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Present Moment Ascension
by Master Djwhal Khul, Master Kuthumi and Master El Morya
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 21st November 2014-
Master Djwhal Khul: I have gathered you today within the Library of Consciousness upon the inner planes
within the Second Ray Ashram within the Synthesis Department. Welcome to Master Kuthumi, Master El
Morya and all souls who are attending and listening consciously or unconsciously. We act as representatives
of certain qualities of the Creator; these qualities held within our beings have become pathways guiding us in
interaction, connection, actions and our roles of support for all souls within the ascension process, especially
connected to the Earth.
I, Master Djwhal Khul, hold the vibration of synthesis, the magical process of merging the Creator’s energy,
light, vibration and consciousness to create greater manifestations of the Creator. The quality of synthesis is
akin to sacred alchemy which one can observe within their being, reality and consciousness. The greatest
purpose, in my opinion, of the ascension process is to experience the process of synthesis with the Creator;
seeing ourselves as an aspect of the Creator merging with another aspect of the Creator. Acknowledging that
separation is non-existent and yet experiencing a synthesis and creation of light as if it is new or a birth of
energy. Every process and aspect of ascension requires the experience, belief in and acceptance of
synthesis; it is a process of acknowledging self and Creator in all forms thus embarking on an experience
born from acceptance which creates a journey of transformation, greater self-knowledge and appreciation of
truth. To synthesis is to exist in harmony with another energy thus a seemingly new energy is created.
It is important to acknowledge your own process of synthesis and that the entire Earth and universe is
embarking on a major process of synthesis, as oneness prevails. Activating and acknowledging the energy of
synthesis within you and the need of your soul to synthesis with the Creator will accelerate your ascension
process. Many experiences of chaos, suffering, trauma, disharmony and conflict is caused by the presence of
your vibrations of synthesis activating and driving you forth, causing all which is no longer needed to be
dispersed and dissolved.
Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya, you both have your unique purpose of being present, please explain
Master Kuthumi: Beloved Djwhal Khul and El Morya, the passion of my soul is love and wisdom, these to me
create the universe, they create the magic of the universe within and all around us. When we hold love and
wisdom within our beings we are able to touch, sense, see, acknowledge and perceive the universe of the
Creator, becoming one with the universe of the Creator as if by magic. Within every particle of the Creator’s
energy we discover love and wisdom, it may appear in numerous forms and yet it is ever present. Love and
wisdom inspire all to connect with the magic of the Creator, as the soul desires to experience synthesis with
the Creator; the soul also desires to experience the Creator, in truth to experience itself fully and absolutely.
Love and wisdom are the experiences we achieve and gain through our synthesis with the Creator; we
experience, create and become both love and wisdom.
The wisdom of the Creator is safeguarded; the wisdom is the consciousness of the Creator filled with such
wealth and yet is almost unable to be comprehended. Love is the barrier which guards the consciousness of
the Creator, one can only receive and acknowledge true Creator consciousness within their being and mind if
they first choose to recognise themselves completely as love. It is such a poetic journey as one has to truly
place their trust in the power and strength of love in order to access themselves as a pure aspect of the
We see it so clearly upon the Earth now within beloved souls, the Creator has granted every soul time to focus
upon love, to be, explore and become love. This time is known as the Era of Love. From this era the Era of
Remembrance will form, this is due to each soul’s synthesis with love which will awaken and open up the
Creator’s consciousness to flood with awareness into each being.
Master El Morya, please share your truth and purpose with us.
Master El Morya: Such a joy to connect with you both, it brings to my consciousness memories of our time
together on the Earth, discussing  what were then our theories of spiritual evolution, now we are able to
connect into and know the truth of the Creator, which makes it such a blessing to share with you both. We are
surrounded by the Library of Consciousness; I feel the vibration of the Creator’s consciousness pounding
rhythms of truth into my entire being. This is of course the library before time! Such a blessing to be present.
I am here as a representative of the Divine Will of the Creator also known as the Divine Plan of the Creator.
The Divine Will of the Creator when connected into and viewed for the entire universe of the Creator is very
complex, I wish to remind you and all of the simple purpose and meaning of the Divine Will of the Creator. It is
a reminder that all is well, all is in divine order, everything is aligned and connected to a purpose which is
always positive and creates fulfilment of ascension, as well the qualities previously focused upon; synthesis,
love and wisdom. The Divine Will of the Creator speaks of everything being appropriate for each present
moment. There are no mistakes, there is a purpose to every situation, experiencing and learning process. The
Divine Will of the Creator also speaks of the qualities of trust and acknowledging that understanding is not
always necessary or needed to aid and further ascension. Belief however in the guiding light and
consciousness of the Creator working through you is essential. The Divine Will of the Creator also
encourages flexibility, the ability to dissolve attachment and yet still love all things, souls and matters. The
Divine Will of the Creator enhances your inner knowingness and intuition; it has been present almost like an
energy wave beyond time. It is deeply important energy, embodiment and process.
Master Djwhal Khul: Thank you both for explaining the energy and qualities you represent. The Creator has
called us forth to meet in this way as when our light connects we create beacon of light. The three energies we
have spoken of are key to the current ascension process of humanity upon the Earth. The three qualities we
speak of are humanity’s purpose at this time upon the Earth. By being present together we highlight their
purpose, channelling our energy and light to each soul to awaken, support and nurture the same qualities
within their beings. Many souls upon the Earth seek their purpose; wish to know their goal, their reason for
living and how they may be of service. We are sharing the answer to all of their questions now.
I speak now to all upon the Earth, it is your purpose to acknowledge the qualities of synthesis, love, wisdom
and the Divine Will of the Creator, to instigate, act, experience and explore these qualities and how you may
share them with yourself, others and emanate as sacred vibrations of light.
We encourage you to begin with this affirmation: ‘I am the Love, Wisdom, Divine Will and Synthesis of the
Creator.’ Repeat the affirmation out loud slowly, see, sense and acknowledge any feelings, inspiration or truth
which arises from within you as you accept with an open mind. While you repeat this affirmation we will
connect with you and send our energy deep into your being, awakening necessary pockets of light,
understanding, wisdom and truth.
By connecting into our energies, even asking for healing, guidance and assistance you are connecting with
the current energies of ascension, you are being present in the truth of the Creator for this stage of evolution.
By being present in these qualities and energies you are allowing yourself to move in and with the divine flow
of the Creator, thus everything which is no longer needed will fall away and all which is required to exist within
your being and reality will be enhanced. When you accept these qualities which are the current focus of
ascension you align yourself and vibrate in harmony with them, therefore become them, walk the path and
purpose appropriate to you and accelerate your ascension tremendously.
Our words are simple and yet hold power and importance; we invite you to ask yourself these questions in
order to gain a deeper alignment:
In which area of my being, mind, emotions or reality could I anchor the energy of synthesis to dissolve
resistance and aid acceptance?
In which area of my being, mind, emotions or reality could I cultivate the Creator’s vibration of love from within
In which area of my being, mind, emotions or reality could I acknowledge myself as a fountain of the wisdom
and consciousness of the Creator?
In which area of my being, mind, emotions or reality could I adopt the Divine Will of the Creator and its
You may also wish to think of situations in the world and acknowledge or realise that all of these qualities when
embodied would heal all experiences.
During meditation you may wish to call upon our energies, Master Djwhal Khul, Master Kuthumi and Master El
Morya to enthuse your being as we surround you as you breathe in our energies; this is a beautiful experience
which allows our deeper connection with you. The energies of synthesis, love, wisdom and the Divine Will of
the Creator will be further activated from within your being.
As the spirit and soul of Ascension,
Master Djwhal Khul, Master Kuthumi and Master El Morya

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson Channelled Weekly Spiritual Messages Meditations
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21st November 2014

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