Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson Channelled Weekly Spiritual Messages Meditations
Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson Channelled Weekly Spiritual Messages Meditations
This Week's Free Channelled Message through Natalie Glasson

17th October 2014

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Discussions on Supportive Steps to Dissolve Fear and Illness
by Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 17th October 2014-
Mother Mary : It is with the vibration of the 9th Ray of Light I greet you today bringing forth the brilliant colours
and vibrations of a blue and green light focused upon soul integration and exploration as well as the merging
of the heavens with the Earth; light with matter. Please allow me to dowse you in the blue and green light
permitting it to seep into your entire being. As the reality of the blue and green light of the 9th Ray of Light
surround you, let yourself breathe in the healing vibrations, wisdom and transformational shifts this aspect of
the Creator promotes.
Soul integration with all aspects of your physical, emotional and mental bodies is essential in all periods of
ascension and yet it is at this stage it is vital. There is an importance and a need for you to have confidence
in the divinity, truth and sacred abilities of your soul that transmit through and embody all aspects of your
being and reality upon the Earth. This is not to understand the mystic and sacred abilities individual to you,
more so it is to understand the basic tools and abilities your soul brings forth and enhances within your
being which can be recognised as the same within all beings. This is the time for humanity to unite together
in a deep understanding and confidence in their spiritual and natural abilities to alter and shift circumstances
on the Earth and personal realities. The belief systems of the Earth and created by humanity which
preoccupies and governs everyday life upon the Earth now need to be erased completely, with new beliefs
born from the soul of each person created and anchored as the new consciousness of humanity.
Mary Magdalene: Fear is simply a door way before you which can be opened to allow you to embrace new
higher vibrations of love and truth especially within your reality upon the Earth. A door before you only
becomes a blockage or a hindrance when you believe you do not have the ability or the strength to open the
door. I will share with you, remind you and empower your confidence and courage as I say to you that you
have the power to open the door and experience the powerful loving truth of the Creator. The Creator does
not wish for you to suffer with any form of attachment to or experience of fear or illness. The Creator wishes
for you to dissolve all forms of attachment to fear and illness realising your power to move through your
ascension creating only loving positive blissful experiences for yourself. Attachment or detachment to the
creation and experience of fear and illness are now your choice. You make this choice through your thought
process and that which you choose to believe in.
Do you believe that fear limits you, causing your energy and power to crumble, thus causing you to be
helpless? Do you believe fear is yours to accept and experience in your reality? Do you believe illness is
your divine right or is inevitable when evidence of illness is present in your reality or in the worldwide Earth?
The Real questions put to you now which hold the most power and influence in your life are;
Are you ready to disregard what seems to be evidence of illness and the creation of fear on the Earth in
favour of knowing your own power and knowing you can choose the reality you wish to experience? Are you
ready to create a world beyond fear and illness even if you are bombarded with evidence that states
Mother Mary: It is time to accept your power and realise that whatever occurs upon the Earth you have the
choice whether you wish to experience it. With the spread of illness upon the Earth you have the choice to
decide whether you will be infected with illness or not. With fearful situations arising and occurring to others
you have the choice whether you wish to adopt and emanate fear or not. If you choose to adopt fear then you
will be attracting experiences that cause you fear into your life.
Your life is your choosing, no other person can decide or dictate your life to you. It is time to accept this truth
and begin to live in a way that expands, enhances and embodies this same truth within your being. You can
choose to say ‘No,’ to experiences of fear and illness and ‘Yes,’ to experiences of love, peace and
continuous health. Your life now lies in your beliefs about everyday things and your dedication to cultivating
that which you desire to experience. It doesn’t matter what another being shares or experiences, you are the
creator of your own reality and you have the constant support from the inner planes, guides, angels,
ascended masters and goddess beings.
Mary Magdalene: I wish to share with you some techniques to support you in moving into a reality where you
create the options and experiences you wish for your reality.
I wish to advise you to first listen to your reality the messages and beliefs you hold and the messages and
beliefs given to you by others, by media and by seemingly factual evidence. With awareness choose which
you wish to accept and which you wish to discard. For example, if you hear that illness is spreading across
the world, choose to send love to all that are experiencing illness while choosing to affirm and make your
truth that you are free from illness, always healthy and filled with vitality. Know with deep certainty that the
simple belief will ensure your health and wellbeing at all times. Another example could be if an experience
occurs in your reality or in the world and this creates fear within yourself and others, say No, to fear, choose
to release and let go of fear knowing that in doing so you are de-energising fear within you and within other
people. Then create a feeling of love and safety within your being, think thoughts of love and safety, affirming
to yourself the reality you choose to experience. Remember you are the Creators of your reality; you have
the divine right to choose that which you wish to experience, this has never before been so important. If each
person and soul on the Earth was to realise they have the power to choose that which they wish to create all
illness, fear, poverty and any other harmful energy would be powerless and non-existent.
Belief is a resonance and alignment to an energy, when you believe in love, safety and health, no matter
what evidence is shared with you to dissuade you, you align with and become love, safety and health.
Mother Mary: Call love, light, peace and vitality into your being, let these energies shower over and through
your being, imagining, sensing, acknowledging their colours, vibrations and positive influence upon your
being. Believe in love, light, peace and vitality, see, sense, and acknowledge your entire being emanating
these four energies constantly from every aspect of your being continuously.
Call upon the 9th Ray of Light to merge the higher energy, aspects and consciousness of your soul into your
physical body and auric field so you will be influenced positively by your soul accessing the guidance and
intuition of your soul. Your soul does not resonate or align with fear or illness, because of this it will act as a
protection and a guiding light in your reality and being.
Mary Magdalene: Let the love of your heart and soul be your answer and response to all situations, beliefs
and experiences. Love is the answer, the result and the experience eternally for you, if you choose it to be,
dedicating yourself to cultivating this reality for yourself. You can create it for yourself only and yet your
dedication will impact upon all souls and beings on the Earth because they will align with the vibration you
emanate: the vibration of love. Love is akin to a magnet, everyone is attracted to align, resonate as and with
love, it is contagious! It is also fulfilling for you and acts as the strongest protection of all and a powerful
creator of truth and divine wellbeing in your reality, thus in the realities of all. Let your love shine out so bright
in every moment of your day and ask us your guides and the Creator to magnify and enhance the love you
share and experience.
Mother Mary: Take time to choose the reality you wish to experience, energise your choices through
affirmations, visualisations and asking for light empowerment for your choices from your guides and angelic
beings.  The greatest shift that is required to take place is the understanding you hold the power to choose
that which you wish to experience, no person, group or government can dictate to you your choices and
experiences and yet you can live peacefully alongside any energy or within any community.
Please be aware that we are speaking of making choices within your mind predominantly, this doesn’t
necessary indicate that any action or demonstration needs to take place. This is a peaceful shift within you
which no other person need know about. It is a time when you detach yourself from general consciousness
of reality, quietly within your mind you choose your thoughts, knowing they will manifest within your reality. It is
also important to realise that all forms of manipulation which you may create will only anchor you deeper into
being manipulated by others. When you focus on love, light, peace and health in your life, knowing they will
simply manifest causing enhancement and fulfilment to your reality and all then you will be supporting the
expansion of love upon the Earth and within all.
Let our words inspire a gentle shift in your mind which creates happiness within your being and reality. This
gentle shift encourages the question with great compassion, ‘What do I choose to make real in my reality?’
the answer is filled with abundant compassion, love and truth that is beyond the ego, desires, desperation
and needs.
With truthful love, blessings and inspiration,
Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

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