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The Shift From Fear Into Love by Master Serapis Bey
Channelled through Natalie Glasson - 20th November 2015 - Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
Fear is an energy that you create and energise within your being in response to circumstances, experiences and even thought
processes. Fear is an aspect of the ego that is present to protect and safeguard you as a physical being on the Earth and yet
it has become empowered within humanity. The power of fear has been enhanced beyond an instinct or impulse for protection
to become a way of life, a constant experience and an inner guiding voice. Fear was originally present to encourage you to be
conscious and aware, being observant of any dangers around you and yet fear now encourages many to be unconscious and
unaware of their truth, senses and the Creator.
As Ascended Masters viewing the Earth, we can see that fear is being used as a tool to create stagnation, separation from the
Creator and disempowerment of your inner truth. Fear has in truth always been present within the physical body however not
with such power as now. Fears are rising from current circumstances and past lifetimes within many people as energetic
patterns because it is now time for fear to be returned to its original presence and purpose, allowing your soul to guide your
way forward once more.
You may be using the energy of fear, patterns of your past or past lifetime fears as a tool against yourself because of
conscious or unconscious beliefs of feeling unworthy or unloved. Unfortunately, some people have realised that fear is a tool
that they can use to condition, control and damage others creating a false sense of power and illusion of their importance and
ability to dictate. While other people can create circumstances, situations and experiences knowing full well that this will create
fear in many, if you choose to be conscious and aware of your own energy and emotions you can realise that fear does not
always have to be activated within you or awoken as a response. Fear feels like a natural response in certain situations and
yet it is a response that causes you to be unaware, separate from the Creator and unconscious of the sacred power within
your being. If you let go of the perspective that fear is a natural response you realise that your ego enjoys fear because it
means you will not step out of your comfort zone and will be content with the familiar, therefore, expansion physically, mentally,
spiritually and emotionally will not take place. It can even be said that your soul will not be able to achieve its divine purposes
upon the Earth while you allow fear to guide and control aspects of your being and reality.
Imagine if your response to everything in your reality and the world, whether it is a major disaster or a painful experience, was
compassion for yourself and everyone involved. Imagine if every experience in your past which has encouraged you to
response in fear was altered and erased, instead replaced by a response of compassion. What would your energy be like?
What perspective would you have about the world and would fear even exist or be acknowledged by you? With a history of
compassionate responses, how would you react to or feel about areas of your current reality that are causing reactions of
fear? Maybe current situations would not even have been manifested by you. Remember that resistance, frustration, anxiety,
stress and concern are also aspects of fear.
Even in the most horrific of circumstances do you have the right to react in fear? Yes you do have the right, however imagine
how healing it would be for you to react with compassion, it would allow the light and healing vibrations of the Creator to flow
through your being, you would be more open to accepting divine support and intervention, as well as being more aware of your
intuition sharing messages of guidance. This would allow every situation to be illuminated with light, love and peace for yourself
and all of humanity. Imagine if every person on the Earth chose to react with compassion, fear would be erased and kindness
would be the energy that forms in its place. From kindness love is born, the unconditional love of the Creator which can be
expansively and abundantly shared. When the love of the Creator is present anything and everything is possible and able to
manifest with ease and perfection.
Shifting your reaction from fear to compassion simply requires you to realise and be observant of a few points:
Fear Is Not Your Truth
Fear does not belong to you, you do not own your fear, you may be energising fear and manifesting it into circumstances within
your reality and yet fear does not exist within the truth of your soul, therefore fear is not your truth. When you choose to let go of
any fears that arise from within your being, you will notice that the fears are actually released and erased from your being.
Sometimes fears are persistent and yet with your constant focus on letting your fears go you will recognise the growth of
freedom within your being. When you realise that your fears do not represent who you really are then you will find it easier to let
go of fears. Through the desire to let go of fears you are encouraging yourself to observe your fears free from judgement and
attachment. Observing your fear and being consciously aware of your fears is the most powerful tool to releasing the habit of
fear because being aware means that you are ready to make changes. It is not your natural existence to attack yourself with
fear, it is love that you can give generously to yourself. With detachment from fear you will be able to think, sense and
acknowledge with greater clarity.
When you are aware that you have reacted and responded with fear be forgiving to yourself, know that fear is a habit and
conditioning that you and humanity have energised and empowered, it will take time and dedication to shift this conditioning.
Fear can be your reaction however with your awareness there is no longer need to remain in fear. The response of forgiveness
after the rising of fear will act as an opening in your energy and a pathway to activating the vibrations, thought processes and
emotions of compassion from within your being. With forgiveness, you enhance the process of detachment from fear and
consciously choose to manifest a reality of love for yourself no matter what occurs in your reality or the challenges you have to
move through. Forgiveness only requires an intention, however when practised regularly you will notice a beautiful habit of
forgiveness forming.
Understand Compassion
‘I am the source of compassion,’ allow yourself to recite this affirmation during meditation or quiet time. Be aware of where in
your body you can connect with your energy of compassion and feel the presence of compassion building within your being so
that you become so familiar with compassion as if you know what it tastes, smells and feels like. When you become more
familiar with the vibration and your inner experience of compassion you will discover that you are more willing, even excited to
be given the opportunity to share your compassion with yourself and others, therefore compassion will become a beautiful
routine and pattern within your emotions, thoughts, entire being, reality and manifestations. You may also wish to recite this
affirmation to aid your inner activation of compassion: ‘I am compassionate, I am kind-hearted, loving, caring and considerate.
I choose to manifest compassion from the truth of my being to become my constant response to my reality. I now allow the
Creator to respond to me through people and circumstances with compassion and the purest of love. This is my truth and
experience now. ‘
There are many circumstances that are occurring on the Earth now which are causing terror, pain and suffering for those
involved as well as those who are witnessing. Many of these situations are manifesting because of the lack of love within
individuals and the empowerment of their ego because of their inability to accept the love of the Creator thus causing them to
inflict pain upon others. When we view these circumstances with a wider perspective, then we are able also to acknowledge
the positive shifts that are taking place due to these circumstances. As pain and suffering is witnessed by those around the
world compassion is activated within many people. This activation of compassion opens the individual’s heart chakra and
allows the healing energy of their soul and the universe of the Creator to flow through them raising the energetic frequency of
the Earth and humanity. This is often an unconscious activation of healing that takes place and also brings a profound healing
to the individual, thus those who do not remember the truth of the Creator within their beings are being awoken as they find
themselves reacting with compassion. As light workers, it is your purpose to energise the compassion being created
worldwide so that those who are unaware of the Creator’s truth within them do not then awaken fear after their compassion has
been shared. To energise compassion within souls worldwide so they may remain in a space of compassion and move into
love rather than fear you can simply say: ‘With the support of Mother Earth and the Creator I now emanate from my soul sacred
waves of light carrying compassion to empower the compassion of the Creator within every person upon the Earth. The Earth
is a space of compassion and love eternally; this is our collective experience.’
Your heart is inviting you to be love in every moment of your reality; it is through compassion and your conscious awareness of
fear that you can manifest and support others in experiencing the profound love of the Creator thus revealing the Era of Love
upon the Earth.
In eternal compassionate love,
Master Serapis Bey

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20th November 2015

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The Shift From Fear Into Love by Master Serapis Bey