe deeply. Imagine that you are breathing through base chakra and exhaling through your
crown chakra. Imagine your life force rising from the base chakra and going up through all your
chakras and settling down into your crown chakra. Continue to breathe like this at least 7 times.
Then invoke the full essence and presence of your mighty I AM Presence. See the essence of
your I AM Presence swelling up inside of you and filling you up. Now visualize the healing symbol
you wish to work with at the centre of your Third Eye. See the symbol pulsating. Now through the
power of your intentions, send this pulsing light into your aura and see your aura completely
engulfed by this pulsing light. Now slowly bring this pulsing light in to each of your chakras and
see its pulsing light melting into each of your chakras and filling it up with its pulsing light. Ask that
this light removes all the blockages which is preventing you from experiencing the healing you
desire. Once you have taken the light throughout your chakras, send the light into your brain
area filling the brain with this light. Also send this light into all your four lower bodies - physical
body, emotional body, mental body and your spirit body and see all your bodies completely filled
with this light. Again with your intentions, send these light into all your bodies - etheric, astral,
mental, emotional, and casual and spirit body. You can also send this pulsing light into all your
other lives - parallel, alternate and multidimensional lives. Do this for the next 45 days. Place your
symbol in a place where you can see it for the next 45 days as it takes approximately 45 days for
your cells to get the message about your intention for the desired healing.


It helps one to bi-pass the human intellect and logical mind and goes right into the subconscious,
unconscious and the super conscious mind. It helps one to break open the doors of limited
beliefs held deep within oneself and to set the soul free from the limitations we have built

You will receive your Soul Symbol is approximately 7 working days after purchase. The Soul
Symbol will be sent to you via email. The symbol will come with an explanation and a short
channelled message from one of your guides, masters, angels or teachers.

Please email after purchase with the name of the person the symbol is
for with a picture attached (either a facial picture or full or half body picture)
and the email address you wish the soul symbol to be sent to.

It is not normally the policy of the Sacred School of Om Na to offer services that are not
channelled through Natalie but as Rae has a special bond with Natalie, being her first student,
Natalie would like to offer all the opportunity to gain a soul symbol channelled through Rae
Chandran. This service is advertised on this site with love but the Sacred School of Om Na or
Natalie have no control over or hold any responsibility for the service offered. If you have any
questions or queries please contact Rae through his website

Soul Symbols- $140 US Dollars

This item cannot be bought in conjunction with any other item from the Sacred School
of Om Na, it is a separate transaction.

Natalie Glasson Rae Chandran OmNa School Soul Symbol Channelled Messages
Natalie Glasson Rae Chandran OmNa School Soul Symbol Channelled Messages
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